Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Final Farewell To MyDDO

Due to popular demand, I will not be retiring my blog. However, this will be the first blog hosted on DDOGamer(I hope) and the final blog I post on MyDDO. When(if) this blog gets posted on DDOGamer, Ive made a special banner thing for what is going to be over each blogs paragraph. So, please at least look at it once and tell me if you like it. I worked kinda hard on it. Kinda.

Of Comics

So, as Im sure many thousand of you read, Comic made a well thought out, well written farewell blog on MyDDO. It literally sums up the general DDO blogging communities thoughts and feelings on MyDDO being shut down with no replacement in sight. Lucky for all of us, while Turbine "looks for alternatives", two people have stepped up to do something about it, Evennote and Geoff Hanna. But thats a different topic.

This is in particular about his farewells at the end of the blog. I mean, did you see what he said about me? Did you? I mean, *really* Comic? Im crazy? I have to say, I thought you knew me better than that. I mean, I am NOT crazy. Im friggin INSANE!! Get it right man! Seriously! INSANE!

One Little Girl, Two Big Axes

So, on Friday, I started a new character project. This time based off an already existant build. She is going to be based off of Mr. Geoff Hannas Knicker Tam character. My only problem, that I can see, is that Im not much of a crafter. So, its gonna be a long time before she can have starter rags that are even remotley nice, let alone the dual weilded Dwarven Axes.

Shes managed to avoid death, thus far. She has taken some nasty hits though. Doesnt do alot of damage, yet, but Im hoping that once she gets Power Attack that itll go up by some large amount.

Right at the moment, shes sitting at level three(2 Rogue, 1 Barbarian). Has taken the Two Weapon Fighting and Exotic Weapons: Dwarven War Axe. Since I only had one rage enhancement I could pick, I put the rest of the points into Rogueish ones. The Rogue Skill Boost, Disable Traps, Search, Acid Resist and I think Trap Lore. A few others too. But for now she only has the +1 to will while in rage and Barbarian Damage Boost I.

On Friday I hit Stealthy Repossesion. She did pretty good. Felt robbed of some XP at the end though. I grabbed the eye, my hire was still alive but in the early negatives. But for some reason the XP log said that they were dead, so I lost out on some XP which made me just ever so slightly angry. But, I won. Got the Red Name Kobold Shaman. Got my loots and was happy. Also managed to get Flower Sniffers up to level 7.

Rayneblood from a distance

Rayneblood Close Up

Of Elder Scrolls

Well, as most of you know, I have neither a high end computer nor a 360 or PS3. So alot of my games are ever so slightly... old. One of them just so happens to be Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY. It is definetly one of my most favorite games. Big, long, big, lots of fun, big, has Smurfs, big, has a place with snow and have I mentioned its big?

Recently I decided to take the game up again. For the most part I like to just pick one of the pre made classes. This time though I decided to make up my own customized class:

Race: Imperial
Character Name: Dromeda
Star Sign: The Lady
Class Name: Paladin
Specialization: Combat
Primary Attributes: Strength, Personality
Major Skills: Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Block, Athletics, Speechcraft
Minor Skills: Restoration, Mercantile, Acrobatics, Enchant, Armorer

So far, hes working out pretty well. Hasnt done alot yet though but I have high hopes for him. Yup!

Of Comics (Again)

Seriously dude! I cannot believe you called me crazy. Ugh!


So, before I end this blog I have a few questions for all you readers of mine out there:

1: The format Ive used for my last few blogs where I seperate everything into catagories, do you like that or should I go back to not doing that?

2: Hypothetical situation: You log onto DDO and see that all your characters attributes, health, mana, saves, armor class, dodge and skills are maxed. You have every Feat and Enhancement available. This will only last one day and Turbine will never find out. Do you take advantage of the situation or bug report it? (Ill post my answer next blog)

3: Im thinking about starting a seperate blog. This particular blog would essentially be Mizzaposters. the point would be me taking various things and turning them into, what Id view to be, funny posters. Would anyone like to see such a thing?

End Of The Line

Well, here we are again. The end of another Mizzablog. I hope you all enjoyed. If you take the time to answer my questions, thank you very much. I hope you all have wonderful Easters. Me? We got a rabbit to eat, bourbon to drink and good times to have. So, Ill see you all next time!

Friday, March 29, 2013

I Present To You All...

The first official flag for the Empire of Mizzaroo! Its still a work in progress, so dont hate too hard!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swords, Axes And Bows, Oh My!

Its funny to me. Sometimes popping onto the forums to see a new thread asking the question: Which is better? Greatswords or Greataxes? If I even bothered to open and reply to those threads, my answer would be less informative and more of a 'Who cares? Just pick the one you like most and enjoy!' But I know most peoples way of looking at weapons isnt mine. So heres how I decide to arm my characters.

Clerics: If it wasnt for the bonuses to certain weapon types Clerics could get through enhancements, Id likely stick them with a mace and shield. Why? Because in my opinion maces are a more Clericy weapon than any of the others!

Paladins: Longswords. Theres just something about a Paladin weilding a longsword that just feels right. Everytime I try to imagine one of my Paladin characters in my head, they are always weilding one so it only makes sense for them to use them.

Fighters: Longswords & Greatswords. When I think of the fighter class, the first thing that comes to mind is a mercenary, soldier or town guard. When I think of those, I imagine a man or woman versed in the arts of using a sword. A mercenary might use the Greatsword due to its high damage output and its ability to make them look badass. A soldier or town guard though is more inclined to use a longsword and a shield.

Barbarians: Axes. All of them. Barbarians are the 'savages' of the classes. They dont stick to the norms when it comes to weapons. They prefer to use the most frightening weapons at their disposal. In my head, Barbarians are weilders of axes. Doesnt matter what kind of axes. They just love axes.

Rogues: Rapiers & Shortswords. A rapier on a rogue would be the most suitable if you imagine your rogue is a pirate. It is a more piratey weapon and as such is perfect for the Rogue who loves them some booty. Shortswords are perfect for the street(rat) rogue. Not as easy to conceal as a dagger, maybe, but much more frightening.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I arm my characters.

Of Special Note

To those of you who dont pay much attention to the forums, Turbine is ending the ability to do blogs on MyDDO. Even if they werent, this would be my last blog. Im not really feeling the whole 'write a new blog' thing anymore(not that Im very good at it anyways). Im not sure if its a permanent thing or temporary, but for now I can say Im done. To the people who have made doing it fun, thank you for reading and enjoying. I hope everyone has great weekends! Bye!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Blog That Was Written Has Been Written

So, I know you all have just missed me oh so much! Well, not to worry! Ive missed all of you as well! So, to prove it, Im here, now, to write for you all yet another blog born from boredom. Got some (not so) interesting stuff coming in this blog, so keep on reading! DAMMIT!

Of Mizzing Outfits

Well, as everyone knows, on DDO alot of outfits went missing. Okay, more like every outfit on every character that logged onto DDO. Good times, right? Well, Im proud to say that when the problem popped up, I was the first person to post about it on the forums! Yay me! Some time later, Turbine goes out and says that they have begun the process of returning outfits to players. Some more time passes, people are all over talking about how theyre recieving outfits. Im still not. Some more time passes, still no outfits in my mailbox. So, I go onto twitter to whine about it(I really wanted my outfit back) and learn from Cordovan that the giving back outfits thing was finished and that I should submit a ticket.

This sounded familiar. Remember that blog post about my TP not being given to me over on LotRO when they said it was completed? Yeah. They passed over me not once, BUT TWICE! At least on LotRO they gave me my points though, so on that issue, I forgave them and put it behind me.

So today I log onto DDO instead of LotRO to do as Cordovan said and submit a ticket. I sit an hour then I get the exclamation point and the thing that says my ticket has been updated! I check the chat box, no green letters. I check my character bar thing, no mail. So, knowing what I was gonna see, I open my tickets and see that its been closed. Not even a 'Im not going to help you'. So, I grumble. I open a second ticket(this was an important issue for me) and its closed within 10 minutes. Again, not even a reply. So, I open a THIRD damn ticket. After another hour it actually gets replied to! My spirits soared high! I was gonna get my outfit back! So excited I was!

Me and the person start talking. Long story short, in the end I got NO outfit returned. Not getting it back wasnt the worst part though. The worst part was them trying to pin the blame on me by trying to claim that I 'Must have missed the mail'. That pissed me off because I had already told them that every day since they started handing out outfits Id been logging on, so theres no way in hell I could have missed that mail. So pretty much, I dont get my outfit back and its my fault that I "missed" a mail I never recieved. OH JOY!

Now, I dont want anyone to get me wrong on something. I love DDO. I love LotRO. I think Turbine has done a wonderful job thus far on both games. I can honestly say that I see myself playing both games for a very long time. However, Ive now had more negative experiences submiting tickets than positive. Maybe they dont look to hard for quality GMs. Maybe the GMs dont get paid enough to really care. Regardless what the problem is, Im now of the feeling that Turbine needs to do something about the crop of GMs they have before I start laughing whenever someone tells me to submit a ticket for a problem Im having.

Of Living Comics

Moving on from that, this last weekend, as I do most weekends, I ran with Comic for what I believe was the first time in a month. And I gotta say, even though we ran only two and a half quests, it was alot of fun.

For those of you who read his (rare) blogs, you already know which quest we ran the first day. For those who dont, we ran that one Necro 2 quest. I forget what its called. Whatever its called, we ran it and we won it. With shocking ease. The first time we ran it, it was both painful and slow. Then the worst thing imaginable happened! Comic DIED! See, this wouldnt have worried me too much if it wasnt for the fact that both our Cleric hirelings were pretty much out of mana, I was surrounded by enemies, enemies were respawning and I was in panic mode. well, he(or more like his ghost) leads me back to the shrines. Somehow we made it. Well, *I* made it since I was the only one standing(besides the hirelings). We extinguish the last fire. Lead the mummy to the light room place and all hell broke loose. We and our hires had about 2-3 deaths each in that room. In the end, we couldnt do it. We retreated out tried(and failed) another Necro 2 quest then I went to bed.

However, Comic(as he pointed out) had taken level 9. Now, I dont know if this is what truly helped or not. But regardless, running through the quest was a breeze. No deaths. The damn mummy died like a good boy(or girl(or creature)). We won! What I do know for certain though is that the Heavy Repeater, which was made possible by both Shinny and Comic(thank you both very much) helped quite a bit. I was doin LOTSA damage to the undeads!

After we had finished out, I alerted Comic to the fact I was so tired I was about to pass out at my computer. So we called it a day and I crawled under my desk and napped. It was a good nap.

On Sunday, we were back in Necro 2 to finish up the lvl 8s of it. Last was the quest where he had managed to get us TRAPPED one day long time ago(glares at Comic). This time around though, we managed to make it through without getting trapped. As usual, Comic character, Timp, almost died. I mean, I thought it was the end. The door in front of us opened. Comic ran through. It slammed shut behind him cutting off me and both our hirelings. He was alone. And in combat! His health started to rapidly drop. I was completly helpless. Then its down to -5 and Im just waiting for the ding when his hire teleports to the other side of the door, heals him then they, together, lay to waste to whatever enemies were there. I was just SO happy!

We finished Sunday with a bummer of a failure in Faithfully Departed. Ive gotta say, in video games, theres no bigger disapointment than reaching that final room in a quest and suddenly having it end in failure. But we went in, took our best shot and next time, we'll be more careful in trying to preserve the hostile mummies. To be honest, I think I can say I very well might have been at fault for at least two of them dying. With the enemies all going in circles with each other, its real hard to get a good clean shot at the ones you want to kill and not the ones you DONT want to kill. But Ill do better next time!

One of the other things that happened was I finally took level 10 on Mizzaroo, my Elven Artificer on Cannith(who has been doing the Comical runs). She managed to get her banked XP maxed so I saw no point in holding off leveling up any longer and asked Comic if he was cool with me doing so (he was) and did it.

Lord Of The Runes

As you all may remember from one of my last two blogs (I forget which), I got a bunch of LotRO quest packs. Well, after they gave me my 250 TP, I managed to get one more: Forochel. To be honest, of the quest packs I bought, Im most excited about when I finally reach Misty Mountains. the reason? The screenshot has SNOW! I know this is gonna sound weird, but I LOVE snow. When it happens in video games, I become an excited little girl. You think thats crazy? You should have seen my reaction to the Smurfs on Solsthiem Island in Elderscrolls 3! Not only was the whole island snowy, it had friggin Smurfs! Evil Smurfs, but SMURFS!!!

Of note, I went through my characters and retired every single one of them. Headed onto Crickhollow and made a brand new Rune Keeper and decided Im going to focus solely on him. So far, hes doing pretty dang good. I think in the long run, Im going to have him use the lightning spells as they seem to do alot better than the fire spells in terms of damage. Oh! Hes a Dwarf. I know people keep saying 'If you make a Rune Keeper, make sure to make him/her an Elf!'. Could be why I made him a Dwarf.

This is him on his horse 'MyLittlePony'
This is him not on his horse

Now, as a Rune Keeper, youd expect him to see things that are strange and unexplainable. However, two things have happened recently that scared the crap out of him.

Massive Dwarven tower floating high off the ground

Dwarven statue floating off to the side of its pedestal

To be honest, the massive tower scared him the most. I mean, honestly! Theres no telling how dangerous that going under that thing would have been! Though, to be completly honest, I was hoping some Hobbit would go under it just so I could see what happened.

Overall, as much as I may dislike playing non melees in most games, Turbine makes playing casters easy in LotRO so they have my thanks for that. Hes alot of fun to play on. And even though hes quite squishy, hes only had one close call thus far in his 18 levels. If I can keep those numbers down, he'll be able to hit lvl 20 with no deaths! Then I can get the final no death title for him. I had him finish up Erid Luin today and starting in a couple days, he'll begin to work on the Shire quests. Before anyone asks, the answer is: YES! I did name his horse 'MyLittlePony'. Sadly the answer to the next question is: NO! They do not have pink horse dye in the LotRO store.

Cyberpunk, TV Shows And Book To Screen Oh My!

Now, something not alot of people know about me is when I find something new that I like, I go out of my way to discover if there are anymore similar things that I like. Sometimes it turns out that that one thing is going to be quite lonely in my world. Other times I end up stumbling onto something amazing. In this case, I am talking about the Cyberpunk genre of movies.

How I stumbled upon it was quite simple. I was on YouTube looking up songs and found a fan made video for one. He, or she, had made an amazing video for the song featuring clips from a movie. The clips managed to gain my curiosity in the movie enough to where I went out of my way to immediatly look up the movie. The movie was called 'Immortal'. And it was quite a good movie. It had its flaws, but it was still good enough to where I became curious about the genre. I tried, and failed, to find a good copy of 'Natural City'. So, here I ask, if anyone knows of any good movies in the genre, please let me know! Also, Id like to say to all curious people out there: If you ever watch Immortal, read up everything you can about it first because otherwise youll find yourself lost real easily.

For TV Shows, Ive been bouncing around between three shows like a crazy girl with serious ADD issues. The shows are the original Star Trek series, Burn Notice and Its Always Sunny In Philidelphia. I love each and every one of them. Theyre great fun. Even the original Star Trek in all its cheesyness. Yes, I know, for its time that wasnt cheesy. But Im not watching it from its time, now am I? To be honest, I only added the bit about TV shows so I could make the title of this section the way I did. Its true.


As for book to screen, I recently saw the Hunger Games movie. I was thouroughly impressed. Its easily the single best book to screen adaption I have ever seen. The directer did quite a good job of sticking to the book. There were, however, some things that bothered me. The music scenes. They took away from the story and kinda rushed the movie along in my opinion. The Tracker Jackers were nothing but normal, digital, bees. They took out, what I felt was, an important character and moment in regards to how Katniss recieves her Mocking Jay pin. Speaking of Mocking Jays, somehow, Katniss didnt seem to know what a Mocking Jay was until Rue told her and even after that she still didnt seem to understand what they symbolized. On the train ride back to district 12, the animosity that formed between Katniss and Peeta wasnt shown. The genetically enhanced dogs in the arena lacked the traits, namely the eyes, of the deceased combatants. There are a few other things, but the idea is, they did great, they did. they just didnt do perfect. At least it was better than the first season of Game of Thrones!

Of Easters Past

In case youre unaware or are so anti religion that you refuse to enjoy a holiday, ITS ALMOST EASTER!!! During holidays, for me at least, I tend to find myself thinking back on past ones and the stuff that happened on them. One particular Easter, when I was 7, my brothers decided to go out hunting and I tagged along with them. The trip went something like this[Its all true, I swear]:

Mike: Son of a bitch! Its the Easter Bunny!!!
Joe: Holy shit! You killed him!
Me: You killed the Easter Bunny?
Mike: Youre damn right I did. The hoppity little bastard was trespassing!
Me: ... *pouty face* Does that mean we get no candy and baskets?
Joe: *bursts out laughing*
Mike: *laughing* Nah kiddo. Youll still get your candy and basket. You see, he was running away from our house and going to the neighbors house. So its those lil fuckers who wont be getting anything this year. Or next. Or ever.
Me: Oh okay! *big smile*
*twenty[ish] minutes later*
Joe: We're back! And we brought dinner!
Mom: *from kitchen* What did you guys get?
Joe: Mike shot the Easter Bunny. We thought itd make a great addition to dinner!
Mom: *comes rushing out of the kitchen* You did what?!
Me: *holds up dead bunny* Bunny!

The End

Well, thats it for another Mizzablog. Sorry it was so long. Hope you stuck around throughout and enjoyed! Have good nights/days and see you all again soon!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Running Like Lightning: A False Story

Id like to start by mentioning that the blog title is 100% unique and was most certainly not stolen, borrowed or inspired by another blogs title that may or may not exist. That being said, Ive entered another day bored as crackers and so I'm going to pester everybody with yet another blog that I'm going to write. Well, more like type, but who's paying attention? Right? Right! To the bloggy!

Mizza Recon

Well, recently, I was just SO bored. I was sitting on my bum wondering just what I should do. So I started scanning my console games and started looking for one to play. Decided to pass up playing the ones I play lots and lots and look for one I haven't played in an age. It turns out I haven't played many of my shooters for a while. The one I chose to play was Ghost Recon(Ghost Recon, Island Thunder, Ghost Recon 2, Summit Strike and Advanced Warfighter). Immediately the first thing that came to me was, 'Why haven't I been playing this MORE?'. Its a really fun game and Ive found it hard to put down again.

The other game was Sniper Elite. There's a game I'm glad I bought. Its probably my favorite WWII shooter. Even better than Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. At least for me. Its a pretty good blend of arcade(ish) type play and realism. The arcadeishness comes from being rewarded with "points" for achieving certain types of kills. Then at the end of each level you see your total points earned which includes any minus points earned. So far the best Ive ever earned was a one shot five kill tank kill. It was a total accident but was awesome. The realism comes with making your shots. You have to account for heart rate, breathing, position(standing, kneeling or prone), gravity and wind. you can turn all those off, sure. But you wont net any points at the end of the level! Nope. So, for me, its an amazingly fun game.

Next was Doom 3 and its expansion Resurrection of Evil. I love Doom. Hate the movie. But love the games. I always find myself falling in love with the darkness of it. Yes. I'm one of those people who jumps every time an enemy just pops out from behind a corner. Or teleports in front of me. I always seem to play it at night when I'm tired though, so I suppose its not that surprising that I get a little jumpy. Hehe.

I have plenty of other games as well. Its just that those are on my current rotation until I get bored of them. Which could be a while.


So, I was playing DDO yesterday. Had an alright day. Started out on my Monk Vampyrica then switched over to my Rogue Jasmene. I had a lot of fun with her until I reached Butchers Path. My fun ceased due to my stupid hireling being, well, stupid. I went in, everything was going fine. There was what I originally thought was a small annoyance turned out to be something that got me killed. Twice. Every time Id stop, he'd stop. When Id start moving again, he wouldn't budge unless I hit the button that makes him return to me. See, when I enter combat, the only thing I think to do is hold the attack button down and smack the enemy to death. Not, 'I gotta call my hireling!'. It was when I got the red named Ogre that my hireling truly failed me. See, Ogres hit hard. real hard. When you're a level two Rogue, its a lot worse. My hireling was standing maybe 6(ish) feet from me. Just standing there. I took three hits and was down. THEN my hire comes over and finishes the Ogre. Didn't matter. I died.

My sister said something recently that rang true to me, 'Nothing brings out my foul mouth quite like a video game.'. It is so true.

The Mizzatough Challenge

After my Hireling issues, I started thinking about just how much I hate them. The result: I really, really hate them. Now, I'm no programmer, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that making a hired companion AI is not an easy task. My reason for thinking this? Simple! In all the games Ive played where you can have a follower, not once has its AI impressed me. they all always find some way to completely mess things up. Or die. A lot. Exceptions to this are, of course, follower based games where you can control them anytime you want(Final Fantasy or KotOR for example).

After my problem on DDO, I came up with a challenge. One name for it is "The Mizzatough Challenge". I like that name because it uses part of my online name. I'm special like that. But really I think of it more like "The True Heroic Challenge". Essentially, the challenge involves trying to make it as far as possible in DDO without using hirelings or other players. A completely solo play through the world of DDO. The idea of this challenge didn't just come from my loathing of Hirelings. It also stemmed from the idea that a true hero would be capable of making it through these places by themselves, no help. There's that and the fact I love to think up really difficult challenges for myself.

We Welcome You To Mizzaearth!

Yesterday, I learned from a helpful Twitter user that One of the LotRO sales going on this week is 25% off Quest Packs. This made me giddy. I was hoping Id be able to get the Warden class, but more quests is more quests, so I'm not gonna complain. Managed to get four packs: North Downs, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains and Evendim. I would have been able to get a fifth pack if Turbine had given me the 250 TP they promised, but, meh. Starting Monday I'm going to hit LotRO and try getting the points as fast as a Mizzaroo possibly can. If I cant get them, then there's always next sale.

Normally, I wouldn't complain about the 250 TP not being there. Or about anything Turbine does, really. I always try to stay upbeat about things. What makes this so different though is that they said all Premium/VIP players who had played the game within 30 days of the really long downtime would be rewarded the TP. That's fine and great! I was all excited, they go and say they're starting to credit accounts the TP and I get even more excited. Then came the tweet: We're happy to announce that the 250 Turbine Point grant for VIP and Premium players has been completed. And that's when I logged into LotRO and realized that they somehow missed me. As it turns out, I'm not the only one they missed. And that's where I get angry. When a company says its finished doing something when obviously they didn't finish, it makes me wanna smack someone. There's not even an admittance on their part for missing people. Just a 'file a ticket with account support if you feel you were missed.'. So, Ive filed 6 or 8 tickets and will just sit and be as patient as I can until I get my points. Problem is, my brothers didn't really raise me to be a very patient person. But oh wells.


Just like in real life, in video games we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Things we can do, things we cant. While playing DDO the last couple weeks, Ive come to a point, I think, where Ive figured out just what I can and cant do in the game.

What I can do, what I'm good at, is playing melees and ranged support characters. They're a lot easier to get a handle on and a lot of fun to play. I tend to rush straight at the uglies and start beating the crap out of them whenever I see them. I drink heal pots when necessary but sometimes I forget. I can play a Rogue or Artificer and disable traps, find secret doors, unlock locked things, gain sneak attack bonuses or attack from afar with my heavy repeater. All these things Ive found I can do with ease.

What I cant do is play caster support. At all. Ive given wizard and Sorcerer my best shot, really I have. I just cant seem to get the grip on the classes that some(like Shin) seem capable of. I cant play the party healer because I tend to forget that the party exists and only pay attention to my own health. These classes, for me, are just too difficult for me to get a grasp of. To the people who excel at them, congratulations! I dunno how you do it, but you do. For that, all of you deserve a big pat on the back.

That being said, there's still a lot of classes in DDO that I can play. Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin, solo Cleric, Monk(gotta love Monks), Artificer, Ranger, Rogue and melee Druid. The few others not listed are just too much for my little brain.


One thing Ive said before, early on in my blogging, is that, while I play DDO, I am not a D&D player. I don't do the PnP tabletop stuff. All I have to do is look at it to know its not my thing. However, for the people who do enjoy it, that's cool, that's great. What I don't like though is when I tell someone I don't play those things they snap off that I have no right to plat DDO if I don't, among other things. What makes it worse is when enough other people chime in too saying the same things, it makes me feel like actually quitting(something I will never do, don't worry). I have to honestly say, if it wasn't for some of the great people Ive met on DDO, what experiences Ive had with real world D&D players in game, Id be of the assumption that the whole lot of them were complete assholes. I dunno, maybe a lot just wake up on the jerk side of the bed in the morning. But, like I said, Ive met a few good ones. So I hold hope that there are other non jerk ones out there. Somewhere. Maybe...

Put simply, I have every right to play DDO, regardless of my background in what its based off of. I will continue to play DDO with questionable skill. And most importantly, I will continue to be the most uber epic elite player. In my head. So, THERE! :)P

And So Our Journey Has Reached Its End

As usual, its been fun blogging random stuff with no real direction. I hope you all enjoyed it too. For now, this is Empress Mizzaroo saying farewell! Stay healthy my subjects! BYE!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Need To Speak

Something Ive learned is easy to do in life is to just sit back and stay silent. Momentary bursts of noise, but really nothing more. Sometimes though, momentary bursts arent enough and you just need to talk. About anything or everything and to everyone or no one in particular. In my case, Im going to write a blog. I dont honestly know where exactly its going to go but I imagine itll be about as disjointed as most of my blogs are. As a warning, if you are under the age of 18 or have a problem with "foul" language, this is probably not the blog for you. Not saying Ill use any, just that I might. Now, to the blog!

Of Weekend Questing

For the last little while, Ive been questing with Comic on weekends. With the last month(ish) being an exception. Its been a lot of fun and even challenging at certain points. Weve managed to reach a point in the game where I have no expereance in the majority of the quests. Its not that bad though as there have been a couple where he has none either, which makes it all the more fun. Learning a quest solo is fun, but learning it with a friend can be alot funner due to the gooberish mistakes the two(or more) of you make along the way. Like getting yourselves locked in a room with no exit. Oh yeah. That happened.

Along with reaching a point where quests are both new(for me at least) and challenging, its my feeling that weve managed to reach that point where doing quests as a duo with a couple awesomly uber(not!) Cleric hirelings has become almost too much of a challenge. But for the time being, my want is to continue pushing ahead through the content until doing it is just too much. When that point is reached, my wants will shift to going back through the lower level content and collecting minor amounts of XP and a whole ton of favor. Gotta get those inventory bags and bank slots, right? Right!

Of Guilds And Zombies

So, as Ive mentioned in the past, I have a guild of my own on Orien named 'Rise Rebel Resist'. I recently went into the process of replacing one of my characters over there and encountered an interesting thing during character creation. You know how whenever you start a new character and pick the race they will be how they start out with a random look? Well, when I picked Elf, of all things, she looked like a zombie. Seriously! I couldnt make this up! I was just staring at my moniter in disbelief that such an awesome thing could happen to me. This in turn prompted me to make ALL my Orien characters look like such. It was just too awesome to pass up. Of course, I now wish I could rename the guild something more fitting, but I dont want to spend the TP(if thats what it takes) to do it(if it can even be done).

This is how she looks from a distance

This is how she looks up close

Of Hurt Feelings

As stated above, I have a guild of my own apart from Shins guild on Cannith. I had it started under the idea that during weekdays when my Cannith buddies were busy I could still play elsewhere with my other non Cannith buddies. It seemed fine for a while. At some point last year though someone I considered a friend did something that made me hate DDO for a time, thus prompting my large amount of time spent on LotRO. Im going to explain, the best I can, from my point of veiw, what happened.

As I said, during weekdays, my Cannith buddies are generally busy. This prompted me to find another server for weekday play where I had other DDO buddies. In the end, I settled for Orien. Hitting Twitter, I asked if I had any VIP buddies who would help me make a guild over there(VIPs can make as many guilds as they want for free). Friend A chimes in saying they can and they do, birthing 'Rise Rebel Resist'. For me, the point of the guild was to have some of my daytime, weekday DDO buddies join if they chose and work out times to be on and quest like crazy and have fun. Kinda like the Cannith guild.

After a short time, Friend B joins and fun ensues. It ends up  being short lived though. At one point Friend C, who plays on the Orien server primarily, gets friends A & B to join them questing. Theres no problem there. The problem came when friend C persuades Friends A & B to ditch my guild for theirs. Thats exactly what it was too. A fun game of ditch the Mizz. I get it, Im not a great DDO player. I dont have a large guild with a big big ship. I dont know much of the game. I dont farm raids. I dont have any uber elite characters. But I dont think I deserved having someone I thought was a friend persuade other "friends" into completly deserting me. Regardless of how silly it may sound to some, it did hurt.

Its why I left Twitter for a time. I didnt want so lose my cool on these people. When I returned to it, I thought that I could just put it behind me and act like it didnt happen but I realized quickly that, for the time being, I cant. The less I have to do with those three, for the forseeable future, the better.

Of Guns And Government

Put simply, people can be a bunch of pussies when bad things happen. They try to place blame where it doesnt belong and look for ways to get rid of the thing that scares them without realizing that the scary thing isnt the problem. In this case: guns.

I personally own several guns. I know how to maintain them. I can take them apart and put them back together. I know how to handle them. I know how to act when I carry one on me. I am a responsible gun owner who is living in a country whos people and government is trying to punish people like me for owning something "scary".

The idea that stricter gun laws will prevent another Sandy Hook incident is just the stupidest fucking thing concievable. Know why? The people who commit gun crimes are seperatable into two catagories:

1: Criminals. Do you really think tougher gun laws will stop them from getting their hands on guns? Theyre goddamn criminals. If they want a gun, they will find a way to get one and use it regardless of whatever law is put into place. New York, for example, has the toughest gun laws in the US. New York has the highest gun crime rate in the US. Know why? CRIMINALS DONT FOLLOW THE LAW. When the Assault weapon ban was in place, criminals still managed to get their hands on them. Know why? CRIMINALS DONT FOLLOW THE LAW. So, how exactly are we helping prevent criminals from commiting gun crimes? Implementing laws they wont follow? Yeah. Real smart.

2: Crazy people. A person can have a clean bill of mental health. They can have no criminal record. They are almost always the happy, normal, friendly most loving person in the world. Then one day they go out. Get a weapon and use it to bring as much harm to those around them as possible. There are no laws that can be passed that can prevent thsese individuals from getting a gun. They, like criminals, are very determined people who will find their way around the law to get what they want to do what they want.

Dont get me wrong, I get it. What happened at that school was a terrible thing. It was. I feel for all the people, not just there, but everywhere who lose a loved one to a person who just wants to inflict pain and suffering on others. But putting laws in place that will be ineffective against criminals and crazy people is not the proper way to handle it. Last year, more people were killed by a baseball bat, or similarily blunt object, than by guns. What will all you gun law people do about that? Ban people from owning bats as well? Overall, people are more likely to commit a crime with a knife or blunt object than a gun. But you see no people running to make laws for those things, do you?

Put simply, guns dont kill people. People who pull the trigger kill people. They dont go off by magic and kill a bunch of people. They need someone to make the choice to pull the trigger.

Of Two Homes

Throughout my life, Ive only ever lived in one country. In that one country, Ive lived in three states. I was born in Portland Oregon, moved to Vancouver Washington in my teens and recently moved to Anchorage Alaska. Growing up, I had a high sense of pride, I still do. My pride comes, primarily, from two things. My heritage and the country in which I live. At some point, I realized that, in a way, I have not one, but two homes. One home I grew up in and love. The other home Ive never lived in but still feel a connection to.

My family immigrated to America in the 70s(I forget when exactly). Not the entire family, mind you, but some. We immigrated here from the Emrald Isle, Ireland.

My pride in my heritage is more than the simple thing of 'Oh yeah! My family is from Ireland! *wink!*'. Its a mixture of both being proud of where my family is from and what my family has believed strongly in for many generations: Freedom.

My family has fought for freedom. Killed for it. Died for it. The belief that freedom is worth doing those things can be traced through my family for many many generations. Its a thing we need. A thing we crave. When the Gauls stood to fight the Roman Empire, my ancesters were among the earliest to join the fight for freedom from Rome. Later, when the Brits came and invaded Ireland my ancesters were again among the first to fight back. When the Scots rose up in defiance of the British, some of my family went North to join them in the fight. We never stopped fighting. Not once did any of my ancesters stop and think that the fight wasnt worth it. Its in this that I hold alot of pride. Its who I am. Its what I believe.

So, for me, I have two homes. One I hold pride for living in. One I have pride for having been descended from. A home where we are united and free and a home we dream to see united and free of the British.

Hours Of Pride, Moments Of Dissapointment

As stated in the above section, living in America, I have a great love and pride for this country. I always have. I always will.

It hasnt always been easy though. There have been more than enough times where both the people of this country and its government have just made me so utterly disgusted that I wanted to turn my back on it and everything it claimed to stand for. A people who dont know what they want. A government full of hyprocrits who are less interested in helping this country back onto the path of greatness and more interested in trying to fuck over not just the rival party but the people who vote for the rival party.

Sometimes with all that, and more, its easy to lose sight of the things you love most. But then you find that one thing that reminds you of why you loved it so much.

At the end of the day, even after all the moments of dissapointments add up, I am, and always will be, Unapologeticly American.

Ranger Up

I was browsing through YouTube watching funny videos when I came across one titled 'Shit Veterans Don't Say'. Not only was it funny as hell, it was also very true(at least for the veterans I know). I watched through more of the videos posted on their channel and came to love the humor and even truth in each one.

Then I discovered they have a website too! I read through some of the blogs and I immediatly became a fan. Besides the humor in them that I had discovered in the videos there were stories that were inspirational and heartwrenching. I can honestly say they have a fan for life in me.

Besides the blogs and videos, they also have what is quite possibly the most awesome clothing line on the entire planet. I can seriously see myself buying almost every shirt they have. Each has a message on it I believe in with all of my little girly heart. They even have one that I plan on getting for my Brubruh in law!

Also, Nicks kinda cute. But only kinda. ;)

In The End

I had alot to say. Alot more than I had originally planned. If I bored you, I apologize... Okay not really. But we can pretend I meant it. Thats the point. Right? Right. Anyways, this has been another Mizzablog brought to you by me: Mizzaroo.

Hope you all take care and have good days/nights... whatever it is where you are! YUP!

All things stated in this blog are my opinion. If you take offense to my opinion screw you. If you disagree with my opinion, thats your right, but I couldnt care less.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Empire Of Mizzaroo: Employment Roster March 2013

Updated employment roster for the month of March year 2013:

Empress: Mizzaroo
Princess: Evennote
Spy Master/Maker Of Posters*: Geoff Hanna
Diplomat: Shindurza
Head Chef: Raladnahs
Master Of Lazers: Finch Bloomwhiffler
Court Jester: ComicRelief
Tour Guide: BlueSilence
Information Desk**: Cordovan
Master Of Videos***: Tolero
Spacecraft Test Pilot: Samiusbot
Head Of Security: Skeggy69
Senior Trainer At The Empire Of Mizzaroo Training Acadamy: Legendkilleroll
Senior Military Advisor: LrdSlvrhnd
Head Of Guild Of Craftsmen: Adiurd

*Spy Master by day, Maker Of Posters by night.
**We gave him a chair. He's just not allowed to sit in it.
*** We gave her a chair too. She can sit in it.

If I managed to forget to offor you employment within the Empire, feel free to apply today!
If you find that you were employed last month but are not listed above, the official reason is "budget cuts".