Saturday, January 26, 2013


There are LOTS of different ways to build good characters on DDO. There are LOTS of different kinds of fun type builds too. But one thing Ive noticed people argue, fight and complain about most is a characters CON score or how much health/mana a character has.

Now, I love health as much as the next guy, I do. But, I was looking through my army of characters and I realised that a good number of them don't have whats considered the minimum "needed" CON score of 14. The majority of them are sitting at 10. The reason for this was that, as a F2P player when I made them, I only had 28 points to work with. This meant that I had to pick and choose just where I wanted my characters would be strongest and where Id need to sacrifice to make them stronger in those areas. The exceptions were for my Fighters and Barbarians who all have high CON scores. Naturally.

The funny thing, to me, is that characters with such low CON scores aren't supposed to live long. They're supposed to fail right out the airship. But you see, I actually played on a number of them with those low CON scores and did quite well for myself. Sure, I had to heal a bit more often. But I always won the day! Id hit quests on Normal/Hard/Elite and always manage to pull off the victory. Sure, this was always done with the help of a Cleric hireling(back before they got all 'BLAAHHH!! I HATE YOU!!' on me), but hireling or not, I ALWAYS managed to pull out a win.

Now that I have 32 point builds unlocked, do I put more points into CON? Yeah. Sure I do. But it doesn't mean I'm always starting out with a score of 14. There have been a couple characters since where I wanted their strengths to lie elsewhere. A higher DEX or STR or INT even. Whatever fits my fancy for that particular character.

Maybe I succeeded because I'm lucky. Maybe I succeeded because I may actually be better than I think. Maybe I succeeded because I had a hireling who loved to throw heals my way. Maybe I succeeded because at certain points, I actually had some good company to run through quests with me. Who knows! All I know is that I did. And I did it in a fashion that certain elements in DDO would frown upon. Their characters may have more hit points than mine, but I can say that due to my sacrificing points in CON, my characters are stronger in certain other areas they probably allowed theirs to be weak in. And for 28 point builds, their pretty darn strong and stuff man! For true!

So, to finish up this Mizzablog, having a high CON is nice. But having a high CON isn't necessary to win DDO or have fun. If you don't agree, meh.

Until next time: Eat cow fish!


  1. You win DDO by having fun. So, YOU win DDO. And a gimpy toon in the hands of a good player is always better than an uber toon played by a moron.

    1. Yeah! What you said plus what I said! It just makes us so awesome. :)

  2. Exactly, you dont *need* to have a set CON stat to have good characters. Generally speaking, the "CON is not a dump stat" tip/punchline is because newer players would benefit of more health while still learning the basics. Still, it doesnt make it a rule.

    I personally keep as much CON as I can because I like to play recklessly even with my wizard, specially with my wizard, I like to cast in melee range and receive damage, I like seeing my red bar going left/right, up/down.

    1. I play crazy in your face too. I just have alot of luck I guess! XD