Sunday, January 27, 2013


So, to semi continue my last post, I have ALOT of characters on DDO. Some of them play a semi important role in my DDO life. Others play an extremely important role. Then there are the ones I should probably just trash because I just am not going to touch them. Its not that I don't want to play them, its just I don't have the time to focus on every single one. So anyways, here are the ones of importance(No pictures):

Mizanari: My Elven Rogue. My very first character on DDO and, even though shes fallen off to the side, still my favorite. To be honest, it was because of Shinny that, not only did I keep her, I kept playing DDO and found it to be a most enjoyable game! Shes on vacation however until I can get her a Greater Heart of Wood so I can take advantage of the 32 Point fun. Mizanari is also the youngest sibling to Minel.

Minel: My Elven Barbarian. Created out of a joke, but turned out to be a load of fun. From her spawned my Elven Barbarian story and a few alts who make up her siblings. Currently sitting at level 1 on Korthos, shes waiting for me to reach that point in the story so I can get to questing and writing about her.

Lor Morgoth: My Half Orc Druid. Recently made. I decided to trade my Halfling Fighter, Arienimas, in favor of building a Half Orc Druid on Cannith after seeing a female trainer one in House D. Shes built with minimum WIS to be able to cast some spells, but not much more. She also has a 16 STR and CON a 12 DEX and a 12 INT. I made her with the idea of doing mainly melee and being able to have a good Skill point count on level ups. Even though shes only gotten up to level 2, Ive found her to be alot of fun so far.

Ruff'N'Tuff: My Halfling Druid. Max CON decent STR and minimal WIS with a fair DEX. The max CON comes from the fact that for her whole life, shes lived in the wilderness. Shes also my wilderness quests only character. For wilderness', there's no need for uberness or super awesome gear. Also, there's enough XP to be gained to hit level 20 so I'm certainly finding her to be alot of fun. Her companions name is Kitty, by the way.

Camindel: My Elven Ranger. Sibling to Minel. Haven't spent alot of time on him, but I will in the future.

Whacksmack Whampow: My Drow Monk. She is a bundle of awesome and then some. She got XP stoned and has done quite well for herself since. She is so far one of the funnest characters Ive played to date.

Mizzaroo: My Elven Artificer. Did some soloing with her early on in her life. Did her free Lesser Reincarnation. Shes become my 'Weekend Warrior' in that I play her on weekends with Comic. We've had a blast so far. Hes managed to die alot. Shes rescued him alot. Shes died a few times. But overall, I do have a ton of fun with her. Her companions name is Mr. Clankers.

Mirelin: My Elven Wizard. Sibling to Minel. Haven't really played her, but I will in the future.

Selimee: My Elven Sorcerer. Sibling to Minel, twin of Mirelin. Haven't played her much, but Ill get there.

Celeemadil: My Elven Fighter. Twin to Minel. Spent a fair amount of time on her, had a blast. Will certainly be playing her again in the future.

Melifey: My Elven Cleric. Sibling to Minel. Played her an okay amount. As I want to expand upon my Clericing ability, I will certainly play her again as well in the future.

Dorelin: My Elven Bard. Sibling to Minel. He annoys the crap out of her. All he does is sing and dance. Ill play him again in the future.

Serliima: My Elven Paladin. Sibling to Minel. I love Paladins. I think their Auras are awesome. I most certainly will hop onto her again in the future!

Kermitt: My Human Fighter. A different kind of Fighter, Kermitt is focused on being the best ranged fighter in the world. So far, so good. Ill pay him attention again in the future.

Well, thats it for the important peeps I play as on DDO. When I reach that point on LotRO where I'm out of stuffs to do, I'm gonna hop back onto DDO and get some of these characters up up and away! That or whenever I can get the next installment of Minel written!

Yup! That's it! Hope everyone has a blast doing whatever they're doing!

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