Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Disturbing

This wont be a very long blog as its just a personal observation of mine that occured on DDO today.

So, I went onto DDO today and decided to start a wilderness only character on Cannith. When I went into the character creation screen I noticed the Iconic button and decided to have a look at the classes and stuff.

One thing I find fun in class based RPGs is to read up on each particular classes description. So I went through each Iconic Classes description and was impressed with each of them except for one. The one that I didnt like was the Purple Dragon Knights. I found it to be a little disturbing.

the thing I found disturbing was the fact that the characters background is essentially that they are a death seeker, or put more simply, theyre suicidal. They head out into the world looking for anyone or anything to kill them. I find that disturbing.

When it comes down to things in the game, if Turbine wants to add something thats fine. They added those two tomb thingies for those two guys before I started playing, but thats fine because they were important for D&D players or something. When they added the ribbons & marketplace memorial[DDO]/cloaks[LotRO], I was a staunch supporter for them adding those items because it was a way for players to show support for an event that happened where the people who work for Turbine and their friends and families live.

For me though, making a characters background that theyre suicidal kinda crosses a very personal line in my world. Over the course of my 22 years Ive lost three friends to suicide. When I was 14, me and my brother walked into our Aunts home to see her put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. A few years later I spent what felt like an eternity in a deep depression where I woke up and fell asleep every morning and night just wanting to end my life.

Sure, you can tell me 'Its just a game.'. Youre right. It is. Sure, I can ignore the class background. Yes, I realize that, for the most part, the only people who really incorporate class backgrounds into their characters are those people who do that little make believe thing. But even with all that, I still find it very disturbing that Turbine would make a character whos background makes them suicidal.

Now, I know that no one from the Turbine staff who works on that kind of thing is going to see this. I also know that even if one did, they wouldnt give the slightest damn about how I feel about it. Its just the way they roll. I just wanted to write this though to voice my opinion on something that really does bother me in a personal manner within the game.

Thats all I wanted to say. If you disagree, thats fine. I know we all have differing opinions on stuff. All I ask is that you try and understand from my point of view.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Time For Everything

Well, I didnt have the most exciting weekend on DDO. But I did manage to get a few things done.

Started out with Comic doing the final Necropolis 2 quest. Made it through the maze with ease considering Comic seemed to know where exactly to go. I only got lost once in the first underwater part cause he was moving really really fast and I lost sight of him. Then he seemingly got lost at another part later on but I 'helped' him find his way. Then he got us spinned around somehow and we had to go back to the starting area using one of the dimension door items. It took me about 3 or four times showing him the item for him to understand what it did, but we made it back intact. Got to the final boss man and beat him with ease. Got the bonus chest at the end and upgraded the Silver Flame Amulet. Sadly, I ended the quest just shy [2 points] of being able to upgrade my Silver Flame Favor. Did the scarab dust turn in and picked the Bracers of Ritousness. The bonus health should come in handy and will allow me to replace my armor with something better.

After that I had to take a quick break to grab something quick to eat. This ended up turning into a 'Im more hungry than I thought' kind of thing so I took a bit longer to cook me up a grilled cheese. It was tastey. After eating it, I returned to the game, buffed up and readied myself for war!

When I returned I decided it was time for us to head to the Red Fens. This was exciting for me because Id never been there before. So when we got there I was really amazed at how the area looked. Its a really cool place. The most important part? Its full of fishey people! I love fighting Sauhagin. Its alot of fun because it reminds me of all the Selkath I slaughtered on Manaan. Good times. Anyways, we went and did the Last Stand quest and completed it with ease as well. When the quest finished we encountered a rare Ooze that Comic had never seen bofore so that was alot of fun. Afterwards, Comic seemed to want to take his time clearing the map of slayers, rares and explorers. We got a fair amount of slayers done a good number of rares and all of the explorers. When we got the last explorer and rare though, I was really tired and had to get off.

Before I got off though I had earned enough XP to take level 12 on my Artificer so I headed to Stormreach and went to the Auction House. Why? Well, after replacing my +5 Dexterity boots with a +25% speed boost boots I realized that I didnt have a high enough base Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot so I needed a +2 Dexterity Tome to up it to 18 so that my next attribute point would raise it to 19. Comic gave me 50k plat so I could get it, which was very kind, and I headed over to the trainer to level up. As mentioned slightly above, I raised my Dexterity to 19. For my Feats I took Precision and Eschew Materials[or whatever its called]. As it turned out, even though I had the proper amount of Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot, I wasnt able to because I didnt have a high enough Base Attack Bonus. Comic helped me in picking my Feats so he gets thanks for that too. Then, of course, I had to train my dog, Clankers. I was going to give him Trip & Sunder IV but opted to increase his health and damage resistance. He wont need the Trip and Sunder improvments for a few levels anyway so I didnt quite see the point in taking them yet.

After that I logged off for the day. So, yesterday was a first for three things. 1: Its the first time Ive ever finished Necropolis 2. 2: Its the first time Ive ever been to the Red Fens. 3: Its the first time Ive ever naturally leveled a character to 12. Next time Im on with Comic, which will either be the 9th or after the 9th, Im thinking we're going to continue our adventures through the Red Fens killing fishey people. At least for the level 9 quests. Im also hoping that my dearest Princess, Evennote, gets back to writing her blog because I miss reading them. Shes one of the most entertaining reads, besides myself of course, that Ive ever encountered. Also, Im hoping that Comic and Shin get back into the blogging as I miss reading their, rare but well written, blogs.

Thats about all that happened. I know that I said Id take a screenshot of my Half Orc Clerics really cool looking Battle Plate but I forgot to take a pic. Sorry. Ill try to remember on Tuesday. No promises. My little retard brain forgets things easily. Anyways, hope everyone takes care and has a great weekend!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revolving Libraries Spinning Polar Moonbase

Had myself a full day of DDO. I was so distracted by it that I actually forgot to hop over to LotRO to claim my daily Hobbit Present. Ah well. Lets get to what I did today, eh?

Orchishly Clerical In Nature

Well, today I finally got around to focusing on the level four quests while on my Half Orc Cleric, Meretelle. Started out with the last two Waterworks quests. When I finished them I did a happy dance because that meant better prices in the Harbor. Leaving only the Shan To Kor quests left to do so I can get better prices in the area I do most of my selling in: The Marketplace! But, anyways, for my reward from the guard inside the waterworks I picked a pair of gloves that would give me a +7 bonus to my Bluff skill. I picked that one for the party quest in House P where a good Intimidate or Bluff are nice things to have. Unfortunatly, I dont have a good intimidate item but Im sure Ill get one soon enough. From the Harbor Master I grabbed some greataxe or another that would allow me to rake in some plat.

Then, of course, at some point in the level four quests, one must do Proof Is In The Poison. I still think the quest should be changed from being marked as a level four to level five, but what do I know? Im just a Natalie. Went in with my level 4 Fighter hireling and went at the Quickfoots. The problem is, they hit really really hard. I take more damage from the Quickfoots in Proof than I do from any other enemies in any other level four quest. Unless, of course, Im just crazy and its all in my imagination. About 1/4 of the way in it became apparent to me that my Fighter hire had used up all his health potions and I was getting low on mana so I decided it was going to be a good idea to just get a hire from the DDOStore. So I got a Cleric hire who thankfully had Divine Vitality and I got my health and mana back up. finished the quest with a close call on almost every encounter but never died. I got incapacitated twice but thankfully the Cleric got me back up. My reward for the quest was a nice +3 Battle Halfplate.

After that I moved onto Irestone with my two hires in tow. Completed it without any issue. Was able to immediatly replace my halfplate with a +3 Battle plate. I was going to take a screenshot of it because it does look pretty cool but I forgot and ran out of time to do it so Ill make sure to do that tomorrow.

Of course, I also ran the Sharn Syndicate chain. Which is one of my most favorite quest chains in the game. Mostly because its fast. While doing the rescue quest I almost lost Grammy! Stupid old lady was being extra aggressive for some reason. Normally I can do the quest and rescue one family member at a time with no issues but this time I literally had to rescue them all at once so I was dealing with all of the syndicate thugs at the same time and hoping for the best when it came down to the family members health. In the end, grammy lived, the family was saved. I done good. Though, it now occurs to me that I forgot to talk to Mr Coin Lord guy to claim my end reward. When I finished the chain I also got to claim my first Coin Lords Favor reward. Having that extra inventory bag is really nice. In the final quest I also managed to pull a 500 Renown trophy from the bulls chest which made me happy. I got a total of three of those today.

I did the final quest for the Catacombs today and when I got to the end rewards list, I was no longer sure what I should take. Theres the Blade of Inquisition, of course. But then theres the Morningstar of the Heretic. On one hand the Longsword is really good against undead which will help during Deleras and whatever other quests I do where enemies are weak to Silver. But on the other hand the Morningstar gives a temporary 15 hitpoints on every critical hit I make. So it makes it a tough decision. So, readers, which one should I pick?

Finally, the day ended on part 2 of Shan To Kor. I was right at the end. Right at it. Then, my computer crashes. But, hey, no biggie. Ill just let it reboot and Ill start back where I was as usual. But nope! I log in and for some reason, Im dead. Normally, when this happens, I come back on and Im right where I was no harm done. But this time, I was dead. Yes. I cursed at my computer screen. Very loudly. I was angry. Considering I only had 10 min of playtime left I decided to call it a day and get off.

So, tomorrow when Im on, that quest will be where I start. From there Ill get to take level five on my Cleric and move onto the Carnival chain in House P. Now, that isnt my most favorite chain. But it certainly has my most favorite end boss in the history of ever. Also, Im hoping Ill be able to finish up Shan To Kor so that I can start getting that Marketplace discount. Since Im soloing, Im going to be skipping the Necropolis chain since it requires a partner. Sure, I could just get a couple gold seals but real people are always funner than wacky AI.

Lastly of note, I made lots and lots of plat today thanks to the +2 to loot days thats going on right now. I managed to get this sweet little +2 Longsword of something or another that Im sure will kick buttucks when I can use it. Sadly, that means waiting until level six. But, its better to wait for something good than to get nothing good at all, right? Was super excited to see what the sale would be for the week only to be disapointed by a Crafting sale. Hopefully next week therell be something I can use! Like, you know, Favored Soul or High Level Adventure Packs *wink wink* [hint hint]! 90% off should do finely! :D

Everybody Remain Comical

So, me and Comic are gonna do some quests this Saturday. Ive been thinking, but Im not too sure. Its fun going forward in quests and stuffs, but Im kinda wanting to go back and do some past quests for favor rewards. Theres nothing like more bank space or inventory space afterall. I shall see what Commie wants to do! Of course, hes likely to say 'Whatever you want to do you turd muffin!'. Thats what he always says. Its true. Yup.

Love Me Forever

There are things Id really like to see added to DDO. There are things, I think, everyone would like to see added to the game. These are the things Id like to see added to the game.

Permanent Hirelings: This has been brought up on the forums alot. Probably since before MOTU but quite a bit afterwards. Hirelings that have no timer and stay with the player forever. Obviously, the ability to implement such a thing is there, its just up to Turbine to allow it for regular hirelings.

However, Id like to see it taken a step futher. Id like to see them make a hireling that not only has no timer but one that can start at levels 1,4 or 7 and level up as the player levels up and have the ability to be equipped by the player. In the second parts case, this would mean giving them 1-2 inventory bags of their own so that the player doesnt get bogged down carrying their own equipment plus their hires. Also, it would be nice if, for mana using hires, we could choose which spells they will have equipped as well.

Naturally, Id expect such Hirelings to be in the DDOStore only and priced between 500-1kTP, but it would be worth it, in my opinion, to have an improvable ally around. Especially for people like me who pretty much solo everything. The only problem I see with it, right now, is that currently, hireling AI sucks. Bad. Its so bad sometimes that Im almost tempted at times to grab some random players for certain quests.

Tattoos: Itd add a creative layer to what we can do with our characters on creation. I dont expect it to happen very soon, if at all. The only real reason Id like to see it is because back on the MOTU load screen youd see that chick on the far left who obviously had some body art on her. Sure, theres a big difference between what gets put into game art and what gets put into the actual game, but itd still be really cool.

More Wooden Medium Armor: I tried asking about this once for the DDOMimic question thing and I think my question was misunderstood so Ill use this to clarify what I meant. One of the things with Druids is, if you want to use Druid abilities, you cant wear metal armors. Thats fine and easy enough. Theres plenty of light armors that arent made out of metal. However, Druids come with the ability, right off the boat, to wear medium armor too. the problem starts with the fact that, as far as I can tell, the only wood based medium armors in the game are high level named ones, which is just stupid. There should be wooden medium armors available all throughout the game for all levels so that people, like me, who want to wear it can.

Hair: Yup. Im brining this up again. I want more hairstyles in the game. Also, Id like to see Turbine take one of those unused housed in the Marketplace, or where ever, and turn it into a Salon of sorts. Kinda like what LotRO has but for DDO. There are a few hairstyles that could be added to the game. Like giving female characters actual mohawks or giving either male or female characters to have dredlocks. Something that would spruce up the hair department somewhat. One of my favorite things in DDO and LotRO is how much you CAN customize how the character looks. But Id like to see more to do than there currently is.

Baudrys: Come on!!! Fix it!!! PLEASE!!! You guys have absolutly no idea what not being able to run it is doing to me! I mean, everytime I scroll through my quest list and see those three grey spots on it I just endure what is quite possibly the most agonizing mental and emotional stress you could ever imagine feeling! It gives me the shakes! Ive been having nightmares at night since the closure. I keep dreaming about big boxes and all these boxes just taunting me about how I cant break them... Im sure that if that chain isnt fixed soon, Im bound for a padded cell and a straight jacket!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the person who did the thing! Yup! Me and Spazz are very happy! :)

Mizzaquestion Of The Day

If you were sitting around making green plums go round the squared turtle shells in the barn making peppered cow meat sting grass trees, what would you riddle the cobbled woman?

Monkly Mizzdom

If you find a wasp, swallow it whole.

Goodbye My Fellows

Well, thats it for another obnoctious Mizzablog. Sorry I made you all sit through it all. I had this thing about something, I forget what, that I had to do three days from yesterday that had to be eaten but you probably wouldnt know where its hidden. So, I hope you all have had a great day and hope you have many other ones that are similar in nature. Unless you had a bad day, in which case, its probably that guy over theres fault.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Big day! Little day. Today was a bit of both so Ill just cover most of what I can. I have a headache though so if this blog sucks, thats why. Its one of those annoying ones where you get this constant throb in the back of your head. I hate those. With a passion. Anyways...

Springtime Festivities

As you all know, I was super super excited for the LotRO Spring Festival! Well, I did a chunk of it today and gave up. See, I have this weird thing with my brain. I can do puzzles really well. I mean really really well. Give me a 5k+ piece puzzle and I can put it together within an hour or two picture side down. I dont know why I can, but I can. However, put me in a maze and I become the most easily lost and confused person you could ever meet. Put simply, the LotRO Spring Festival features a maze. When I voiced my frustration in it to my Kinmates, I was essentially mocked for my inability to do it. Which did nothing but add to my frustration. I eventually cleared the quests within it but ultimatly I was way too angry to continue and logged off. I hate mazes.

Feeling A Little Clericy...

I logged onto DDO after having a poppyseed muffin and a bowl of Vanilla Bean icecream to calm myself down and hopped onto my Half Orc Cleric on Cannith. So far, shes doing really really well and I have no 'regrets' in putting her STR up to 18. She hits hard and heals good and thats what counts.

Did a few of the level 4 quests with her old level 3 Barbarian hireling Frenzy. He was really fun to run around with pretty much killing every enemy we encountered in one or two hits. Naturally the red named enemies were tougher but they still went down easily. Even though she has a low Charisma score shes way better at using her Turn Undead ability than my Paladin experiment was. My Paladin had a CHA of 18 and had trouble in the Turn Undead department. My Cleric on the other hand is outright destroying the vast majority of undead enemies on use which made doing the Dryden Family Crypt quest alot of fun and alot easier.

After that I was tired and headed to bed. Before I did I made sure to let Comic know that my Festival plans were cancelled on LotRO and Id be on on Saturday. Sadly, thatll be the only weekend day Im going to be online for for a while. I still have a vacation coming up in a couple weeks. Thatll be nice.

Then of course, theres the expansion. Its alot cheaper than MotU was, which is good. Its still out of my price range though. I do like what it comes with. The 2000 TP would help me finish up buying adventure packs. Well, maybe all but one. Or it could help me get the Favored Soul class which is a class in DDO I have alot of interest in playing.

Then theres the +3 charachter slots. Thatd be awesome for both Cannith, Orien and Sarlona. Mostly Cannith though. Having lost buddies worth playing with on Orien and finding it difficult to split my attention over to Sarlona I just dont have the energy anymore, really, to play on multiple servers. So my focus has recentered back on my main one, Cannith, and the most awesome guild ever created by my good buddy Shin, Destiny.

Lastly, is the Iconic heros. I gained a measure of intrest in them when Mr. Geoff Hanna wrote his blog about the Bladeforged. I thought it was really really cool. Of course, his bit about having blades sticking out of everywhere[or something like that] made me imagine creating a Bladeforged and having a blade stick out of his butt so I could name him Butt Unicorn. Yes, I know, immature. I dont care it still makes me laugh. Though, after reading the Developer Diary thing, I decided that the one I have the most interest in playing is the Shadar-kai. It just looks and sounds like the coolest one of the bunch.

So, to those of you who get all this cheese, enjoy. Ill be able to get it all eventually. If I believed in playing the lottery, Id be hoping for a big win. But, as it is, I view the lottery as a horrible way to invest what little money I have. Maybe someday when I have lots and lots of money to blow Ill play the lottery some. But only some.

One thing that caught my most attention was the change to cosmetic armors. If I understand properly, they now work like how the cosmetic outfits in LotRO work where it applies to the character instead of just the one piece of armor. Which would be about darned time they did that on DDO. Ive been skeptical about buying a cosmetic armor kit in the past due to the fact that if I applied one to a piece of armor, once I found a better one, Id lose the armor kit and essentially have wasted TP on buying it. But now, if I buy one, I can buy and sell all the armors I want and never lose a kit. Unless Im totally mistaken, in which case someone correct me please.

The End Of All Things To Come

I know its not my most exciting blog. Im sorry. Im trying to get into blogging more again, kinda like I used to. But Id rather put out good quality blogs that are fewer in number than poor quality ones simply to have a large number of them, you know? Then again, only, what? Five or six people even read my blog? Whatever the case, if my blog[s] suck, Im truely sorry. If you enjoyed todays blog, please be sure to leave a tip in the jar. Oh wait, theres no jar... damnit! Well, time for me to nurse my head. Hope youre all having good days/nights and continue to have many more!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Human Commandos United

Good day my fellow humans!

I am here, proud among you all, to announce a joining of all Human Commando type units to hereby be called 'Human Commandos United'! Now, I know what you must be wondering. Just who and what are the 'Human Commandos'? Well, Ill tell you! We, the Human Commandos, are the defenders of the Human Race! What do we defend our fellow Humans from? From the disease of the small people of course! We defend you from those savage little mud hut dwellers day and night making sure they know we are twice what they will ever be in every way!

Interested in signing up? Good! A nice little bonus to the conqoring of these so called 'Halflings' is that they, when prepared properly, are quite tastey! Oh, I know some of you might find the concept of eating another humanoid as odd or wrong, but I can offer proof that what I claim is true! That tastey morsel of meat you had on your way in? It was Halfling! Now before we move on to more pressing matters, if you are interested in signing up, please sign this form and hand it to that nice lady over there. Thank you all and have a nice day!

Long live the Human Commandos!

A Comical Time

Well, this last weekend was great! Got to do a quest chain with Mr ComicRelief! Its true! I did I did!

Well, it started out something like this: I was on my Elven Artificer Mizzaroo. Running around causing all sorts of chos, when all of a sudden, this mean mean man came online and started being all sorts of mean to me! Oh wait... That never happened. Anyways, Comic came online and of course my first question was, 'What we doing?!?!?!!?' and then he says, 'GO AWAY YOU BIG FATTY!!!'. Well actually, what he said was more like, 'Whatever you want to do' but whos really truly keeping track of who says what, right?

First we did 'The Prisoner' quest from the Vault of Night quest. We dominated it. I even managed to not get blown off the walkway! Comic cant quite claim the same. When the quest ended and we went to open the chest I managed to pull both a Lesser Guild Renown Potion and an Astral Diamond. Both things of which Ive never gotten. The Diamond, Im still not quite sure what I should do with. All I know to do is 'Save it' because thats what grumpy pants told me to do.

After we did that, it was about time we hit Threnal. This was really exciting for me because I have never done any of the quests there. Comic hasnt been to keen sounding about doing those quests before but we did them finally! It took us 2 days to complete them but we did! It was alot of fun and Im looking forward to doing more quest chains Ive never run.

Overall, there were only a total of three deaths in the whole chain. First death was my hireling. He decided he didnt want to toss out anymore heals. At all. He took a bunch of hits then *DING* out he goes. Next two deaths were Comic and his hireling in the quest before last from an Elder Beholder. Personally, I think he died on PURPOSE! Thats right Commie! You heard me right! ADMIT IT! Quick! Someone get me a bench, a hood and a bucket of water!

When we finished the chain we got our rewards. I had managed to get a good amount of XP and Renown for Destiny. We each got this little cloak thing called something worldshaper[?] or whatever. Im still not 100% sure what exactly the True Seeing bonus it gives does but Im sure Ill find out in the nearish future.

We also did this really weird but cool and fun Arena quest there. It was a blast. Mizzaroo is also now just two dots away from being able to level up to 12. Shes the first character Ive ever had to naturally level up so high.

Rich People Suck

When I want to read news and such, I tend to just quickly head on over to Yahoo and browse through the stories to see if anything catches my eye. Sometimes its a really great story. Unfortunatly though, more ofton than not, its a story that gets under my skin. In this case, there were two stories recently that bugged me a little.

Firstly, there was that whole thing about what that guy thats in charge of A&F said. Personally, I dont see why anyone would pay too much attention to what he said. Sure, what he said and the way he said it makes him a jackass. It most certainly does. However, for a guy talking about how the stores are meant only for the good looking cool kids, he is one ugly son of a bitch. Seriously. So, in the future, should he open his big ugly mouth and spout some crap about 'good looking people', just laugh and move on people.

Nextly, there was one story that caught my eye very recently and ruffled my feathers more than just a little. It managed to piss me off so much to the point that the company its about is now officially the first company/corporation to ever be put on the Mizzablacklist. There are people on it, to be sure. But never have I ever been so angered by a company that Ive outright decided they will never recieve a dime from me. Ever.

Essentially, theres this home in Cincinnati that has been a home of sorts to women trying to escape from abusive homes, escape from drug addictions and escape from the life of prostitution. Its a place where they all work together to help each other clean up their lives and work on trying to make a better one for themselves and each other. The house sits on a beautiful piece of land with beautiful scenery around it which aids them in a theripudic manner.

In comes some jackass in charge of a 'Fortune 500 Company'. He wanted the property which the house is on so that he could build some hotel. When he sees the house and the women who live there, he doesnt see women trying to make their lives better. He sees filth who have no right living in such a nice place. Really, hes pretty much said exactly that. He sees nothing but what they were and what theyre trying to leave in their past. So when he comes in and gives some ridiculously low offer for the property, they say no. He responds by bring up some kind of lawsuit against them, which they tried to fight.

The sad thing is, unlike in all the movies, in reality the little person never wins. His company has more money and access to more powerful lawyers than the women of that house could ever afford. So in the end, theyre forced to sell the house and property. In return, as a sign of "good will", his company is giving them a new "home". This new place will be in a shitty part of town next to a freeway. Which is exactly where, Im sure he believes, 'women like them' belong.

So, as I said earlier, for the first time in my life, I refuse to stay in or spend any money in any place owned by Western & Southern Executives. Id rather stay in a flea infested hotel than one owned by them.

Movies [Continued]

In my last blog I mentioned the movies I had watched in the last couple weeks. However, I forgot about two movies! Plus I watched one last night so Ill give that one a mention as well.

Sherlock Holmes 1&2. Both movies were great fun. Sherlock is a hilarious character in them with Watson having his moments as well. Of course, I cant forget Watsons poor dog who Sherlock continuously "kills". SH1: 9/10. SH2: 7/10.
Madagascar. Yes yes. I know. Another animated movie. well, guess what? I have a thing for movies with talking animals! Anyways, its a pretty funny movie. Could have been alot better though. Personally, Chris Rock annoys the hell out of me in everything he does. The Penguins were the best part of the movie in my opinion. 5/10.

New Festival & Vacation

So, coming up on the 22nd, LotRO is going to be throwing their Spring Festival which means LotRO is where Ill be at. Im really looking foward to getting yet more Cosmetic Outfits and a new horse for my Guardian to ride around on like a boss. So, I wont be on DDO at all until the Festival is over. The unfortunate thing is, Im not quite sure how much of the festival Ill be able to do. I have a vacation coming up and where Im going, internet is spotty at best so gaming is out of the question. But Im sure Ill do fine. If I manage to not get everything, well, theres always next year!

Farewell My Friends! You Will Be Missed!

Well, as always, no matter what, Mizzablogs must end at some point. Unfortunatly, this is that point. Thank you for the read and I hope you all have great days and/or nights!


Mizzaroos Musical Spotlight
Great song with a really cool fan made video. If you ever have the time, check out the movie where the clips are from! Enjoy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Tale Of Infinite Mana

Cram gram digedly dram a pow oker shonnee nosuh moopee woop a fowk grinetelt cnrige!

I Love You

So, as you all know, when I play video games, I play video games. Its a pretty complex system that exists. Its been told to me that not alot of people are even capable of playing video games whilst playing video games. So, today I played TWO video games! Really! I am so amazing that not only did I play two games, I managed to do everything I wanted to do on both of them. I know! I am just damn awesome, right? RIGHT?!


So, yesterday I started out playing DDO. Did a few quests on my Half Orc Cleric then started running into trouble of the unfun sort. I got my butt end handed to me on a gold and silver gem encrusted platter. So I got a wee bit angry and quit DDO for the day opting to play LotRO instead.

When I went over to LotRO I started doing normal quests, finally, and finished up all the level 6 quests. Before completing the final one I remembered to take off my XP disabler so that Id be able to level up to 7. Spent what was left of my playtime running between Bree Land, The Shire and Erid Luin picking up all the level 7 quests and even finding the time enough to complete a few of them.

Today I went onto LotRO again. Finished up the level 7 quests and took level 8. Did a heck of alot of crafting, mostly just making Bronze Bars, Light Leathers and Rowan Planks. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I changed the way I price the planks on the Auction House now. Before, I priced them at 1 Silver per plank. The problem was, though, that I wasnt making what felt like good profit for the effort I was putting into the collection of the wood to crafting it into planks. So now, I price it at 2 Silver per plank as it takes 2 pieces of wood to make one Plank. Even at that price, its still really affordable to lower level players, considering that a stack of 100 Rowan Planks tends to go for near and over 1 Gold. With an initial price of 200 Silver and a buyout of 400 silver, Im making a much better price selling them now.

After I did all that on LotRO I decided to head back over to DDO to see if I could finish up doing the level 3 quests. Thankfully, I didnt have too many left to do. Unfortunatly I got bogged down by two things. 1: My inventory was full to bursting due to a large amount of collectables. In my stupidity, I forgot I had this thing called a Bank which I could store them in. It pretty much took me until the end of my playtime to remember and run there to store most of them. 2: Im a Flower Sniffer type player. I dont "Zerg". Well, except for when I play Starcraft. Then I LOVE to Zerg.

As I was running around doing quests in DDO it struck me suddenly. Didnt my Half Orc have a Small Eberron Dragonshard that she posted on the Auction House a few days back? Did it not sell? Well, I ran my big ol hiney to the Auction House and took a peek at it to see if my Dragonshard was still on it, if at all. It wasnt so I checked my Inventory. Not there either. But wait! I forgot! They get stored in the red bag! So I open the red bag and there it was. So I pulled it out and posted it for an initial 5k Plat and 10k buyout. It sold within 10 minutes.

Thanks to Comic, yesterday when I logged on, I got some crafted gear with +2 attribute scores on them. he made me a +2 WIS ring, +2 CON belt, +2 CHA cloak and a +2 DEX boots. So he gets an extra special big round of applause from me for all that. Though, in the end, I suppose instead of asking for DEX boots I should have asked for boots that would increase my run speed, Im still very grateful and happy. Its nice having the bonuses on the items theyre on because if Im questing and end up finding a better boost on an item, chances are itll be the same attribute on the same type of item attached to the ones I already have. Well... Excpet maybe the ring. as far as Ive ever pulled, WIS tends to be on helms more than rings. But, itll do donkey. Itll do.

Managed to pull some really good loots, which made me happy. Mostly because it all made me a little bit richer. But of note, I managed to pull a ring from a chest! No. this was not on LotRO. So its not quite THAT ring. No, instead it was a ring of Feather Falling. Yes. I consider that to be a great item to have. Its just nice having an item that makes sure you always float safely down from scary heights. The next item on my list of "IVE GOTTA HAVE THIS!!!" is a ring, or something, that gives a constant Water Breathing effect on it. Itll make those pesky quests with swimming under water just ever so slightly nicer.

The good part of yesterday, the only really good part to be honest, was my completion of Stealthy repossesion. Why was it so good? Simple! Its a pain to run through that quest on a non sneaky character. Or at least it is in my own professional opinion. Especially at level though. But theres two trick to doing it. 1: If youre doing it at level, on a level 2 for normal, then you need an invisibility pot. Actually, you need about 10. When you enter, park your hire to the alcove on the right of the quest entrance on passive mode. Go up to the right side of the first door, open it then immediatly drink your first invisibility pot. Then just run through pulling levers and drinking pots right after and you should complete without a hitch. 2: If youre doing the quest as a level 4 its the same as above but with the addition of drinking a Haste Potion. So, I was able to complete it solo at level 2 on normal and was extremely pleased with myself.

Back to today! I managed to complete what was left of the level 3 quests in what I consider to be dramatic fashion. Why dramatic fashion? Well, you see, I had one hour of playtime left on DDO. Three quests remained for the level 3s. They were the first Shan To Kor quest, The Captives and An Explosive Situation. The last one is a quick solo quest so I wasnt too worried about that one. It was mainly the first Shan To Kor quest that had me worried I wouldnt be able to complete the quests today. Normally, that quest can take me about 40-45 minutes to complete. But I managed it in, whats for me, record time and still managed to kill every breakable along the way. Moved onto The Captives and had a first within that quest. Ive been playing DDO for three years now. Ive run The Captives alot. But not once have I ever encountered the rare Ooze in it. It had reached a point that I believed the Ooze existed only in rumor, but indeed, it is real and I killed it. Finished up with the quest then finished Explosive. Then I ran my Half Orc bootey to the Cleric Trainer and took level 4. Put my CON up to 13 and added the Nimbus of Light [or whatever its called] and Resist Energy spells to my hotbars. All this and I managed to do it all with 10 minutes to spare.

Funny thing happened in the second Waterworks quest today. As I was rescuing that guy, whats his face, he stopped moving and starting using a throwing weapon on an enemy that I couldnt see. After a while, I thought that maybe an enemy was inside a wall or something because I was getting hit but couldnt see from where. Then I looked up and right there on the ceiling was a Kobold Warrior throwing crap at me! ON THE DAMN CEILING! The good news was that I still had my eternal wand of whats it that I grabbed from the Grotto quest. So, I killed it, finished quest and moved on.

Tomorrow is Saturday! You all know what that means, right?! It means its the start of the Comical Run weekend extravaganza! Itll be the first weekend since the LotRO anniversary event that Ive gotten to play with Comic so Im excited. But not too excited because too excited might give the old man a stroke or something equally hilarious.

I Love You Not

Its always funny to me just how full of doom the LotRO and DDO forums always seem to be. Of every MMO Ive ever played and every forum for each of those MMOs, I have never seen quite so much doom and gloom than on DDO and LotROs forums. Come on people, seriously. Theres got to be a better way to catch Turbines attention than with lines like "Oh! Woe is us! Turbine added this or that to the game! Its dying! Im cancelling my sub and so is everyone else I know and Im sure many others will soon be doing such and that means no more money for Turbine which will mean no more game!" Sure, Ill complain about the funny crap Turbine pulls, but whining and "cancelling" your subscription and dooming and glooming isnt going to do anything at all.

That being said, there are somedays I do wonder about which of the two above mentioned games Turbine cares about most. There are three points here that Ive noticed about both games. One is LotRO related and the other two are DDO related.

1: There were these cool little features added to DDO and LotRO recently. The DDO Daily Dice and the LotRO Hobbit Preasents. Neither were met with alot of love by the players but the reality is, weather you like it or not, theyre here to stay. So there. Now, after the release of the DDO Daily Dice there were a few posts SOMEWHERE on the forums asking if there could be a timer added to the Daily Dice so people know when theyre next free roll is. Also some VIPs asked if it was possible to add a free Gold Roll once per week or something as an additional VIP perk. Both of these suggestions were met with complete silence by Turbine. Sortof.

Over on LotRO, they added the Hobbit Presants a few days back! With the Hobbit Presants come a timer showing how long you have to wait for your next roll + VIPs get 1 free gold roll per week. So, Turbine listened to its players in their request for those things. Just they put them in the wrong game. I dunno. Maybe theyre going to add those things to DDO in the near future. They should. Itd be damned stupid to put a feature like that in one of your games but not the other.

2: This point involves alot of speculation on my part based on information on the forums. Back last year sometime there was a post on the DDO forums where a player made a suggestion that turbine add Skill Tomes to the game. Essentially these would be tomes that would increase the level of your skills much in the same way that the Stat Tomes increase your characters attributes. The post got quite alot of replies from the players who use the forums and the answer from them seemed to be a resounding "NO!". In other words, its an item type that a good portion of people obviously didnt want or think would be a good addition to the game.

Then comes along yesterday. I was browsing the DDO forums and what do I see? Apparently a player over on Lamania got a +3 Concentration Tome. Or in other words, Turbine is thinking about adding Skill Tomes to the game. An item which alot of players said no to.

3: Quick! Somebody mail Turbine some bug spray! Alot of bug spray! Like YESTERDAY! Yeah. This had to be mentioned. Bugs. Theres a hell of a lot of them in DDO isnt there? The funny thing is, if I were to print out the known issues list over on LotRO itll take maybe 1 page of paper. For DDO, itd take what? 3? Maybe 4 or 5? Mentioning the bugs in DDO is important because they play a major part in our everyday DDO lives.

Lets start back in last spring. We got a letter to the players thing from some dunderhead or another at Turbine announcing the expansion. Included in this little letter was a promise to the players that the good folks at Turbine would start working to squash the bugs in the game. This was met with alot of happy happy joy joy from the players. I mean, finally! The bugs will be squashed! Summer came. Expansion came out. Lots of BAD happened. Some bad that happened got fixed. Some bad that happened is still around. But most importantly, the promise to start squashing bugs has not been fulfilled in the slightest. The known issues list for DDO, has it grown or shrunk in the last year? Quick answer: its grown. If it had shrunk by any noticably good amount, I probably wouldnt have this third section.

Everytime Turbine releases a new update the mentality of its player base is 'I wonder what theyre going to break THIS time'. Thats not a way you want your players to think. You want them to think 'Did you see what the next update is going to have?! IM SO EXCITED!!!'. What catches my attention the most on the forums though is the number of people who pop up saying 'We told you guys about this bug on Lamania. How did you guys not fix it before putting it on the live game?' which is met with the, seemingly, typical silence from the Turbine staff. I dont know. Maybe theyre not good at taking criticism.

In the end, the things that I consider important to know are: Why are there so many bugs in DDO? Why does every update have 3-5 new ones added to the known issues list? Does Turbine not have a talented enough Development staff needed to start working on squashing them? Most important though, will there ever be a day where we all log into DDO and play a game with little to no bugs?

Those are the three things that stand out to me in the difference between how Turbine treats DDO and LotRO. Now, no matter what happens, Im not quitting either game. I love both equally. theyre both very fun games for different reasons. But over the last few months my faith in the developers at Turbine has been shaken to the point to where Im not their biggest fan or supporter anymore. They can still get it back. They can get everyone whos in the same position as me back. They just need to get working on fixing crap that shouldnt be broken in the first place.

Love Stick Shifts. Hate Automatics.

Well, over the last couple of weeks Ive managed to watch a slew of movies that Ive just been DYING to see.

Started by watching Captain America. which was pretty good but not great. Overall Id give it a 7/10.
Next came Iron Man 1 & 2. They were both very fun and hilarious. Each get a 10/10 from me.
Thor was equally great. Especially the pet store part. Another 10/10 in my book.
Of course, having watched those, I also watched The Avengers! It was way cool and exciting. Though it was a bit too slow at times, the fast paced ending more than made up for it. 9/10. Im totally excited for number 2!!!
Wrect It Ralph. Yes. Im 22 years old and I still love animated movies. Alot. 8/10.
Rise of the Guardians. Another animated movie which was fun but lacked any originality in its plot. Which seems to be becoming more and more common these days. 6/10.
Resident Evil: Retribution. They did a superb job at making a sub par movie. Compared to the rest of the series, this one felt dumbed down. Valentine was brought back. Which would have been great if she werent based off Nina from the video game flop 'Death by Degrees' by Namco.*Then was the part at the end where there was a creature that resembled a Mutilisk from Starcraft. Overall, the movie felt alot less great than it could and should have been. So it gets a 5/10.
Taken 2. Slower than the first. Not as good as the first. Sadly, they set themselves up for a third. I dont want a third. 7/10.
Expendables 2. Just as fast and funny as the first. Gotta love a movie about nothing more or less than excessive violence. That and the snake joke. That was great. I cant wait for the third. 10/10.
Fantastic Four 2. Another case of a sequal not being as great as the original. Felt like it had a lower budget and overall felt really cheap and hastily released. 5/10.
Starship Troopers 3 & 4. Ive seen the first two lots. I love them lots. Hate on the movies all youd like but I think its a great series. Number 3 brought back Rico and number 4 was totally CG which I thought was really cool. Overall, number 4 was by far the best one in the entire series so far and Im excited to see if they release another one or two movies. ST3: 8/10. ST4: 10/10.
Brave. Yet another Disney animated movie. I really loved brave and wish that Disney had had a princess like Merida when I was younger but, never the less, its nice to see one like her now. 10/10.

Thats it for the movies Ive seen that are of note in recent memory.

*The game was such a big flop that long before game stores stopped selling PS2 games you could buy the game brand new for a whopping sum of $00.99. Seriously.

The Only Automatics I Love Are Guns

Recently[ish] on Twitter I decided to go ahead and make a list of my top 10 favorite MMA fighters. Why? I dunno. Cause I can. So Ive now decided to post that list here as well! Why? I dunno. Cause I can.

1: Randy Couture
2: Gina Carano
3: Chuck Liddell
4: Tim Kennedy
5: Liz Carmouche
6: Sarah D'Alelio
7: Cyborg
8: Colton Smith
9: Bec Hyatt
10: Anderson Silva

Of course, that list is likely to change over time. I just wanted to share it though! Yup.

Hooray For Boobies!

So, I figure that now with two blogs on DDOGamer featuring boobies, its about time that I, Mizzaroo, jump onto this train before its too late and its gone. That and I figure everyone could use a break from being overly exposed to Samius' cock all the time. So without further ado, I present to you all, BOOBIES!

End Of Story

Well, that was a decently sized blog now wasnt it? Hope you all enjoyed reading my ramblings. If not please leave a message at 1-800-IGIVASHT. Either way, hope you all have great mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights and hope to do something or another soon. It probably involves the zombie apocolypse. Which is totally coming by the way.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Blog Posts Are Simply Amazing!

So, there I was, sitting on my tiny little hiney, when all of a sudden, I thunk to myself, 'Hey Natty Nat! why dont we write a blog?!' To which my reply was, 'YEAH! Lets write a blog!' So here I am, sitting on my tiny little hiney, still, now writing a blog about how my blog is amazing. It just must be! Really and truely! Yup! Why do I know this? Well, its because I write more than ANYONE! Yup! Except Mr. Geoffhanna. But thats because he is me and me is he except he isnt me and me is me and not he because he is he not me so he isnt me because only me can be me while he is he. So, without further ado, I give to you, the newest Mizzablog!(Not to be confused with those OTHER blogs.)

You're An Orca

So, I did something that might shock everybody today. I played a video game! I know, I know. This isnt normally a video game blog! Oh, wait... yes it is...

Anyways, So I played DDO for a time today. Really! All day! Except for when I went for a run. And then came home and did some other working out type stuffs. I had energy. Lots of it. That and I was waiting for Commie to come online so we could do some Comical Runs. Turns out, he couldnt make it. Which is 100% OK! It gave me time to run around Korthos and Stormreach causing chaos!

So, I started off, like I said, waiting for Commie to come online. While I was waiting I decided to run around on Mizzaroo, my Elven Artificer, doing lowbie quests to gain favor. Pretty much it went something like this: CHINKCHINKCHINK *dead* CHINKCHINKCHINK *dead*. So it was pretty easy, overall. Once I realized Commie wasnt gonna be on however, I got bored of playing on her and decided to become a radical! Or something like that.

I have, well, had, this character named... something. I forget her name. Shes pretty irrelivent. She was a level four Human Paladin. I like Paladins. Theyre cool and fun and pretty. Anyways, she was an experiment of a sorts. Long story short, the experiment was carried out a few months ago and she failed it. Got shelved, and today, killed. Well, deleted, but whos keeping track? After I killed her off, I went through the character creation menu thing and started deciding what kind of character I wanted to make.

First of course was Class. I was looking at the classes and decided on Cleric. Now, Im not a good caster class type player. To be honest, Im not a player at all. Im just a Natalie. But thats besides the point. The point is, I suck at casters and I suck at healing. Im as happy to accidentally let someone die as I am to watch late night television. But, I have alot of Fighters. I have a few Monks. Artificers. Rogues. So, I decided a class that could heal its self would be nice. So I picked Cleric. But you already know that because I already told you so.

Next came Race. Not like the running one, but the kind where its like 'what is youre character?' kind of race. Well, Humans are fun! They get an extra Feat! Extra Feats are awesome! But theyre not a Human. So, no extra feat. No, my new Cleric was born from an Orc and a Human who decided they just couldnt resist each other sexually. Thus birthing my character, a female Half Orc. I like that word. "Birthing".

Next came the other stuff. Well, as you all know, I can be a lackwit. While I was making her, I gave her 18 Wisdom, which was good. Upped her Charisma to 8, which was good too. Pushed her Strength to 18, which was also good in the continuing line of good things that I did good. But accidentally put her starting Constitution at 12, which made me go 'Oh poopy!'. Thank goodness she can heal herself! It means the attributes taken at levels 4 & 8 will be Constitution and her next Feat level will be toughness. Speaking of Feats and Skills, her first Feat was Mental Toughness(I still didnt realize her CON was 12) and her lone Skill with points in it is Concentration. Which reminds me of the word 'castration' for some reason.

Lastly, I put the final touches on her. Made her look very pretty. She has White skinny skin skin. Pretty bright green eyes. Red Pony Tail. Earings and Tusks. Of course, I named here too! Cant enter the game without a name for some reason. Which is kinda odd. I mean, what if one of my characters wanted to be one of the unknown? But NOOOO! Turbine says NO! So I named her. Unlike the Paladin I killed, I actually remember what I named her! her name is: Meretelle An Trocaire. The 'o' is supposed to have an accent thing above it, but I cant figure out how to get that in here. And of course, no accented letters in the game.

While I was on her I did Korthos on Normal and a chunk of the level twos on Normal as well.

(I will include pictures at the bottom of the blog)

Been Away For Far Too Long

Okay, so, I noticed a few things while running around today.

1: Baudrys quest chain is still closed. Really. Its been, what? An age and a half now?

2: My HP regens only 1-2 points at a time now in town/tavern. When and why did this happen?!

3: My Mana regens only 5 points at a time now in town/tavern. Again, when and why did this change happen?!

4: Is it just me or have tomes gone up in price on the normal people Auction House?

As much as I love to run the Baudry Cartamon chain, I can live with it being closed. However, I dont quite understand why the amount of HP/Mana I regen while in town/tavern has been drastically reduced. I liked how it would return in a short time not this whole sliver at a time crap. Is it to make players spend more Platinum on the tavern foods? If so, thats a pretty shite way to go about doing it. And to be completly honest, Im not going to go for it either way. Its a waste of my Plat. I almost never have any large amount of Plat anyway and when I do, its because Im saving up for something important. Like tomes! For me, its a bother and I want it changed back to the way it was.

Epic Elite Burnout Mode X-treme

As you all know from one of my last blogs, I spent quite a bit of time on LotRO last month doing the Anniversary event. As I mentioned, I had quite a bit of fun. There seems to be a problem now though. Due to my going all kinds of OCD on the event trying to get every single item it had to offer, I kinda feel like Im in burnout mode with both DDO and LotRO. Even with the fun I had on my new Cleric today, I still had to drag myself onto the computer in order to play the game today because I wanted to play with Commie. Not that playing with him isnt fun, because it most certainly is, but its just that the amount of energy I spent on the event feels like its kinda taken a toll on my overall enjoyment level for the time being. I can play something like Left 4 Dead without issue but thats because its fast paced, intense and requires less energy and overall attention than LotRO and DDO. Im sure Ill get over it soon enough though.

The Tale Of The Flying Penguinasaurus Reximas Taco Chomper

So, as many of you know and some of you may not know but will soon find yourselves knowing because Im going to tell you all, I like fish! I own fish! Yup! Its true! I do! I do! Theres also, currently, two doggies under my roof. One doggy is my brothers and the other doggy is a puppy he got for me! He got me a puppy! He got her for me to keep me company! Yup! The thing that sets my pets apart from other peoples pets is that I name mine! Yup! IMMA TELL YOU THEIR NAMES NOW!

5 Bettas: Stomper, Thumper, Thud, Ramathorn, Thornaram.

6 Guppies: EEPA, Powerade, Speaker, Squeak, Doggy, Bastion.

6 Tetras: Drammy, Crack Head, Pipe Bomb, Zombie, Molotov, Bourbon.

2 Sharks: Fluffy, Kitten.

My brothers doggy: Boss. Hes a Husky!

My puppy: Spazz. Shes a Pit Bull!

I love all my pets very much! And, no, not all my fish are in the same tank! That would be bad. Yup.

Honey, I Killed The Moon

Well, thats all I can think of to write in this edition of the most famous Mizzablog. Hope it was an okay read. If, however, you do not feel satisfied at all with it, please contact your state representatives and/or the leaders of your current nation. If they fail to act in a 1.2 second fashion, please be sure to contact Turbine Community Specialists and alert them to your problem as ASAP as possible.

Take care everyone!!! BYE!!!

Meretelle and OORAH

Meretelle up close

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Would A Mizzaroo Be In The World Of D&D?

So, I was on OurDDO and I saw the Monk Guys blog and he took a very interesting personality test involving what a persons character within the D&D world would be. Being someone who loves taking these kinds of tests(I pretty much take all the ones I see), I decided to give it a go and answer through all 130 questions to see what I got! Here it is:

I Am A: Chaotic Evil Human Ranger (4th Level)

Ability Scores:


Chaotic Evil- A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive him to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse. Thankfully, his plans are haphazard, and any groups he joins or forms are poorly organized. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as he can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate him. Chaotic evil is sometimes called demonic because demons are the epitome of chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is the best alignment you can be because combines self-interest and pure freedom. However, chaotic evil can be a dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend.

Race: Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Class: Rangers are skilled stalkers and hunters who make their home in the woods. Their martial skill is nearly the equal of the fighter, but they lack the latter's dedication to the craft of fighting. Instead, the ranger focuses his skills and training on a specific enemy a type of creature he bears a vengeful grudge against and hunts above all others. Rangers often accept the role of protector, aiding those who live in or travel through the woods. His skills allow him to move quietly and stick to the shadows, especially in natural settings, and he also has special knowledge of certain types of creatures. Finally, an experienced ranger has such a tie to nature that he can actually draw on natural power to cast divine spells, much as a druid does, and like a druid he is often accompanied by animal companions. A ranger's Wisdom score should be high, as this determines the maximum spell level that he can cast.

Detailed Results:Alignment:
Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15)

Law & Chaos:
Law ----- XXXXXX (6)
Neutral - XXXXXXX (7)

Good & Evil:
Good ---- XX (2)
Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8)

Human ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Dwarf ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Elf ------ XX (2)
Gnome ---- XXXX (4)
Halfling - XX (2)
Half-Elf - XXXXXXX (7)
Half-Orc - XXXXXXXXXX (10)

Barbarian - (-2)
Bard ------ (0)
Cleric ---- XXXX (4)
Druid ----- (-25)
Fighter --- XXXX (4)
Monk ------ (-23)
Paladin --- (-25)
Ranger ---- XXXXXX (6)
Rogue ----- (-2)
Sorcerer -- XXXX (4)
Wizard ---- (-4)

Id say its pretty darn accurate! Yup!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jumping Around Like Tigger

So, I said a while back that Id take pictures of my cosmetic gear and stuffs for all of you to see. I have done so! 21 outfits, to be exact. Im sorry, but when I took the pics, I was in a bit of a rush. So, if one isnt up to your code of what makes a great screenshot, Im sure there are better places for you to go to find some. All pics will be at the bottom of the blog.

Way Long. Way Fun. More To Come.

So, originally, I misread the dates for the anniversary event. When I thought it said the event was ending on the 21st, what I was really reading was that the 100% boost to XP would be ending on the 21st. The event itself was going to end on the 30th. This ended up being extended to the 6th of this month due to some stuff that prevented people from playing the game.

One of the things that got me way excited was that along with the extension, they said they were going to toss into the event some brand spankin new items! Now, saying this excited me is an understatment. I was WAY over the top wanting some new cosmetics like, yesterday, you know? So, the day the new items went live I went to the Game Master with all my saved up tokens hoping to get some cool new stuff but was disapointed to see that the things added werent new at all. All the "new" items were, were old items with new color schemes. So, my excitement was certainly smacked down ever so slightly.

During the event I managed to get every single item available to earn. That was the most exciting part for me. I got all the outfits, all the maps and all three horses. Thankfully, it was during this time that I learned of another difference between DDO and LotRO. On LotRO, you can use currency earned in game to upgrade your bank space. As you can imagine, this was a very, very helpful thing as there were quite a few cosmetics and map pieces.

Overall, I found my very first LotRO Anniversary event to be alot of fun. My favorite part was when the Bree Town Firework Event would begin and seeing around twenty players send up fireworks against the night time sky. I tried to grab a screen shot of this but unfortunatly I have bad timing so I wasnt able to get any. But it was a really pretty sight.

Now that its over, Im looking foward to getting back to playing with the ComicRelief. I took a total of two weekends off of playing with him to complete the event plus another weekend off so I could spend time with one of me big bruvvas before he deploys. However, Ive read rumors about another LotRO Festival coming up soon, but hopefully it wont be TOO soon. Dont need Comic thinking Ive completly ditched him, now do I?

Nekkid Barbarians!

So, after playing on Rayneblood to a decent level, Ive had a blast playing on her. If you people dont remember, Rayneblood is my clone of Mr. Geoff Hannas Knicker character build. However, Ive reached a point where I dont feel like its a build I can be successful on. Im thinking, right now, that Im going to scratch her and remake her as a fighter instead or just remake her as a pure barbarian. With clothes! It is a cool build and Im sure that if I had the patience to level her crafting, Id be alot better on her. But DDO crafting is a pain in the ass, to put it simply. How any of you have managed to "get it", is certainly beyond me. So, congratualtions on doing that!

Real quickly, Id like to say a quick thank you to Mr. Geoff Hanna for making up the awesome character build many moons ago giving me the inspiration to give it a shot. Also, thank you for the help when I asked questions!

On an added note: Congratulations to Mr. Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl for getting engaged! Try to wear more than just starter rags to the wedding, eh? ;D

Boys Can Be Dumb.

Really, really, really friggin dumb! Firstly, I think Ive made it clear in the past that I dont generally like being flirted with. Now, Ive play flirted but generally that only happens when A: Ive had some amount of boozey or B: Its someone Im comfortable with and knows that its just play, not serious at all.

Well, a few months back, this guy started flirting with me. I ignored it figuring hed stop at some point if I didnt react to it. Only problem is it didnt only do absolutly nothing to stop it, it seemed to make it worse. He became more forward and even added a creepy factor by constantly using the hug, kiss and even the sleep emotes on my characters. So, fed up, I finally, politly, asked him to stop.

A week passed without him doing anything. Then out of the blue, BAM! Right back at it. This time around I felt it was needed for me to put my boot down and say no more of this nonsense or Im gonna stop talking to you as I didnt feel like I should have to explain that I didnt like it yet again, you know? This essentially made him stop talking to me as a whole. Which was fine.

Then, I wrote my "Need To Speak" blog(which seemingly created a(ever so slightly) hilarious amount of drama). He pops up, again, out of the blue, and tells me that we cant be friends anymore because we have different political views. Now, this is just dumb because Ive known plenty of people who think differently than me politically and who, themselves, know people who think differently. We're no less friendly with each other because of our differing views. But, you know, whatever. He made it even sillyer by delivering it to me in the form of a break up line. Like, you know, the kind dating couples use.

I laughed. Shrugged it off. Moved on. But then he said something to someone else that caught both my attention and anger: "True friends stick together no matter their differences of opinions or views." I think most anyone can figure out why that brought a bit of anger to me. To those that dont: Its a little thing called hypocrasy. If theres anything I hate more than most things, its a hyprocrite. I hate them with a passion. But, hey, if thats the way he wants to be, fine by me. So long as hes never in the same room as me, he wont have to worry about me taking swings.

Moving On!

Right! Sorry about that. I needed to get that off my mind so I did. Now its no more! Its free like a bird! flying away into the sunset never to return to bother me again! Yup!

So, anyways, We've reached the end of my blog because I forgot what else I wanted to write about. So that means its picture time! Now, like I said in the beginning, the pictures arent perfect. But theyre good enough. I put them here at the end because, well, theres alot of them. 22 to be exact. 21 outfits and 1 really pretty scenic picture I took from within LotRO. So, sit back and get your scroll finger ready cause here we go!

Anniversary Gown, Golden Anniversary Cloak & Anniversary Steed

Anniversary Cloak

Anniversary Gown

Anniversary Robe

Cosmetic Battle Outfit With Helmet showing And Firework Cape

Cosmetic Battle Outfit With One Fund Cloak

Cosmetic Battle Gear On teal Firework Laden Steed

Common Dress(No Sleeves) With One Fund Cloak

Common Short sleeved Dress With One Fund Cloak

Night Sky Firework Cloak

Fancy Short Sleeved Dress With One Fund Cloak

Firework Backpack

Firework Cloak

Firework Face Protecter

Gold Anniversary Cloak

Hooded Firework Cloak

Patterned You In A Box With Decorated Cake Topper Hat

Short Dwarf Make Robe With One Fund Cloak

Short Sleeved Elven Dress With One Fund Cloak

Teal Firework Backpack

You In A Box With Cake Topper Hat

Rainbow In The Shire From The Viewpoint Of A Chicken