Friday, April 3, 2015


So, it's been a while since my last blog, again. I'm real sorry about that. Between playing on my Xbox and figuring out how school is going to work, I haven't exactly had a lot of time to do things like this.

So, to start! In my last blog I mentioned how I had decided I was fed up with owning games but never beating them, even with several hundred hours spent in their worlds. When I last wrote, I was in the process of playing the first Assassins Creed. I managed to beat it and get all of the collectibles in the game. I was hoping that collecting all those flags(425), killing all the Templars scattered about(60) and finding all the high up see everything places(I don't remember the number) would unlock some kind of bonus memory. Unfortunately all my efforts were in vain. Getting all of those things nets nothing more than a few achievements and the right to say 'Yeah! I did that!'. Pretty big bummer but that aside, the game was a lot of fun.

After Assassins Creed I started Beyond Good & Evil HD. I owned this game waaaay back on both my Xbox(original) and PS2. It was an amazing game then and it's still an amazing game to me now. The difference between then and now is that I managed to finally complete the game! That got me really excited. I was also finally able to see why exactly it is that the games fans had been calling on Ubisoft to make a sequel to it. As far as I can tell though, at this point they've given up hope that one will ever happen. Which is too bad as the game had some really fun characters and a great storyline.

After that I moved onto Borderlands 2! From the get go I knew I wanted to play as the Mechromancer. Gaige is by far my most favorite character in the game far outranking Zero who seems to be everyone's favorite, for some odd reason. Personally I wouldn't play as Zero unless I were extremely bored. Anyways, this game too I've managed to beat along with all its DLCs. My favorite part of the game was the Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep. It's pretty much a fun take on Dungeons & Dragons but called Bunkers & Badasses. As a whole, the game kept me more than entertained. I was laughing almost the entire way through. One of Borderlands 2 greatest features, in my opinion, is how quotable a game it is. It's hard to hear something in it and not want to repeat it to someone else. It's just a lot of fun. Fun is good.

After Borderlands 2, I started playing Bully: Scholarship Edition. It's pretty much an HD remake of the PS2 game but with some extra things tossed in. I've worked my way through the first two chapters so far and am currently on the third.

As of this moment, getting through Bully has been put on hold. Yesterday I decided to go to GameStop and get a trio of games since they were having a buy 2 used games get 1 free sale. So I got Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed: Revelations & Army Of Two. All of which I'm excited about. Army Of Two will be an on again, off again game as my wee lil sissypoop wants to play it with me. So in the meantime, I'm playing Assassins Creed 2.

Between these games I've been breaking from them by occasionally playing Madden 13. Decided to start my career over and rebuild my entire team the "fun" way. First step was to get rid of the aged deadweight that weren't worth trading and wouldn't give an overly large cap hit by releasing them. Next step was to take the aged players on the team who were worth trading and put them all on the trading block. After that I went into the Free Agent pool and signed players who were both young and at least somewhat good. Got many many draft picks for the players I'd put up for trade. It's all about potential. A guy who's 28 and 70 overall won't improve much, if at all. The guy who's 21 and 70 however, has a good chance to become better. That's what matters most to me. That and Speed. I love to build my Defense around Speed. There's nothing quite as fun as having Linebackers who can keep up with speedy Recievers or a Defensive End who can get around his blocker and disrupt the Quarterback before he ever has a chance to do anything.

On rare occasions, every now and again, I'll hop onto DDO to see how some of my most favorite peeps are doing. Sadly, my days are usually busy now so I can only see the evening/late night people. It's been fun seeing them and disrupting there concentration with my babbling. I still don't know when I'll have better internet so I still can't quite play the game. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later but if it's later, I'll live, I'm sure.

In the real life(something I'm pretty sure I have), I've started school this week doing my first classes. On the one hand, I'm glad they last only 2 hours. On the other hand, they feel so short and a small(very, very small) part of me wishes they'd be just a bit longer than that. Other than that though, I feel good about them and my ability to actually learn something in them. 

In a final part of this blog, I asked my Twitter peeps(probably the only people who will read this) to give me ideas of what to write about. Only a single one of you answered the call! ONE! It was the ever so grand and awesome and still has a giant eyeball monster standing RIGHT BEHIND HIM AND IT LOOKS HUNGRY, Geoff Hanna. He said I should write about my experience with having lived in Alaska. *Ahem* Cold.

Okay, but seriously. I loved living in Alaska. I'm one of the very few people in my family who actually prefers a cold climate over a warm one. Though my younger sister is pretty weird. 70 is freezing and 80 is 'OMG ITS SO HOOOOT!!!!!' To her. Besides the cold, I loved the scenery. Waking up to trees and mountains without a bunch of skyscrapers and concrete ruining the view was really nice. Not to mention the fact you could look up at night and see the stars. I like staring at stars. Also, the smallness of the population. Fairbanks has just over about 32,000 people. Alaska as a whole has about 730,000 people. So there's these small communities where everybody kinda knows each other. It's really nice having that feeling with your neighbors. As for what I hated, well everyone sadly associates all Alaskans with Sarah Palin. There's that. I wouldn't say she's a good representation of most Alaskans. Outside that, I didn't really hate anything about living there. Spazzie didn't like snow. When she was a pup I tossed her into a small pile of it and she stood in if for a bit then ran her doggy booty back inside and sat in front of the heater and didn't move from that spot for ages. From that point on, that's exactly what she'd do whenever she even saw snow. I'll move back eventually. As much as I may love Oregon I can't say it feels like it's my he anymore. Having been gone so many years, it feels like all I can really associate with the state is pain. Can't really call a place like that home.

In other real life news, I've been getting to know an Uncle and older Half Sister I didn't even know I had. I knew of the Uncles existence but no one in my family seemed to know of the Sisters. So that's been a lot of fun.
I bought myself a new Tarot deck after my last one got ruined. Which was very rude of them. Been spending time with the beautiful lady I started seeing before moving back down to Vancouver, when she can visit. Finished the Darth Bane trilogy of books(great books, didn't like the endings to any of the three) and began reading Bioshock: Rapture, which is a prelude to the first Bioshock game.

That is ALL that is going on with me! Yup! I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Sorry for all the words. I will try to blog more often. No promises though! So there! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Blog, Old Place

So, its been a while since Ive written a blog here. Its kinda strange. Im writing it here because I always feel really strange writing on Geoffs site about non DDO stuff. Hes nice enough to say I can write about whatever I want there but its just odd doing so when the sites called DDO Gamer. Until my internet situation is all figured out, the most DDO Ill likely see is simply logging on and chatting with my buddies. The last time I tried running a quest on there, I got hit with so much lag it was like a slideshow. It was one of my favorite quest chains too! But that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So anyways, while Ive been away from DDO, Ive been busy playing on my 360 playing Destiny and Grand Theft Auto Online. The internets as spotty on them as it is on my computer but theres no lag. Its more like spontaneous disconnections that happen at the most inopportune times. If it wasn't for that, Id be more than level 33 on GTA Online. But that's all besides the point.

So, for a while I played Destiny to an almost obsessive degree. First as a Hunter then a Titan and finally settling on Warlock. Personally, I like the Warlock more than the other two classes(even with there being very few real differences between the classes/sub classes). I think the Vortex Bomb ability just looks really freakin cool. I chose the Awoken race for her because I wanted blue glowey eyes. Got her to lvl 29 and then got bored. The main problem with Destiny is that once you hit lvl 20, theres no point in doing regular content anymore except to complete bounties or daily heroics in order to gain faction rep. The only things that actually do anything for you post 20 are Strikes and Raids. Currently theres like 6 or 7 Strikes and 2 Raids in the game. It makes for a very repetitive experience and ultimately has made me temporarily bored with Destiny. That said, it really is a fun game. It just needs more content and a more fleshed out story. I know a lot of people these days don't really seem to care about story, but its a major thing for me. In Destinys case, its like somewhere floating around in the Devs heads is this amazing universe with all this stuff that's happened and is happening and it shows in the effort they put into making the Grimoire cards. But that effort just doesn't show in the actual game, which is a shame.

When I wasn't playing Destiny, and what Ive been playing since deciding to give it a break, Ive been playing Grand Theft Auto Online. Ive been playing it for about 2ish weeks and if it wasn't for the web connection, Id be higher than lvl 33. But it is what it is and Ive been having a blast. Ive mostly avoided actively playing with others thus far because everytime I group up, seems like I either get put with someone who completely fraks up a simple job or I get paired with a kid. Literally, a kid. I know that kids can be pretty good sometimes, but I just feel weird when that squeaky voice of a 10-12 year old pops up in my headset. Its even worse when theres LOTS of them! I don't know why its weird, it just is. Level 33 was a goal of mine for a while now because there was this one tattoo I wanted to get for my chick and 33 was the level requirement. So I ground out the levels and got meself a slew of new tattoos! When I reached lvl 31 I decided it was time to get a new haircut as well. Up to that point I had been using the Braided Mohawk, as much as I liked it, I figured it was time for a change. Im hoping that in a future update they allow for more hair colors. As it stands right now theres only 5(maybe 6) colors to choose from. Theyre all natural colors but I want to be able to choose something wild. Now, Im just waiting for heists to come out. Should be next month(as far as Ive heard) and I cant wait!

In other gaming news for a Natalie, one of my greatest weakness in games is my inability to stay on one long enough to actually beat it in a timely fashion. I have several games Ive owned since the middle of last year that I love but haven't beaten. So, Ive decided that Im going to focus on playing one game at a time instead of 10 at a time. Seems like a very good idea to me. Im going to start with Assassins Creed. Decided to start a new game so I don't have to figure out where I left off trying to get collectables.

Now its picture time! Everyone loves picture time! Right? You guys like picture time... You do. Even if you think you don't, you do. (I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the pictures. I do my best but its not always easy taking good pics on a phone.)

This is my Warlock on Destiny

These are the chest and stomach tattoos for my character on GTA Online

This is the left arm sleeve tattoo

This is the back tattoo

This is the right side of her neck(it's a snake)

Left side of her neck(Los muerta I think, can't remember)

Right hand

Right arm

Left hand

Left leg

Right leg

Her old hairstyle

Her new hairstyle

Selfie from her apartment by the window

Mirror selfie

Got these movies recentlyish. Pretty excited about that!

These games were gotten too.

And that's about it for this Mizzablog. I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you all again sometime in das future.