Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Paintin' On Mah Wardrum, Bangin' On Mah Warface

So, not a very eventful day in the digital world for me, but Im bored so Im gonna write this here blog anyway. Because I can. Long story short, I did both LotRO and DDO today.

Short story long, I started out on LotRO. Set myself immediatly to making my third character on Winfola so that I could have an Explorer craftsman. Hes nothing grand. Another Hobbit Guardian. Thanks to my sister, yesterday, I now have over 2k TP, the Riding Skill and an extra inventory bag on all my characters forever over there on that game. Really happy about that. Did a good portion of the Bree Land quests that involve Orcs. But mostly sat around on my new Hobbit crafting all the Hides that I had saved up from my kills. The end total was well over 300. Yeah. He leveled up ALOT man. I also learned that I can skip the beginning sequence quest too. Which is nice because I like to get through the intro as fast as possible and get into the actual game, you know? Well, unless I havent played a certain class before, then I try to take it slow. Overall, didnt get everything done on LotRO that I wanted to do, but thats alright.

For a little while after getting off LotRO I was kinda sitting around, bored, wondering 'What should lil ol me do?'. As it turns out, I really feel like playing DDO. So, I hopped over to DDO and... stand around. Well, I ran laps around the Harbor with my Monk. But thats about it. You know, with that speed boost pendant you get for that House Favor plus Monk speed? Yeah man. Zoom zoom you know? But then I remembered a very serious issue: My pet Kobold, Cryptosporidium, has been missing since the Expansion last year. So, what do I decide is really important thing to do? I submit a ticket about it, of course! Now, I had high hopes this would get fixed real quick, I did. I mean, I like Turbine, so why not? Well, thirty minutes after submitting it, some crackhead closes it without even anything telling me why or whatever. When I say I want my pet Kobold back, I mean I want him back. He is my Monks reason to exsist. She is nothing without that little guy running around behind her everywhere she goes. That, and hes lost in Stormreach somewhere. Do any of you, let alone the people at Turbine, know what happens to Kobolds who get lost in Stormreach? THEY GET RAPED! That crackhead who closed my ticket might be okay with Kobolds getting raped, but I am most certainly not okay with it. I want him back. And I want him back now!

Anyways, talked to Shinny a little bits. He was busy so we couldnt talk too much. I continued to run laps around the Harbor to let off the anger from my ticket being spontainiously closed by a crackhead. I think Im going to be playing DDO for a while. Give LotRO a break for a bit, you know? Let it settle so I dont wear out how much I like it. That and Ive been thinking about my characters on DDO and how neglected theyve become and decided it was time to kinda make a return for a while. Definetly gonna start on cannith. I really want to run on my Druid there. I think she has the potential to be alot of fun. That and shes tougher than leather. That or Im going to do the Free Lesser Reincarnation on my Rogue. Sure, I wanted to wait for a Greater Heart of Wood, but the chances of me finding one of those is slim to none so may as well do something sooner than later right? that and she is on one of the predetermined paths(remember, she was my first ever DDO character so I didnt know what I was doing.). I wish there was a way to "restart" a character from level one without deleting and starting over. I mean, sure I could do that, but WHY? You know? Silly as it may sound, doing that to Mizanari would feel kinda like a betrayal of her. And I just cant do that. And before someone chimes in with that, 'But Mizz, you can restart back at level one! All you have to do is TR her!' crap, I am never doing one of those on ANY of my characters. I really see no point. A couple extra Attribute Points(meh), a Past Life Feat(meh) OH! And your character becomes a little TALLER! Wow! I mean seriosuly! Meh. It holds no interest to me. I mean like a start back at zero XP first life kinda restart. Thatd be kinda cool, I think. But what do I know right?

Anyways, thats this blog. Sorry if I wasted your time. Im really tired. Have a good day. except the crackhead. I hope they burn. But not too much. I like the smell of a properly cooked person in the morning. Makes for a good hearty breakfast too.

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  1. Submit another ticket for your kobold and hope you don't get the same GM. I had one do the exact same thing to me. Filled out another ticket, got a different GM, had my pets back within 30 seconds. :)