Sunday, April 14, 2013

Because Im Just That Awesome

Its true. I am. I mean, really. Who could possibly hope to be more awesome than me? No one! Thats who! So, without further ado, I give you the next Mizzablog! the most awesome blog on the web! YEAH!

Oh DDO, How Fun Thou Art
Well, had a short week on DDO but Im planning on making up for it next week. Started out on Sarlona but did something in a quest that ended with me feeling like a dummy head so I headed off. Got back on the next day though and did all but one of the level one quests on Elite. I get the feeling that I wont be able to disable traps beyond level 5 quests though. Let alone find hidden doors without a detect door item or two. But so far, even with those things, Rayneblood is a really fun character. The thing that shocks me the most is that she has managed to not die. Yet. Its shocking because she wares only the Starter Rags, so its nice she hasnt gone all death happy on me. Yet.

After all that, It was the weekend, which means time to do Comical runs! This weekend was another one cut short. I could only play one day and we only did two quests because I had to go to bed. First we tried Faithful Departed again. Failed. Again. To be honest, I dont think I want to run it again. At all. In my world, the idea that you can attack and kill the very things youre trying to protect is just dumb and an overly big pain in the bahookey. Maybe Ill change my mind and run it again in the distant future, but for the time being, no. Im done with it.

After that we did Caverns of Korro(something). Wasnt quite sure if it was the quest I was thinking of or not, but when we entered... IT WAS! Its a quest that became a quick thorn in my side early on in my playing of DDO. Seriously. It was epicly long, on a single run I lost three of my greatswords, I lost a shield and a piece of armor and then some enemy hit me with a bolt of lightning and I died in one shot. But this time, with Comic, we pulled off a win. Though, I did get lost once. Maybe twice. Yeah twice.

Also, with the Daily Dice, on Mizzaroo(Cannith Artificer) her last four rolls shes gotten four XP pots. Rayneblood got a +2 Upgrade Tome of CON which I threw away because it was worthless. Why? Because she already had a +2 CON tome just waiting to be used! Its true its true! But it was still a good win. That win, of course, was the Silver Jackpot. So, who knows. Maybe she, or any other of my characters will get lucky in the future and get a tome they can actually use! YEAH! Outside of those big wins, Ive mostly gotten a few thousand plat, some Astral Shards, alot of crafting essences, some collectables and a couple slayer pots. It would be nice to win some renown pots as well for Orien, Sarlona and Cannith.

On a side note, regarding the upcoming expansion, while Im still not thrilled about it my previous thoughts have had a slight alteration after some thinking. Its still my belief that another soon to be (expensive(yes, expensive. If you dont think itll be as expensive as the last, then your heads in the wrong place.)) expansion is a money grab by Turbine. But after some additional thought, I no longer believe its motivated by greed. Instead I think its more motivated by the need to prove to WB that DDO is a profitable game. If they cant prove that, then bye bye DDO.

This thought came to me for a couple reasons. For starters, theres the fact that WB didnt get Turbine because of or for DDO. They got Turbine for LotRO. Which means they have no real reason to give a damn about DDO. At all. Secondly, and maybe this is stretching a little bit, I keep seeing stuff about WB losing bunches of moolahs on other stuff. Generally, when a company starts taking hits in areas within it, all parts of it will feel the pressure. So maybe its come time for Turbine to prove that DDO can make a decent amount of money and hope that it doesnt go buh bye.

A funny thing, I read, first on Twitter, about the Baudry chain being closed(I dont know if its back yet). This caused me to be confused. After talking with Blue a bit, he suggested that maybe there was an exploit discovered in the quest. While not a bad thought, I dont think thats true. I mean, the quest chain is just a 'Protect the big box!' 'Smash crates!' 'Kill a few enemies and recover stolen goods!' chain. I honestly cant imagine what there is to exploit in there. But if hes right, Im shocked. Really.

Oh Death, How Lame Thou Art

As Im sure everyone knows, I play Turbines other game LotRO. Well, I was playing on my runekeeper having a good time when all of a sudden my stupid stupid computer crashed. Why? I dunno. Because its stupid. Well, I go back onto LotRO and see that the game decided to count my sudden departure as a death. My initial reaction was to start cursing at my computer and the game. Its not like I was in combat or anything. Wounded from combat? Yes. But in combat? No. It aggravated me enough to slap my Runekeeper in the face and make a Guardian.

So, I made myself a Human Guardian but with a slight twist. See, there was a 50% off sale for XP Disablers. So, I used my saved up TP and got one. Am I happy to have one? Yes. Yes I am. However, even at 50% off the price for them is a damn ripoff. For the price they sell them atwhen theyre not on sale, they might as well allow you to have an option to enable/disable XP for your characters on that server. Or better yet, they could double the price and make it an account wide option! Hey, Turbine loves money, right? So far, its working out. I havent leveled up from all my kills and crafting and I havent died, or suffered another computer crash. So, All good! YUP!

Oh Phone, How Distracting Thou Art

To be honest, I didnt get alot of playtime this week on DDO or LotRO for one simple reason: my phone!

You see, I love to play games. Alot. Playing games on my phone can be alot of fun. Sure, there isnt alot of truly fun "Free" Apps, but I still manage to find ones to distract me for a time.

My current distractions are Marvel: War of Heros. It drags me away from games due to the fact that my mission and battle energy all recharge at a fast rate. With events on, this means I can do oh so much more and so thats exactly what I do! Last is NFL Matchups. I like football. I think its fun. So, playing an NFL app is great fun to me. Even if it is just a very basic game. Like with WoH, both mission(or tour in this case) and PvP energy recharge at a good rate. Only difference is, they never increase from 10 tour/3 PvP. Also, they both have events on. I loooove events. they are the best.

To be completly honest though, if there was ever a Soccer app that was free and fun like the NFL one, Id probably forget about every other game on earth. Seriously. I would. No joke. Make an MMA one and Id likely forget the world existed! True story...

Oh Farewells, How Bitter Thou Art

Short blog this time. Sorry about that. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I wish I enjoyed writing. But, I have cookies and you dont! So... NEENER NEENER NEENER!

Bye! Have great weeks!

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  1. There's a bug currently on Lamannia where groups can't enter a quest; I read a post about the Baudry closure that suggested that was happening there. Dunno if it was in jest or not, though.

    1. Hmm... Well, that doesn't sound fun. If that's the case, I gotta wonder what Turbine did to make that happen! Haha

  2. Don't toss out Dialy Dice tomes. Yes, items are currently BtC, but they say that's a bug that is supposed to be fixed with the next update and items are supposed to be BtA (and the fix is supposed to be retroactive). Although, I suppose it is possible that certain items may remain BtC, but you should wait and see. Besides, if you hadn't used your other tome, you could have used the DD one and possibly sold the other on the AH.

    1. Actually, the other tome was from the bday event so I don't think I could have sold it. And I don't see what the difference between BTA and BTC would be for me. It's already been tossed anyhoo. Needed inventory space.