Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swords, Axes And Bows, Oh My!

Its funny to me. Sometimes popping onto the forums to see a new thread asking the question: Which is better? Greatswords or Greataxes? If I even bothered to open and reply to those threads, my answer would be less informative and more of a 'Who cares? Just pick the one you like most and enjoy!' But I know most peoples way of looking at weapons isnt mine. So heres how I decide to arm my characters.

Clerics: If it wasnt for the bonuses to certain weapon types Clerics could get through enhancements, Id likely stick them with a mace and shield. Why? Because in my opinion maces are a more Clericy weapon than any of the others!

Paladins: Longswords. Theres just something about a Paladin weilding a longsword that just feels right. Everytime I try to imagine one of my Paladin characters in my head, they are always weilding one so it only makes sense for them to use them.

Fighters: Longswords & Greatswords. When I think of the fighter class, the first thing that comes to mind is a mercenary, soldier or town guard. When I think of those, I imagine a man or woman versed in the arts of using a sword. A mercenary might use the Greatsword due to its high damage output and its ability to make them look badass. A soldier or town guard though is more inclined to use a longsword and a shield.

Barbarians: Axes. All of them. Barbarians are the 'savages' of the classes. They dont stick to the norms when it comes to weapons. They prefer to use the most frightening weapons at their disposal. In my head, Barbarians are weilders of axes. Doesnt matter what kind of axes. They just love axes.

Rogues: Rapiers & Shortswords. A rapier on a rogue would be the most suitable if you imagine your rogue is a pirate. It is a more piratey weapon and as such is perfect for the Rogue who loves them some booty. Shortswords are perfect for the street(rat) rogue. Not as easy to conceal as a dagger, maybe, but much more frightening.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I arm my characters.

Of Special Note

To those of you who dont pay much attention to the forums, Turbine is ending the ability to do blogs on MyDDO. Even if they werent, this would be my last blog. Im not really feeling the whole 'write a new blog' thing anymore(not that Im very good at it anyways). Im not sure if its a permanent thing or temporary, but for now I can say Im done. To the people who have made doing it fun, thank you for reading and enjoying. I hope everyone has great weekends! Bye!

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  1. I don't like weapon-wielding stereotypes, I don't like going to the other extreme either (whatever that would be, I can't completely picture it now).

    From a roleplaying perspective, for most divine core classes, specially clerics, wielding their god's favored weapon is symbolic, a must, an honor, a no-brainer.

    The beauty behind the fighter is that they are weapons masters. If you get the chance, check the Pathfinder's fighter, they specialize in one group of weapons (something like DDO's Kensai) and eventually the can sub-specialize in other groups. Actually, it's something like the ranger's favored enemies. The cool thing about it is that you can just pick w/e you like the most instead of having to use this or that weapon just because you picked this class.

    I like greatsword wielding barbarians better. I'm not too fond of axes in general.