Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It was a busy busy productive day for me today in the digital universe of digitalized online gaming. Didnt get everything done that I wanted, but did well enough I suppose. Just as a warning, the following is not DDO related at all. Read at your own risk!

So, last night while I was at work, I realized that Crecla could wear the lvl 19 Heavy Armor. this made me all kinds of extatic due to the fact that she had some that her husband, Firotrud, had made for her earlier the previous day. So, of course, the first thing I did was equip it on her. Thankfully, I have a cosmetic on because the armor really doesnt look very fancy. I dont have the full set of Iron, but the Bronze Armor is still doing well so Im not overly concerned. Of course, it could be simply due to the fact that Im running low level content at the moment.

On that note, I have officially finished every Dwarven and Elven quest in the Erid Luin(or however its spelled) region along with all but one quest in The Shire. The only quest I have yet to complete in The Shire is the final Chicken run. Which is going to be a pain in the bahookey, but will reward me with some more free TPs so Ill get to it eventually. I also completed every slayer and explorer deed that the two regions have to offer. As for her skill deeds the only ones she has to do, at the moment, are the Vexing Blow, Shield Blow, the one that involves evading enemy hits and Controlled Breath skills. Got the other ones all finished up today. Was hoping to have Shield Blow finished too. The count was going up and up and up then stopped. I had 8 more to go to have that one finished and I hit the daily allowed for it man. What a pain, right? Hopefully, Ill run into enough green enemies tomorrow to get it finished up. My darling Guardian isnt to good at evading so that skills gonna take a while. she is, however, a pro at blocking! Which is good!

Between today and yesterday, I managed to earn well over 100 TPs doing deeds. Was just shy of having earned a total of 200 TPs. The nice thing is I have around 350 TPs saved up over on LotRO. For my Christmas presant from my sister, Im going to recieve the Samwise Gamgee pack which gives the Riding Skill to all characters across my acount for forever, an additional inventory bag, and removes the Gold Cap which is a mere 2 Gold for an F2P player. Also, shell be getting me the 20$ point bundle which has 1550 TPs. Getting these will upgrade my account to Premium which will give me an additional character slot and 5 Auction House slots. Both of which will be mighty useful.

Yesterday, for about an hour, spent some time on Crickhollow visiting Krisson and seeing his Player House. Then I got the itch to finish up running around in The Shire and head over to Erid Luin finally. So we parted ways and I did exactly what I wanted!

My problem at the moment is I have no idea where to go after I finish Bree. I know I can head to the Lone Lands, but theres also the Barrow Downs that need doing and Im not quite sure which one of them comes 'next'. So Ill probably figure that out as I go. Hopefully, by that point, Ill have the better Iron Armor and Sword handy to slay all the foul beasties and what have you with ease.

As for how I choose which quests to run and when, Im a bit of a chaotic monkey. I pretty much run through the region and grab every quest Im allowed to grab then complete them in order by level. And if one of the quests begins a slayer deed, Ill finish the deed right then and there. Better to get it done sooner than later, right?

Tomorrow will begin with Archet and the start of the Men Prologue followed by doing the Combe quests then finally the Bree quests themselves. Im hoping I can find the good sword and armor recipes in the Auction House so that I can just get that out of the way quick like, but Im not gonna hold my breath. Did a quest that involved her Woodworking Crafting skill. The problem with this is that she can neither harvest or treat wood. So I had to run to the Auction House to buy some. I needed some Rowan Wood, which is the lowest level wood in the game. It was simply amazing the prices Treaded Rowan Wood was going for. It was pretty much 20+ Silver per peice! But I really needed that wood so I buckled and bought some for roughly 250 Silver. You can bet your butt end though, when I get that third character slot, they are going to be an Explorer Crafter. Yup.

Anyways, that was my two days. Still got two to go then on Sunday Im going to be playing DDO with Mr. Coimc! Were gonna skip the last two Necro 2 quests though. Too scary for us. Yup.

Hope everyone has good days/nights! BYEZ!

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