Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Blog That Was Written Has Been Written

So, I know you all have just missed me oh so much! Well, not to worry! Ive missed all of you as well! So, to prove it, Im here, now, to write for you all yet another blog born from boredom. Got some (not so) interesting stuff coming in this blog, so keep on reading! DAMMIT!

Of Mizzing Outfits

Well, as everyone knows, on DDO alot of outfits went missing. Okay, more like every outfit on every character that logged onto DDO. Good times, right? Well, Im proud to say that when the problem popped up, I was the first person to post about it on the forums! Yay me! Some time later, Turbine goes out and says that they have begun the process of returning outfits to players. Some more time passes, people are all over talking about how theyre recieving outfits. Im still not. Some more time passes, still no outfits in my mailbox. So, I go onto twitter to whine about it(I really wanted my outfit back) and learn from Cordovan that the giving back outfits thing was finished and that I should submit a ticket.

This sounded familiar. Remember that blog post about my TP not being given to me over on LotRO when they said it was completed? Yeah. They passed over me not once, BUT TWICE! At least on LotRO they gave me my points though, so on that issue, I forgave them and put it behind me.

So today I log onto DDO instead of LotRO to do as Cordovan said and submit a ticket. I sit an hour then I get the exclamation point and the thing that says my ticket has been updated! I check the chat box, no green letters. I check my character bar thing, no mail. So, knowing what I was gonna see, I open my tickets and see that its been closed. Not even a 'Im not going to help you'. So, I grumble. I open a second ticket(this was an important issue for me) and its closed within 10 minutes. Again, not even a reply. So, I open a THIRD damn ticket. After another hour it actually gets replied to! My spirits soared high! I was gonna get my outfit back! So excited I was!

Me and the person start talking. Long story short, in the end I got NO outfit returned. Not getting it back wasnt the worst part though. The worst part was them trying to pin the blame on me by trying to claim that I 'Must have missed the mail'. That pissed me off because I had already told them that every day since they started handing out outfits Id been logging on, so theres no way in hell I could have missed that mail. So pretty much, I dont get my outfit back and its my fault that I "missed" a mail I never recieved. OH JOY!

Now, I dont want anyone to get me wrong on something. I love DDO. I love LotRO. I think Turbine has done a wonderful job thus far on both games. I can honestly say that I see myself playing both games for a very long time. However, Ive now had more negative experiences submiting tickets than positive. Maybe they dont look to hard for quality GMs. Maybe the GMs dont get paid enough to really care. Regardless what the problem is, Im now of the feeling that Turbine needs to do something about the crop of GMs they have before I start laughing whenever someone tells me to submit a ticket for a problem Im having.

Of Living Comics

Moving on from that, this last weekend, as I do most weekends, I ran with Comic for what I believe was the first time in a month. And I gotta say, even though we ran only two and a half quests, it was alot of fun.

For those of you who read his (rare) blogs, you already know which quest we ran the first day. For those who dont, we ran that one Necro 2 quest. I forget what its called. Whatever its called, we ran it and we won it. With shocking ease. The first time we ran it, it was both painful and slow. Then the worst thing imaginable happened! Comic DIED! See, this wouldnt have worried me too much if it wasnt for the fact that both our Cleric hirelings were pretty much out of mana, I was surrounded by enemies, enemies were respawning and I was in panic mode. well, he(or more like his ghost) leads me back to the shrines. Somehow we made it. Well, *I* made it since I was the only one standing(besides the hirelings). We extinguish the last fire. Lead the mummy to the light room place and all hell broke loose. We and our hires had about 2-3 deaths each in that room. In the end, we couldnt do it. We retreated out tried(and failed) another Necro 2 quest then I went to bed.

However, Comic(as he pointed out) had taken level 9. Now, I dont know if this is what truly helped or not. But regardless, running through the quest was a breeze. No deaths. The damn mummy died like a good boy(or girl(or creature)). We won! What I do know for certain though is that the Heavy Repeater, which was made possible by both Shinny and Comic(thank you both very much) helped quite a bit. I was doin LOTSA damage to the undeads!

After we had finished out, I alerted Comic to the fact I was so tired I was about to pass out at my computer. So we called it a day and I crawled under my desk and napped. It was a good nap.

On Sunday, we were back in Necro 2 to finish up the lvl 8s of it. Last was the quest where he had managed to get us TRAPPED one day long time ago(glares at Comic). This time around though, we managed to make it through without getting trapped. As usual, Comic character, Timp, almost died. I mean, I thought it was the end. The door in front of us opened. Comic ran through. It slammed shut behind him cutting off me and both our hirelings. He was alone. And in combat! His health started to rapidly drop. I was completly helpless. Then its down to -5 and Im just waiting for the ding when his hire teleports to the other side of the door, heals him then they, together, lay to waste to whatever enemies were there. I was just SO happy!

We finished Sunday with a bummer of a failure in Faithfully Departed. Ive gotta say, in video games, theres no bigger disapointment than reaching that final room in a quest and suddenly having it end in failure. But we went in, took our best shot and next time, we'll be more careful in trying to preserve the hostile mummies. To be honest, I think I can say I very well might have been at fault for at least two of them dying. With the enemies all going in circles with each other, its real hard to get a good clean shot at the ones you want to kill and not the ones you DONT want to kill. But Ill do better next time!

One of the other things that happened was I finally took level 10 on Mizzaroo, my Elven Artificer on Cannith(who has been doing the Comical runs). She managed to get her banked XP maxed so I saw no point in holding off leveling up any longer and asked Comic if he was cool with me doing so (he was) and did it.

Lord Of The Runes

As you all may remember from one of my last two blogs (I forget which), I got a bunch of LotRO quest packs. Well, after they gave me my 250 TP, I managed to get one more: Forochel. To be honest, of the quest packs I bought, Im most excited about when I finally reach Misty Mountains. the reason? The screenshot has SNOW! I know this is gonna sound weird, but I LOVE snow. When it happens in video games, I become an excited little girl. You think thats crazy? You should have seen my reaction to the Smurfs on Solsthiem Island in Elderscrolls 3! Not only was the whole island snowy, it had friggin Smurfs! Evil Smurfs, but SMURFS!!!

Of note, I went through my characters and retired every single one of them. Headed onto Crickhollow and made a brand new Rune Keeper and decided Im going to focus solely on him. So far, hes doing pretty dang good. I think in the long run, Im going to have him use the lightning spells as they seem to do alot better than the fire spells in terms of damage. Oh! Hes a Dwarf. I know people keep saying 'If you make a Rune Keeper, make sure to make him/her an Elf!'. Could be why I made him a Dwarf.

This is him on his horse 'MyLittlePony'
This is him not on his horse

Now, as a Rune Keeper, youd expect him to see things that are strange and unexplainable. However, two things have happened recently that scared the crap out of him.

Massive Dwarven tower floating high off the ground

Dwarven statue floating off to the side of its pedestal

To be honest, the massive tower scared him the most. I mean, honestly! Theres no telling how dangerous that going under that thing would have been! Though, to be completly honest, I was hoping some Hobbit would go under it just so I could see what happened.

Overall, as much as I may dislike playing non melees in most games, Turbine makes playing casters easy in LotRO so they have my thanks for that. Hes alot of fun to play on. And even though hes quite squishy, hes only had one close call thus far in his 18 levels. If I can keep those numbers down, he'll be able to hit lvl 20 with no deaths! Then I can get the final no death title for him. I had him finish up Erid Luin today and starting in a couple days, he'll begin to work on the Shire quests. Before anyone asks, the answer is: YES! I did name his horse 'MyLittlePony'. Sadly the answer to the next question is: NO! They do not have pink horse dye in the LotRO store.

Cyberpunk, TV Shows And Book To Screen Oh My!

Now, something not alot of people know about me is when I find something new that I like, I go out of my way to discover if there are anymore similar things that I like. Sometimes it turns out that that one thing is going to be quite lonely in my world. Other times I end up stumbling onto something amazing. In this case, I am talking about the Cyberpunk genre of movies.

How I stumbled upon it was quite simple. I was on YouTube looking up songs and found a fan made video for one. He, or she, had made an amazing video for the song featuring clips from a movie. The clips managed to gain my curiosity in the movie enough to where I went out of my way to immediatly look up the movie. The movie was called 'Immortal'. And it was quite a good movie. It had its flaws, but it was still good enough to where I became curious about the genre. I tried, and failed, to find a good copy of 'Natural City'. So, here I ask, if anyone knows of any good movies in the genre, please let me know! Also, Id like to say to all curious people out there: If you ever watch Immortal, read up everything you can about it first because otherwise youll find yourself lost real easily.

For TV Shows, Ive been bouncing around between three shows like a crazy girl with serious ADD issues. The shows are the original Star Trek series, Burn Notice and Its Always Sunny In Philidelphia. I love each and every one of them. Theyre great fun. Even the original Star Trek in all its cheesyness. Yes, I know, for its time that wasnt cheesy. But Im not watching it from its time, now am I? To be honest, I only added the bit about TV shows so I could make the title of this section the way I did. Its true.


As for book to screen, I recently saw the Hunger Games movie. I was thouroughly impressed. Its easily the single best book to screen adaption I have ever seen. The directer did quite a good job of sticking to the book. There were, however, some things that bothered me. The music scenes. They took away from the story and kinda rushed the movie along in my opinion. The Tracker Jackers were nothing but normal, digital, bees. They took out, what I felt was, an important character and moment in regards to how Katniss recieves her Mocking Jay pin. Speaking of Mocking Jays, somehow, Katniss didnt seem to know what a Mocking Jay was until Rue told her and even after that she still didnt seem to understand what they symbolized. On the train ride back to district 12, the animosity that formed between Katniss and Peeta wasnt shown. The genetically enhanced dogs in the arena lacked the traits, namely the eyes, of the deceased combatants. There are a few other things, but the idea is, they did great, they did. they just didnt do perfect. At least it was better than the first season of Game of Thrones!

Of Easters Past

In case youre unaware or are so anti religion that you refuse to enjoy a holiday, ITS ALMOST EASTER!!! During holidays, for me at least, I tend to find myself thinking back on past ones and the stuff that happened on them. One particular Easter, when I was 7, my brothers decided to go out hunting and I tagged along with them. The trip went something like this[Its all true, I swear]:

Mike: Son of a bitch! Its the Easter Bunny!!!
Joe: Holy shit! You killed him!
Me: You killed the Easter Bunny?
Mike: Youre damn right I did. The hoppity little bastard was trespassing!
Me: ... *pouty face* Does that mean we get no candy and baskets?
Joe: *bursts out laughing*
Mike: *laughing* Nah kiddo. Youll still get your candy and basket. You see, he was running away from our house and going to the neighbors house. So its those lil fuckers who wont be getting anything this year. Or next. Or ever.
Me: Oh okay! *big smile*
*twenty[ish] minutes later*
Joe: We're back! And we brought dinner!
Mom: *from kitchen* What did you guys get?
Joe: Mike shot the Easter Bunny. We thought itd make a great addition to dinner!
Mom: *comes rushing out of the kitchen* You did what?!
Me: *holds up dead bunny* Bunny!

The End

Well, thats it for another Mizzablog. Sorry it was so long. Hope you stuck around throughout and enjoyed! Have good nights/days and see you all again soon!

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  1. DDO's GM is basically customer service, some suck at it, others excel at it but they all talk in behalf Turbine. The ones giving you that awful experience just couldn't care less about Turbine, their customers and their own jobs and until they get to spot their behaviour then it's not going to change. So, if you haven't received them yet then keep asking, keep opening tickets, file a complain, write a letter, don't give up.

    Heavy fortification robes are not rare but it's about principles, it's about getting the service you deserve. If for some technical reason they can't not recover your outfit then they should give you a compensation for this matter.