Friday, April 3, 2015


So, it's been a while since my last blog, again. I'm real sorry about that. Between playing on my Xbox and figuring out how school is going to work, I haven't exactly had a lot of time to do things like this.

So, to start! In my last blog I mentioned how I had decided I was fed up with owning games but never beating them, even with several hundred hours spent in their worlds. When I last wrote, I was in the process of playing the first Assassins Creed. I managed to beat it and get all of the collectibles in the game. I was hoping that collecting all those flags(425), killing all the Templars scattered about(60) and finding all the high up see everything places(I don't remember the number) would unlock some kind of bonus memory. Unfortunately all my efforts were in vain. Getting all of those things nets nothing more than a few achievements and the right to say 'Yeah! I did that!'. Pretty big bummer but that aside, the game was a lot of fun.

After Assassins Creed I started Beyond Good & Evil HD. I owned this game waaaay back on both my Xbox(original) and PS2. It was an amazing game then and it's still an amazing game to me now. The difference between then and now is that I managed to finally complete the game! That got me really excited. I was also finally able to see why exactly it is that the games fans had been calling on Ubisoft to make a sequel to it. As far as I can tell though, at this point they've given up hope that one will ever happen. Which is too bad as the game had some really fun characters and a great storyline.

After that I moved onto Borderlands 2! From the get go I knew I wanted to play as the Mechromancer. Gaige is by far my most favorite character in the game far outranking Zero who seems to be everyone's favorite, for some odd reason. Personally I wouldn't play as Zero unless I were extremely bored. Anyways, this game too I've managed to beat along with all its DLCs. My favorite part of the game was the Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep. It's pretty much a fun take on Dungeons & Dragons but called Bunkers & Badasses. As a whole, the game kept me more than entertained. I was laughing almost the entire way through. One of Borderlands 2 greatest features, in my opinion, is how quotable a game it is. It's hard to hear something in it and not want to repeat it to someone else. It's just a lot of fun. Fun is good.

After Borderlands 2, I started playing Bully: Scholarship Edition. It's pretty much an HD remake of the PS2 game but with some extra things tossed in. I've worked my way through the first two chapters so far and am currently on the third.

As of this moment, getting through Bully has been put on hold. Yesterday I decided to go to GameStop and get a trio of games since they were having a buy 2 used games get 1 free sale. So I got Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed: Revelations & Army Of Two. All of which I'm excited about. Army Of Two will be an on again, off again game as my wee lil sissypoop wants to play it with me. So in the meantime, I'm playing Assassins Creed 2.

Between these games I've been breaking from them by occasionally playing Madden 13. Decided to start my career over and rebuild my entire team the "fun" way. First step was to get rid of the aged deadweight that weren't worth trading and wouldn't give an overly large cap hit by releasing them. Next step was to take the aged players on the team who were worth trading and put them all on the trading block. After that I went into the Free Agent pool and signed players who were both young and at least somewhat good. Got many many draft picks for the players I'd put up for trade. It's all about potential. A guy who's 28 and 70 overall won't improve much, if at all. The guy who's 21 and 70 however, has a good chance to become better. That's what matters most to me. That and Speed. I love to build my Defense around Speed. There's nothing quite as fun as having Linebackers who can keep up with speedy Recievers or a Defensive End who can get around his blocker and disrupt the Quarterback before he ever has a chance to do anything.

On rare occasions, every now and again, I'll hop onto DDO to see how some of my most favorite peeps are doing. Sadly, my days are usually busy now so I can only see the evening/late night people. It's been fun seeing them and disrupting there concentration with my babbling. I still don't know when I'll have better internet so I still can't quite play the game. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later but if it's later, I'll live, I'm sure.

In the real life(something I'm pretty sure I have), I've started school this week doing my first classes. On the one hand, I'm glad they last only 2 hours. On the other hand, they feel so short and a small(very, very small) part of me wishes they'd be just a bit longer than that. Other than that though, I feel good about them and my ability to actually learn something in them. 

In a final part of this blog, I asked my Twitter peeps(probably the only people who will read this) to give me ideas of what to write about. Only a single one of you answered the call! ONE! It was the ever so grand and awesome and still has a giant eyeball monster standing RIGHT BEHIND HIM AND IT LOOKS HUNGRY, Geoff Hanna. He said I should write about my experience with having lived in Alaska. *Ahem* Cold.

Okay, but seriously. I loved living in Alaska. I'm one of the very few people in my family who actually prefers a cold climate over a warm one. Though my younger sister is pretty weird. 70 is freezing and 80 is 'OMG ITS SO HOOOOT!!!!!' To her. Besides the cold, I loved the scenery. Waking up to trees and mountains without a bunch of skyscrapers and concrete ruining the view was really nice. Not to mention the fact you could look up at night and see the stars. I like staring at stars. Also, the smallness of the population. Fairbanks has just over about 32,000 people. Alaska as a whole has about 730,000 people. So there's these small communities where everybody kinda knows each other. It's really nice having that feeling with your neighbors. As for what I hated, well everyone sadly associates all Alaskans with Sarah Palin. There's that. I wouldn't say she's a good representation of most Alaskans. Outside that, I didn't really hate anything about living there. Spazzie didn't like snow. When she was a pup I tossed her into a small pile of it and she stood in if for a bit then ran her doggy booty back inside and sat in front of the heater and didn't move from that spot for ages. From that point on, that's exactly what she'd do whenever she even saw snow. I'll move back eventually. As much as I may love Oregon I can't say it feels like it's my he anymore. Having been gone so many years, it feels like all I can really associate with the state is pain. Can't really call a place like that home.

In other real life news, I've been getting to know an Uncle and older Half Sister I didn't even know I had. I knew of the Uncles existence but no one in my family seemed to know of the Sisters. So that's been a lot of fun.
I bought myself a new Tarot deck after my last one got ruined. Which was very rude of them. Been spending time with the beautiful lady I started seeing before moving back down to Vancouver, when she can visit. Finished the Darth Bane trilogy of books(great books, didn't like the endings to any of the three) and began reading Bioshock: Rapture, which is a prelude to the first Bioshock game.

That is ALL that is going on with me! Yup! I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Sorry for all the words. I will try to blog more often. No promises though! So there! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Blog, Old Place

So, its been a while since Ive written a blog here. Its kinda strange. Im writing it here because I always feel really strange writing on Geoffs site about non DDO stuff. Hes nice enough to say I can write about whatever I want there but its just odd doing so when the sites called DDO Gamer. Until my internet situation is all figured out, the most DDO Ill likely see is simply logging on and chatting with my buddies. The last time I tried running a quest on there, I got hit with so much lag it was like a slideshow. It was one of my favorite quest chains too! But that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So anyways, while Ive been away from DDO, Ive been busy playing on my 360 playing Destiny and Grand Theft Auto Online. The internets as spotty on them as it is on my computer but theres no lag. Its more like spontaneous disconnections that happen at the most inopportune times. If it wasn't for that, Id be more than level 33 on GTA Online. But that's all besides the point.

So, for a while I played Destiny to an almost obsessive degree. First as a Hunter then a Titan and finally settling on Warlock. Personally, I like the Warlock more than the other two classes(even with there being very few real differences between the classes/sub classes). I think the Vortex Bomb ability just looks really freakin cool. I chose the Awoken race for her because I wanted blue glowey eyes. Got her to lvl 29 and then got bored. The main problem with Destiny is that once you hit lvl 20, theres no point in doing regular content anymore except to complete bounties or daily heroics in order to gain faction rep. The only things that actually do anything for you post 20 are Strikes and Raids. Currently theres like 6 or 7 Strikes and 2 Raids in the game. It makes for a very repetitive experience and ultimately has made me temporarily bored with Destiny. That said, it really is a fun game. It just needs more content and a more fleshed out story. I know a lot of people these days don't really seem to care about story, but its a major thing for me. In Destinys case, its like somewhere floating around in the Devs heads is this amazing universe with all this stuff that's happened and is happening and it shows in the effort they put into making the Grimoire cards. But that effort just doesn't show in the actual game, which is a shame.

When I wasn't playing Destiny, and what Ive been playing since deciding to give it a break, Ive been playing Grand Theft Auto Online. Ive been playing it for about 2ish weeks and if it wasn't for the web connection, Id be higher than lvl 33. But it is what it is and Ive been having a blast. Ive mostly avoided actively playing with others thus far because everytime I group up, seems like I either get put with someone who completely fraks up a simple job or I get paired with a kid. Literally, a kid. I know that kids can be pretty good sometimes, but I just feel weird when that squeaky voice of a 10-12 year old pops up in my headset. Its even worse when theres LOTS of them! I don't know why its weird, it just is. Level 33 was a goal of mine for a while now because there was this one tattoo I wanted to get for my chick and 33 was the level requirement. So I ground out the levels and got meself a slew of new tattoos! When I reached lvl 31 I decided it was time to get a new haircut as well. Up to that point I had been using the Braided Mohawk, as much as I liked it, I figured it was time for a change. Im hoping that in a future update they allow for more hair colors. As it stands right now theres only 5(maybe 6) colors to choose from. Theyre all natural colors but I want to be able to choose something wild. Now, Im just waiting for heists to come out. Should be next month(as far as Ive heard) and I cant wait!

In other gaming news for a Natalie, one of my greatest weakness in games is my inability to stay on one long enough to actually beat it in a timely fashion. I have several games Ive owned since the middle of last year that I love but haven't beaten. So, Ive decided that Im going to focus on playing one game at a time instead of 10 at a time. Seems like a very good idea to me. Im going to start with Assassins Creed. Decided to start a new game so I don't have to figure out where I left off trying to get collectables.

Now its picture time! Everyone loves picture time! Right? You guys like picture time... You do. Even if you think you don't, you do. (I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the pictures. I do my best but its not always easy taking good pics on a phone.)

This is my Warlock on Destiny

These are the chest and stomach tattoos for my character on GTA Online

This is the left arm sleeve tattoo

This is the back tattoo

This is the right side of her neck(it's a snake)

Left side of her neck(Los muerta I think, can't remember)

Right hand

Right arm

Left hand

Left leg

Right leg

Her old hairstyle

Her new hairstyle

Selfie from her apartment by the window

Mirror selfie

Got these movies recentlyish. Pretty excited about that!

These games were gotten too.

And that's about it for this Mizzablog. I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you all again sometime in das future.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Personal

A few months back I got into a Twitter argument with Krisson over the fact that I own guns and am for other peoples rights to choose to own or to not own guns of any kind. The argument ended with him telling me that Id think differently if someone I knew was hurt or killed by a gun. That comment pissed me off. Not because he was, and still is, wrong, but for reasons I couldnt figure out until tonight.

How many people were victims of violent crime in 1999? More specifically, how many people were stabbed to death in 1999? I dont know the answer to either question. Im sure I could look it up, but Im not going to. For me, the only answer that matters is one. My older sister was stabbed to death that year. She was only 17 years old. For a good 5 years I tried to deny she was dead. I kept telling myself and people around me that it was a mistake, it had to be. I hoped for the day that she would walk through the front door and show that I was right. That she was still alive. She wasnt though and she never came through the door to prove me right.

It wasnt simply the loss of her that hurt me the most. I only knew her when I was very young. At some point she moved out to live with other family. I barely got to know her. Up until her death the only things I knew were that I loved her, that she loved me and that Id get to see her again when we were older. Then one day some fucking piece of shit decided to kill her, robbing me of the chance to know my sister. As Ive gotten older, the pain has, in its own way, gotten slowly worse. I dont remeber alot about her anymore. I dont remember how she sounded when she spoke. I dont remember how she looked. The only thing I have left is my love for her.

So, what is it that brought back up these feelings and the things Krisson said to me? Everytime I open up a news page all I see is 'this politician leads memorial for victims of gun violence here' 'that politician leads memorial for victims of gun violence there'. Why? Why are there memorials held around the fucking country for people who are victims of gun violence but none for people like my sister who are stabbed to death? What about the people who are bludgeoned to death? Or how about the people who are killed in hit and run traffic accidents? Where are the politicians to lead memorials for them? Are people who dont die from a gunshot wound so unimportant? My sister was stabbed 9 fucking times. Doesnt she and all the others like her deserve a memorial too? The sheep and the pigs they follow in place of a shepherd say no.

Why is it that all this brought up the anger and hurt I felt towards what he said to me? Because he presumed to know how Id feel. How Id react to someone I love and care about being the victim of a violent crime. Because sheep like him dont stop their fucking baaing long enough to think about what theyre saying and the people that they affect with their words. I dont blame a knife for my sisters death. I blame the hand that held it. I blame the mind that chose to pick it up and use it to end her life. If I were to take him literally, I should believe knives are evil. That knives magically make people kill other people. I should fear knives. But Im not like him or the spineless cowards hes like. I own knives. I was taught how to use them for self defense pourposes.

No one has the right to presume how Id feel about anything. No one has the right to presume how Id react to something. Just like how I dont have the right to presume either of those things about anyone else. My sister is no more and no less important than any other victim of a violent crime in 1999. Today, a victim of a gun crime is no more or less important than a victim of any other violent crime.

In March 1999, my older sister was stabbed 9 times. She died of her wounds not long after. There was no politician to lead her memorial. No one outside her family or the friends she had made care about her passing or the way in which she died.

Gone but never forgotten.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Over The Hills And Far Away

Well, as you all mostly know, Ive been working real hard on my Wilderness Druid, also known as my Wild Thang! Okay... Not really. But you get the point! I think. either way, Ive spent alot of time on her and have made it all the way to the Searing Heights and level 5. Even though AZGreentea made a blog similar to what Im gonna write here, Im pretty sure I thunk of it first so Im gonna write it anyway! Also, as me and him/her/it follow different rules, Ill be posting the rules for my Druid as well. So, without further ado, I present to you all! A NEW FRIGGIN MIZZABLOG! Now, siddown shuddup an enjoy!

Rules, Rules, Rules!

As I was reading AZGreenteas blog, it struck me that his way of doing it is signifigantly different than mine. In one way, his way is more lenient but in another way, more strict. Overall, my way, in my opinion, provides the most challenge. Heres my rules:

1: No XP Boosts of any kind. The whole point is to get the most out of each and every wilderness area with the XP that it already gives. The only XP bonuses that are allowed are from the Monster Manual and when you complete the Rares and Explorers. Naturally, this means XP bonus days are off limits.

2: Only buffs that are allowed are buffs you can provide yourself through potions, equipment, wands and spells. Ship buffs are no nos. They would make the explorer areas much too easy.

3: The only equipment youre allowed to use is equipment you either loot or equipment you manage to buy with plat youve earned on your Wilderness character. No having someone craft you gear or transfering gear to the character from other characters, plat included. Also, no using the DDOStore. The AH is allowed because its a means to make plat and find equipment to buy that the vendors likely wont have.

4: Some wilderness areas require a quest to be completed in order to enter. Its okay to do those quests but they have to be completed on casual to minimalize the amount of XP earned from them. The point of the Wilderness character, for me, is to do EVERY wilderness.

5: Hirelings are allowed as well as parties consisting of other players. So long as theyre not doing the most of the work and not affecting the XP output, its all good.

6: No slayer boosts. Pretty much the same as number one. Yes, children, that means that doing some areas will take time and effort. What of it?

7: No DDO Dice on the wild character.

8: Renown and Loot Bonus Days are allowed.

Thats it!

Each And Every Area!... Thus Far...

One of the things that Ive learned while running through each area up to Searing Heights is that each area manages to test your character in some way thats different from the last area. Ive also come to the conclusion that Turbine has some creative people making these areas and they deserve a pat on the back for making them. The problem is that they arent creative enough to make the wilderness areas matter. Most have this huge massive area to explore and stuff but only one or two quests. Most people, myself included, tend to just blitz through them and ignore everything. They can do so so much more and its really quite sad just knowing they wont. Anyways, heres my experiences through each area!

Korthos Island: Definetly the most filled out wilderness in the game, thus far in my journey. The quests that take place in the Korthos wilderness take you all over the island. Korthos is a nice and easy area to do. This is good because it allows you to become comfortable with your character. If you can finish the Korthos Slayer/Explorer/Rares and feel comfortable with the character your on, then you should be good heading into the next wilderness areas. If you dont feel comfortable with the character, chances are you wont even finish all 750 slayers opting instead to make a different character.

Cerulean Hills: The first true test of your character happens here. Cerulean Hills is a definite challenge regardless of what kind of character you build. Cerulean Hills is where you learn how you handle taking damage on your character. The Orcs here will hit you damn hard and the Quickfoots will also. You may want to get a Light Fortification item here or go buy a hireling to assist you. Its possible to do it without either as I didnt use either, but they will make it easier. Cerulean Hills is a great medium sized area thats really pretty. Sadly, it only has two quests. In my opinion, they could make two more. One involving the temple and one involving the Quickfoot. But, that aside, its still a good fun area.

The Waterworks: Like Korthos the Waterworks is about as filled out as it can be in terms of quests. Its also a nice and easy break from the pain suffered during the romp through Cerulean Hills. But it still tests you in its own way. The test you face here? Skills, Attributes and/or equipment. There are two rares that are behind rune locked doors. One is an INT rune and the other [I think] is a WIS rune. Other rares are hidden behind secret doorways. So in order to succeed here you need either a decent search or gear that boosts it and a decent WIS/INT or equipment/hireling to open the rune locked doors.

Tangleroot Gorge: Tangleroot is alot of fun. Its not quite as challenging as Cerulean Hills but it does have two spots that will gave you a bit of trouble. One is against the Trogladyte Shaman and the other is against the Orc[?] Shaman. Their spells can zap you dead in one or two hits and thats just no fun when it happens. Tangleroot is pretty easy once you figure out a route that works for you but theres still going to be a point where youre going to do more running around looking for kills than actually killing things. So I guess you can say the way Tangleroot tests you is your patience and will to see doing a wild character through. Sadly, theres only one place with any quests where you go over and over and over and over and... over. They could have done more involving the Trogladytes but they, again, opted not to.

Three Barrel Cove: This area is big. Real big. The quests here take you to various points of the area thus giving you the ability to see quite a bit of the area. My main beef is that there isnt a single damn quest involving the Saohaugin or the Pirates on the far North East[?] of the area. Along with being big, three Barrel Cove bring back the challenge that Cerulean Hills had regarding involving being hit hard. Three Barrel Cove was the first area I encountered that made me feel I needed a Cleric Hireling. The test in this area isnt simply your characters ability to take damage, its your characters ability to face off against large groups of enemies while taking loads of damage. Overall, Three Barrel Cove is still my most favorite area in the game. Why? Pirates. ARR!!! Favorite line from the area: These proud Kobolds were able to fortify this lagoon, mostly because the real pirates simply ignored them. Also, one of Geoff Hannas Gnomes can be found here! Its true!

Searing Heights: Like Three Barrel Cove, Searing Heights is HUGE! The downfall? It has one quest that is really easy to blitz to ignoring pretty much the entire damn area. Turbine most certainly could have included quests involving the Drow here. There is just so much wasted potential in this area that its the most damn saddest thing in the game that Ive encountered. That aside, the area is a definite challenge. First, you have the bit of taking loads of damage going hand in had with the large groups of enemies but with a new twist! Now your ability to resist spell effects is tested as well by Drow Clerics who love to spam their soundburst spell and stun you! Being in a constant state of stunnedness sucks. It pretty much means death. Favorite line from the area: Your soul shall be set ablaze for your intrusion!

I havent finished Searing Heights yet, but I managed to get all the explorers. Next up after Searing Heights is Sorrowdusk Isle. I do love that place. The only thing that makes me sad about Sorrowdusk is that Ogres arent in the Monster Manual and theres alot of those dudes there. Come to think of it, neither are Orcs and you encounter them before you encounter Ogres in the game! Well... unless you get the red named Ogre in Butchers.

The biggest challenge going through these areas is that Im spending the majority of my time in them under level. This is good because Im getting lots of renown for Destiny. But its bad because it hurts alot. Ive still managed to make it through each area though. Died quite a bit but still managed to do the things I wanted to.

Well, thats about it. Natalysas adventures with her loyal Wolf companion, Spazz, and her Panther Cub, Payne, will continue in a couple days. For now Ive got stuff in real life to do. Hopefully Ill be able to get onto my Artificer this weekend with Comic.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wild Thang

So, I didnt have the most exciting week on DDO, again, but Im gonna write about it anyway.

Well, I started out on my Cleric but found myself getting really bored on her and started thinking about one of my old favorite characters. Those of you who have good memories might remember I made a Halfling Druid on a server that wasnt Cannith. Her purpose was to be a Wilderness only character. She was built with high CON and STR scores for survivability and hard hittability. Her mana was minimal enough to where she could still use spells but not much more.

Well, this time, I decided to go with Human Druid. I decided on Human because of the extra Feat on creation. I picked Druid, again, because they have a decent ability to heal and they can summon critters without the need for spell components. Lastly, I picked Druid because the wolf doggy companion buddy pet can be mildly useful in a fight.

When she started out, naturally it was on Korthos. Did the first four quests on Casual to keep the quest XP at a minimum, the point, afterall, is to gain XP from the wilderness. Did the Korthos Wilderness easily enough in about 8 trips through. Nice thing is once you know where all the enemies are you can easily amass 95[ish] kills per trip through. When I hit level 2 I decided to go for the Wolf Form for the damage bonus from sneak attack and make my pet doggy an intimidater doggy.

After Korthos I headed to Stormreach to begin Cerulean Hills. Got half of it finished the same day I finished Korthos. Now, Korthos is an easy area to do. Cerulean Hills, on the other hand, can hurt like hell. Those Orc Barbarians and Quickfoot Thiefs can hit pretty damn hard. So I was not only having to keep myself healed but my doggy was taking a hell of a lot of damage. She was taking more damage than I expected her to be taking. I mean, I had taken Augment Summons so there shouldnt have been so much problems!

Well, time passed. Slayers were slain. Explorers were explored. Rares were... un rared? But most importantly, I got enough XP to level up. So I ran my cute lil hiney to the Druid Trainer and got excited by the fact that it was a Feat level. So when the Feat list came up, what did I see near the top of the list? Augment Summons. Buy, I had already taken that... Right? A quick look at my characters Feat list and I remembered I had chosen a different Feat instead. My starting Feats were Toughness and one of the Dragonmarks. The finding Dragonmark one. So, naturally, I grabbed the Augment Summon Feat and when I headed back out to the Cerulean Hills, my wolf doggy was having a much easier time killing enemies without finding herself in trouble.

After Cerulean Hills was the Waterworks. Like Korthos, the Waterworks is an easy area. There arent any enemies in there that hit too hard. Rares included. So, I pretty much breezed through it. I did have to bring a Wizard Hireling along though for the rune locked door. Decided on Tome because it doesnt use thr Grease spell. Rita does. I hate Rita. I hate the Grease spell too. In order to get the hidden doors, I had to transfer my detect hidden doors gloves to my Druid because her Search Skill is pretty much non existant.

Finally, after the Waterworks is the area Im about a third of the way done with: Tangleroot Gorge. Unlike Korthos and the Waterworks, Tangleroot Gorge is like Cerulean Hills. The enemies in it hit really damn hard. The Slayers and Explorers are easy enough to come by but, like with my old Halfling Druid, the Rares in Tangleroot are a good example of what a Rare is. They just dont seem to like appearing for me. But Im sure Ill get them all eventually.

Before I headed out on all this wildernessing I used some of the TP I was bestowed with to buy the remaining two volumes of the Monster Manual. Which was good because they had some critters in them that just so happened to be in the areas I was slayering in. Like Wolves and Tigers and Mephits [Oh my!]. I have enough TP left to get some Quest Packs next sale but I think I want to save them up for just in case I cant get the Expansion Pre Purchase. The reason is, I really want to play the Rouge Iconic Hero. Of all of them, that one is the one I most want to play. They just look so hardcore and I love it. So Im hoping I have enough TP left right now to afford both that Class and a Character Slot.

Well, thats about I did this week on DDO. Im off until around the 9th. Heading up into the mountains with my boys and girls to do some camping, drinking, hunting and taking our toys out on trails. Theres spotty interwebs up there so this will be my last post until I get home. Ill update my Twitter sporadiclly whenever I get service. So, you all take care and enjoy your weeks!

Wilderness only Druid, Natalysa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Disturbing

This wont be a very long blog as its just a personal observation of mine that occured on DDO today.

So, I went onto DDO today and decided to start a wilderness only character on Cannith. When I went into the character creation screen I noticed the Iconic button and decided to have a look at the classes and stuff.

One thing I find fun in class based RPGs is to read up on each particular classes description. So I went through each Iconic Classes description and was impressed with each of them except for one. The one that I didnt like was the Purple Dragon Knights. I found it to be a little disturbing.

the thing I found disturbing was the fact that the characters background is essentially that they are a death seeker, or put more simply, theyre suicidal. They head out into the world looking for anyone or anything to kill them. I find that disturbing.

When it comes down to things in the game, if Turbine wants to add something thats fine. They added those two tomb thingies for those two guys before I started playing, but thats fine because they were important for D&D players or something. When they added the ribbons & marketplace memorial[DDO]/cloaks[LotRO], I was a staunch supporter for them adding those items because it was a way for players to show support for an event that happened where the people who work for Turbine and their friends and families live.

For me though, making a characters background that theyre suicidal kinda crosses a very personal line in my world. Over the course of my 22 years Ive lost three friends to suicide. When I was 14, me and my brother walked into our Aunts home to see her put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. A few years later I spent what felt like an eternity in a deep depression where I woke up and fell asleep every morning and night just wanting to end my life.

Sure, you can tell me 'Its just a game.'. Youre right. It is. Sure, I can ignore the class background. Yes, I realize that, for the most part, the only people who really incorporate class backgrounds into their characters are those people who do that little make believe thing. But even with all that, I still find it very disturbing that Turbine would make a character whos background makes them suicidal.

Now, I know that no one from the Turbine staff who works on that kind of thing is going to see this. I also know that even if one did, they wouldnt give the slightest damn about how I feel about it. Its just the way they roll. I just wanted to write this though to voice my opinion on something that really does bother me in a personal manner within the game.

Thats all I wanted to say. If you disagree, thats fine. I know we all have differing opinions on stuff. All I ask is that you try and understand from my point of view.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Time For Everything

Well, I didnt have the most exciting weekend on DDO. But I did manage to get a few things done.

Started out with Comic doing the final Necropolis 2 quest. Made it through the maze with ease considering Comic seemed to know where exactly to go. I only got lost once in the first underwater part cause he was moving really really fast and I lost sight of him. Then he seemingly got lost at another part later on but I 'helped' him find his way. Then he got us spinned around somehow and we had to go back to the starting area using one of the dimension door items. It took me about 3 or four times showing him the item for him to understand what it did, but we made it back intact. Got to the final boss man and beat him with ease. Got the bonus chest at the end and upgraded the Silver Flame Amulet. Sadly, I ended the quest just shy [2 points] of being able to upgrade my Silver Flame Favor. Did the scarab dust turn in and picked the Bracers of Ritousness. The bonus health should come in handy and will allow me to replace my armor with something better.

After that I had to take a quick break to grab something quick to eat. This ended up turning into a 'Im more hungry than I thought' kind of thing so I took a bit longer to cook me up a grilled cheese. It was tastey. After eating it, I returned to the game, buffed up and readied myself for war!

When I returned I decided it was time for us to head to the Red Fens. This was exciting for me because Id never been there before. So when we got there I was really amazed at how the area looked. Its a really cool place. The most important part? Its full of fishey people! I love fighting Sauhagin. Its alot of fun because it reminds me of all the Selkath I slaughtered on Manaan. Good times. Anyways, we went and did the Last Stand quest and completed it with ease as well. When the quest finished we encountered a rare Ooze that Comic had never seen bofore so that was alot of fun. Afterwards, Comic seemed to want to take his time clearing the map of slayers, rares and explorers. We got a fair amount of slayers done a good number of rares and all of the explorers. When we got the last explorer and rare though, I was really tired and had to get off.

Before I got off though I had earned enough XP to take level 12 on my Artificer so I headed to Stormreach and went to the Auction House. Why? Well, after replacing my +5 Dexterity boots with a +25% speed boost boots I realized that I didnt have a high enough base Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot so I needed a +2 Dexterity Tome to up it to 18 so that my next attribute point would raise it to 19. Comic gave me 50k plat so I could get it, which was very kind, and I headed over to the trainer to level up. As mentioned slightly above, I raised my Dexterity to 19. For my Feats I took Precision and Eschew Materials[or whatever its called]. As it turned out, even though I had the proper amount of Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot, I wasnt able to because I didnt have a high enough Base Attack Bonus. Comic helped me in picking my Feats so he gets thanks for that too. Then, of course, I had to train my dog, Clankers. I was going to give him Trip & Sunder IV but opted to increase his health and damage resistance. He wont need the Trip and Sunder improvments for a few levels anyway so I didnt quite see the point in taking them yet.

After that I logged off for the day. So, yesterday was a first for three things. 1: Its the first time Ive ever finished Necropolis 2. 2: Its the first time Ive ever been to the Red Fens. 3: Its the first time Ive ever naturally leveled a character to 12. Next time Im on with Comic, which will either be the 9th or after the 9th, Im thinking we're going to continue our adventures through the Red Fens killing fishey people. At least for the level 9 quests. Im also hoping that my dearest Princess, Evennote, gets back to writing her blog because I miss reading them. Shes one of the most entertaining reads, besides myself of course, that Ive ever encountered. Also, Im hoping that Comic and Shin get back into the blogging as I miss reading their, rare but well written, blogs.

Thats about all that happened. I know that I said Id take a screenshot of my Half Orc Clerics really cool looking Battle Plate but I forgot to take a pic. Sorry. Ill try to remember on Tuesday. No promises. My little retard brain forgets things easily. Anyways, hope everyone takes care and has a great weekend!