Friday, March 8, 2013

Empire Of Mizzaroo: Employment Roster March 2013

Updated employment roster for the month of March year 2013:

Empress: Mizzaroo
Princess: Evennote
Spy Master/Maker Of Posters*: Geoff Hanna
Diplomat: Shindurza
Head Chef: Raladnahs
Master Of Lazers: Finch Bloomwhiffler
Court Jester: ComicRelief
Tour Guide: BlueSilence
Information Desk**: Cordovan
Master Of Videos***: Tolero
Spacecraft Test Pilot: Samiusbot
Head Of Security: Skeggy69
Senior Trainer At The Empire Of Mizzaroo Training Acadamy: Legendkilleroll
Senior Military Advisor: LrdSlvrhnd
Head Of Guild Of Craftsmen: Adiurd

*Spy Master by day, Maker Of Posters by night.
**We gave him a chair. He's just not allowed to sit in it.
*** We gave her a chair too. She can sit in it.

If I managed to forget to offor you employment within the Empire, feel free to apply today!
If you find that you were employed last month but are not listed above, the official reason is "budget cuts".


  1. I want a tiara. A chartreuse one.

    1. Heyheyhey!!!! You!!!! Missy!!! No makin demands of me!!!! Nope!
      You can have a tiara.

  2. A CHARTREUSE tiara? Or just, y'know, an ordinary everyday boring-type tiara?

    1. Yeah sure. A chartreuse tiara. Just for you. Yup!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh coogeez! Yay! But I iz jush too shleepies to eater themz. Yup. Ill eat dem laterz! Yup!