Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Got Mine! Now, You Get Yours!

Normally these days, Im not Turbines biggest fan anymore. However, today they released cosmetics into both DDO and LotRO in support of the One Fund Charity for the victims of the Boston bombings. On this, I gladly choose to stand with Turbine and got myself both the DDO One Fund Ribbon and the LotRO One Fund Cloak.

I got mine, now get yours too!(Unless you dont want to, then thats cool too!)

One Fund Ribbon on Mizzaroo

One Fund Cosmetic Cloak on Natalysa

For those of you who are unaware, you can have 10 of these for free. Go to the store add to your cart and use the coupon code BOSTON. There is no pressure applied by turbine on its players to donate. This is simply a way players may CHOOSE to show their support. None of the Ribbons or Cloaks are bound so you may trade them between any of your characters or give to friends.

Thats it for this Mizzablog! Hope everyone has a good day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Bother, Said The Pooh Bear

Well, in my last blog post I said that I was going to be playing on Rayneblood this week. I lied. it was an accident though, I swear! See, the thing is, LotRO has their B-Day event on and I wanted to get some of the stuff theyre giving so DDO ended up taking a back seat.

As I think is natural, the first thing I did upon beginning the event is go and see what kind of items would be available to get. I was pretty excited when I saw some of them. Ones of note I wanted were the Anniversery Cloak, Anniversery Horse, Firework Laden Horse and the Windmill. Only two of them are priced fairly steeply. The Firework Laden Horse was 40 tokens and the Anniversery Horse was 20. The Cloak was 10 and the Windmill was 4. Naturally, I thought Id be able to get them all easily enough by tomorrow, but alas, it was not meant to be.

You see, Ive got a busy weekend so I wont be able to play beyond tomorrow and the event ends on Sunday. I earned enough tokens to get the Firework Laden Horse. Im currently holding maybe 2 or 4 tokens. Tomorrow Ill be able to earn 10 tokens max 12 only if Im lucky enough to find someone(s) willing to help me get 2 more plus the character title "Firecracker".

The other aspect to the event is the collecting 'Tin coins'. See, there are different levels of coins that can be collected from killing enemies randomly. The higher level the enemy the better the coin. But for Natalysa Tin Coins are the best she can get. Anyways, you collect five of them then go to a gift giver person thingybob and you can turn them in for marks or a gift box with a random thingy in it! Naturally, I went for the gift box. One of my favorite things to do is pass on the gaurenteed stuff for the random things. I dont know why, its just fun. So far, the only things Ive gotten are 50 really great health potions and a cosmetic clothing set.

Normally, I dont like events on games. They tend to be boring. Sure, sometimes they can give some cool stuff, but honestly I just never feel like I can get into them. Now, having participated in two LotRO events, I can say that I feel like Im having alot of fun doing them. LotROs events have earned my intrest in a way DDOs havent. So far, the only thing DDOs events seem to have that intrest anyone are "good loots". Then when everyone has those "good loots", they tend to stop running them. The only downside is that theres been a whole ton of lag. Now, Im used to getting lag while running through Bree, but everywhere else? Not so much!

So, even with the disapointment of not being able to get everything I wanted, I am happy with what I got. The coolest part about the Firework Laden Horse is that at random it shoots off a firework of a random color so thats definetly a plus. For some reason, I also ended up getting a 60% discount for buying horses from the horse guy in Bree Land. So, thats pretty sweet.

Anyways, thats all Ive got for this edition of the Mizzablog. Ill post pictures at the bottom so everyone can see my stuffs! Yup!

Ill be fairly busy this weekend spending time with one of my brothers before he deploys so I wont be able to touch LotRO or DDO at all. Which is fine because Im gonna miss him more than I will any items Ill miss out on getting in the event. So, if I dont see anyone tomorrow, have a good weekend!

Natalysa wearing her new cosmetic outfit full view

Natalysa up close

Natalysa in full battle kit full view

Natalysa in full battle kit riding her new horse

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Because Im Just That Awesome

Its true. I am. I mean, really. Who could possibly hope to be more awesome than me? No one! Thats who! So, without further ado, I give you the next Mizzablog! the most awesome blog on the web! YEAH!

Oh DDO, How Fun Thou Art
Well, had a short week on DDO but Im planning on making up for it next week. Started out on Sarlona but did something in a quest that ended with me feeling like a dummy head so I headed off. Got back on the next day though and did all but one of the level one quests on Elite. I get the feeling that I wont be able to disable traps beyond level 5 quests though. Let alone find hidden doors without a detect door item or two. But so far, even with those things, Rayneblood is a really fun character. The thing that shocks me the most is that she has managed to not die. Yet. Its shocking because she wares only the Starter Rags, so its nice she hasnt gone all death happy on me. Yet.

After all that, It was the weekend, which means time to do Comical runs! This weekend was another one cut short. I could only play one day and we only did two quests because I had to go to bed. First we tried Faithful Departed again. Failed. Again. To be honest, I dont think I want to run it again. At all. In my world, the idea that you can attack and kill the very things youre trying to protect is just dumb and an overly big pain in the bahookey. Maybe Ill change my mind and run it again in the distant future, but for the time being, no. Im done with it.

After that we did Caverns of Korro(something). Wasnt quite sure if it was the quest I was thinking of or not, but when we entered... IT WAS! Its a quest that became a quick thorn in my side early on in my playing of DDO. Seriously. It was epicly long, on a single run I lost three of my greatswords, I lost a shield and a piece of armor and then some enemy hit me with a bolt of lightning and I died in one shot. But this time, with Comic, we pulled off a win. Though, I did get lost once. Maybe twice. Yeah twice.

Also, with the Daily Dice, on Mizzaroo(Cannith Artificer) her last four rolls shes gotten four XP pots. Rayneblood got a +2 Upgrade Tome of CON which I threw away because it was worthless. Why? Because she already had a +2 CON tome just waiting to be used! Its true its true! But it was still a good win. That win, of course, was the Silver Jackpot. So, who knows. Maybe she, or any other of my characters will get lucky in the future and get a tome they can actually use! YEAH! Outside of those big wins, Ive mostly gotten a few thousand plat, some Astral Shards, alot of crafting essences, some collectables and a couple slayer pots. It would be nice to win some renown pots as well for Orien, Sarlona and Cannith.

On a side note, regarding the upcoming expansion, while Im still not thrilled about it my previous thoughts have had a slight alteration after some thinking. Its still my belief that another soon to be (expensive(yes, expensive. If you dont think itll be as expensive as the last, then your heads in the wrong place.)) expansion is a money grab by Turbine. But after some additional thought, I no longer believe its motivated by greed. Instead I think its more motivated by the need to prove to WB that DDO is a profitable game. If they cant prove that, then bye bye DDO.

This thought came to me for a couple reasons. For starters, theres the fact that WB didnt get Turbine because of or for DDO. They got Turbine for LotRO. Which means they have no real reason to give a damn about DDO. At all. Secondly, and maybe this is stretching a little bit, I keep seeing stuff about WB losing bunches of moolahs on other stuff. Generally, when a company starts taking hits in areas within it, all parts of it will feel the pressure. So maybe its come time for Turbine to prove that DDO can make a decent amount of money and hope that it doesnt go buh bye.

A funny thing, I read, first on Twitter, about the Baudry chain being closed(I dont know if its back yet). This caused me to be confused. After talking with Blue a bit, he suggested that maybe there was an exploit discovered in the quest. While not a bad thought, I dont think thats true. I mean, the quest chain is just a 'Protect the big box!' 'Smash crates!' 'Kill a few enemies and recover stolen goods!' chain. I honestly cant imagine what there is to exploit in there. But if hes right, Im shocked. Really.

Oh Death, How Lame Thou Art

As Im sure everyone knows, I play Turbines other game LotRO. Well, I was playing on my runekeeper having a good time when all of a sudden my stupid stupid computer crashed. Why? I dunno. Because its stupid. Well, I go back onto LotRO and see that the game decided to count my sudden departure as a death. My initial reaction was to start cursing at my computer and the game. Its not like I was in combat or anything. Wounded from combat? Yes. But in combat? No. It aggravated me enough to slap my Runekeeper in the face and make a Guardian.

So, I made myself a Human Guardian but with a slight twist. See, there was a 50% off sale for XP Disablers. So, I used my saved up TP and got one. Am I happy to have one? Yes. Yes I am. However, even at 50% off the price for them is a damn ripoff. For the price they sell them atwhen theyre not on sale, they might as well allow you to have an option to enable/disable XP for your characters on that server. Or better yet, they could double the price and make it an account wide option! Hey, Turbine loves money, right? So far, its working out. I havent leveled up from all my kills and crafting and I havent died, or suffered another computer crash. So, All good! YUP!

Oh Phone, How Distracting Thou Art

To be honest, I didnt get alot of playtime this week on DDO or LotRO for one simple reason: my phone!

You see, I love to play games. Alot. Playing games on my phone can be alot of fun. Sure, there isnt alot of truly fun "Free" Apps, but I still manage to find ones to distract me for a time.

My current distractions are Marvel: War of Heros. It drags me away from games due to the fact that my mission and battle energy all recharge at a fast rate. With events on, this means I can do oh so much more and so thats exactly what I do! Last is NFL Matchups. I like football. I think its fun. So, playing an NFL app is great fun to me. Even if it is just a very basic game. Like with WoH, both mission(or tour in this case) and PvP energy recharge at a good rate. Only difference is, they never increase from 10 tour/3 PvP. Also, they both have events on. I loooove events. they are the best.

To be completly honest though, if there was ever a Soccer app that was free and fun like the NFL one, Id probably forget about every other game on earth. Seriously. I would. No joke. Make an MMA one and Id likely forget the world existed! True story...

Oh Farewells, How Bitter Thou Art

Short blog this time. Sorry about that. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I wish I enjoyed writing. But, I have cookies and you dont! So... NEENER NEENER NEENER!

Bye! Have great weeks!

Mizzaroos Musical Spotlight

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Update No Ones Been Waiting For!

Well, Ive gotta say, something. I dunno what. Really, thats how my blogs always are. Ill sit here at my computer and half think out thoughts and try to finish them. For the most part, I tend to fail and use the backspace key. Alot. The one thing about my blogs, to me, though is how much time they take to form. On average, my blogs take a few minutes to read. What no one, until now, knew is that they tend to take 1-3 hours to write up. Its one of the reasons its so hard for me to write them so ofton. Its also one of the reasons I dont use spellcheck very ofton. I mean, you sit in front of the computer screen writing out your thoughts and when you finish, its just really hard to find the will to click that button and correct any spelling errors. But, anyways, its time to get to the blog!


Last week on Mizzablog!... Really Mizzaroo? Last week? Your last blog was yesterday dumdum!
Yesterday on Mizzablog!
I asked three questions. Two people were kind enough to answer them. Now I will!

1: The question was about the format Ive used in my blogs where I section everything up. Both answers were yes.
Me: I like it. It helps me stay focused. Also, if I feel the need to go back and add anything, I know which section to look for.

2: This was regarding a hypothetical situation where if you logged onto DDO and everything was maxed on your character, itd last one day and Turbine would never know, would you take advantage of it?
Blue said hed bug report it then run to the PvP areas.
Me: Youre damn right Id take advantage of it! Id hit every single quest on Elite that I possibly could! I mean, we're talking about a character, that in theory, is both invincible and able to kill most everything in one hit. This would mean I could get all the favor rewards on one server with no problem. So, yeah. Id do that!

3: This question was asking if anyone would like me to do a poster series seperate from my blog titled 'Mizzaposters'. Theyd be similar to what Mr. Geoff Hanna does with his MMOtivationals but different in that the subject matter would be whatever I want. That of course would mean it would not be posted on DDOGamer as the number of DDO based posters I can think of are slim as compared to ones on other topics. Theyd also be of signifigantly lower quality. I mean, theyd be of the Empire of Mizzaroo flag quality. Which was essentially Google image + paint. So, Ill post one in the near future, let me know if you like it or not and Ill either continue or Ill stop.

The Worlds Most Bruised Halfling

The way I see it, if Chelena, Mr. Geoff Hannas Halfling Fighter, is the worlds strongest Halfling, then Rayneblood is the worlds most bruised Halfling.

For those of you who dont remember, Rayneblood is my Halfling based off of Mr. Geoff Hannas Knicker Tam character. Which means, Dual weilding Dwarven Axes and wearing.... wait for it... wait... Okay. Whats going on again? OH! Starter Rags! Well, crafted Starter Rags to be more specific.

Going through quests with her has been alot of fun. With her little rage squeak and everything. The thing is, she takes a heck of a beating. More of one than Im used to taking. I dunno. Maybe its just me noticing damage more since she isnt wearing any armor. Or maybe she is taking more of a beating. Regardless, shes had many more close calls than Im used to, thus allowing her to take home the title of 'Most Bruised'.

Other than that, shes working out great. Finished the lvl 2 quests on normal and the lvl 1 quests on hard. When that finished, I headed over to the trainer to get her second level of Barbarian and her fourth overall level. Grabbed Extra Rage I and Extended Rage I. The extra rage is nice but the extended rage isnt much help right now. I mean, if I remember right, it really only gave me 15 more seconds. But 15 seconds is better than less than 15 seconds I suppose. I spent the final two Enhancent points on Barbarian CON I.

I also spent some time in the crafting hall trying to get her levels up. It only occured to me afterwards I should have waited to use my Crafting XP pot. So right now, Im just hoping to get another one sometime in the future. But, that aside, I managed to get her crafting levels to 9, 3, 13. I think. Im pretty sure those were the numbers. Either way, shes doing okay. I wish I could get her Divine up faster but thats one Im even having trouble getting up on my Arti on Cannith and she breaks down everything. Well, so does Rayneblood I suppose...

The thing I noticed at the end of my day on DDO was that free red bag was full as were my two free green bags. Which is a pain. So, Im gonna be looking into saving up my plat to buy some bigger bags. It even looks like Im going to have to upgrade my gem bag! I keep getting lots of those. Im not complaining about the excessive amount of gems Im finding, they give me money! But holy crackerjack! They take up alot of room once the free blue bag fills up. Which it does. Quickly.

Next time Im on Rayneblood, my goal is to finish off the level 1 quests on Elite and to start the level 2 quests on hard and the level 3s on normal.

On the topic of Rayneblood and Knicker, its funny to me. Here are all these adventurers running around Korthos and Stormreach with their armors and what not, then there I am at these quest entrances with nothing but Starter Rags on. It kinda occured to me, what are they all thinking when they see me? Some part of me wants to enter a group of random people just to see how theyd react to it. Then I kinda thought on the initial reactions Mr. Geoff Hanna got entering quests with Starter Rags instead of armor. Had myself a good giggle. I am planning to do some quests in a group, if I can. Mostly Im looking at Kobold Assault on Elite. Last time I solod that quest on Elite with a Melee was a nightmare so, we'll see how that goes.

In past blogs Ive been pretty adamant on the 'I play my way' front. Even though Im immitating someone elses build, its not because I think itll make me uber or epic. I like what he based the character off of. I love, love LOVE Firefly and Serenity. To see a character in DDO based off a character from there was pretty cool to me. So, really, my immitation is more like a 'Woah! This is really cool!' kinda thing. It is very creative and Im planning on seeing it through to the bitter bruised end.

Daily Dice

Now, Daily Dice. I love it. Alot. I think its great fun. Sure I can only play once a day, but its the whole 'I wonder what Ill get tomorrow' that makes me like it.

Something that confuses me though is all the hate for it. Why do so many people hate it for? I saw some call it 'Pay 2 Win'. What? Really? Pay 2 Win? What are you paying? Its free, unless you CHOOSE to pay shards. Also, unlike the MyDDO lottery, everytime you play, you will win something. Not always a useful something, but something none the less. So, theres nothing, that I can see, to complain about.

Characters vs. Toons

Im going to outright say it: I think calling characters we play in DDO 'Toons' sounds kinda silly. Sure, you can argue, as one person tried to, that they are 'Cartoons that we play'. But youre wrong.

Sure, our characters are animated like a cartoon, but thats all they have in common with them.

Cartoons: Animated. Goofy. They never develop into anything at all whatsoever. They remain exactly the same for their entire lifespan.

Characters: Animated. Can be goofy. Change and evolve over their lifespans.

A character can become a hero or a villian. A 'Toon' starts out as one or the other and never changes. A character holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the people who watch them evolve or the people who MAKE them evolve. A 'Toon' doesnt hold or even remotly demand that kind of attention from anyone. A 'Toon' Comes and goes based on television or movie ratings. A character lasts forever. Unless its a permadeath, then if it dies youre pretty screwed.

Calling Names

No, believe it or not, this is not going to be about how people can be just oh so rude to me. This is about something I saw on the DDO forums. Someone asking about why it is some people get into name calling in an argument.

As I put there, Ill put here. I cant speak for others on the subject. Nor do I care to. So, in this, I can only speak for myself.

Growing up, in my family, we value our opinions strongly. When we think someone else is wrong we can quickly become aggressive. Normally, with each other this can involve a good deal of yelling, cursing, name calling, obscene gestures and even get physical. Its who we are. It has nothing to do with 'immaturity' as some would claim. Its just that for us, its the only way we know how to settle a difference of opinion. When everythings been said, everything returns to normal. Heads that were previously hot cool down quickly and everyones happy.

In my opinion, even with all this, I think the way we argue is the best most normal and healthy way to go about it. Ive seen how others 'argue' throughout my life. How everyone tends to just clam up and put on an attitude of 'I dont care about your opinion only mine yours isnt jack to me Im not changing my mind.'. Thats not how you argue in a productive manner. As crazy as our way seems, we get everything out. Every argument is on the table for all to see and presented with all the personal feelings that are behind it. With us, there isnt anyone whos head is so far up their own ass with their own opinion that they refuse to see or understand another persons opinion or feelings on something.

The hard part is going onto something, such as a forum, encountering someone whos just being a pain, refusing to see or even remotly give a damn about what youre trying to say and not call them anything you can think of. Most people are lucky that I remember my manners and will lightly refer to them as a moron or an idiot. The fact they get butt hurt over such trivial names is hilarious to me considering what i could have called them but didnt.

So, in closing this section:
Everyone does things differently. For some people, it may very well be immiturity. But for others, its just a normal way of life. A way theyre used to and a way that they will likely never change from. Regardless of how anyone thinks of the way me and my siblings do things, its the way I will always be and the way I prefer over all others. So, THERE you rectal barfbags!

Officially Sanctioned

Well, I only very recently listened to three podcasts that revolve around DDO. DDO Cocktail Hour, Kalaris Den and DDO Cast. All three were very entertaining and well made and are hereby officially sanctioned podcasts for the Empire of Mizzaroo. No longer will they be refered to as 'Podcasts' however. From here on out, they are 'Mizzacasts*'. So, congrats to the hosts of each on your imperial backing!

*Isnt it awesome just how many things Ive found how to put 'Mizza' in front of? I think it is!

Empire Of Mizzaroo News

As some of you may, or may not, have noticed, the brave forces that make up the Empire of Mizzaroos military have assembled and are prepared to head out to conquer a world that has yet been spared our expansion efforts. I cannot tell you all what world this is, however, I can say our scientists have developed specialized weaponry and armor to deal with this new worlds defenses. So, worry not! Victory is gaurenteed! Once this world falls, the path to total domination will be much easier and the glory of the empire will spread to all corners of the galaxy!

Tomorrows weather is going to be clear with highs of around 43 and lows of 23.

As this blogger was navigating around various blogs, she found herself shocked to find boobies. Thats right readers, you read that right. She saw boobies. In no other place than DDOGamer, a site friendly enough to host this very blog. What was most shocking however, was not the sight of boobies, but the lack of comment on said boobies by a one Samius Gurobo who claims to love such things. This blogger is now no longer so sure that he does! Shocking!*

*Strangest paragraph Ive ever written. And probably my best.

Mizzazone Banner

For those of you who didnt see the special banner I made just for DDOGamer, here it is:

It is very much me. I figured that the banner I was to make had to feature three things.

1: It had to be big enough to see but small enough to fit well.

2: It had to incorporate my cleverness in putting 'Mizza' in front of something.

3: The pictures I put on it had to reflect me in some manner and one had to be from DDO.

Now, the pictures I selected are a gothic Tinkerbell, my Xbox Live avitar(the closest you will ever come to knowing what I look like) and my favorite boss in DDO, Malicia.

I like the banner alot. When I finished it the first thought that occured to me was that it was alot better, in the end, than I had originally planned. So, for that, Im glad.

The End

Well, its been fun blogging for your entertainment. Hope you all enjoyed. Feel free to leave comments anytime, dont be shy! Questions and comments are always a welcome thing. Have good nights/days! BYEZ!