Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Time For Everything

Well, I didnt have the most exciting weekend on DDO. But I did manage to get a few things done.

Started out with Comic doing the final Necropolis 2 quest. Made it through the maze with ease considering Comic seemed to know where exactly to go. I only got lost once in the first underwater part cause he was moving really really fast and I lost sight of him. Then he seemingly got lost at another part later on but I 'helped' him find his way. Then he got us spinned around somehow and we had to go back to the starting area using one of the dimension door items. It took me about 3 or four times showing him the item for him to understand what it did, but we made it back intact. Got to the final boss man and beat him with ease. Got the bonus chest at the end and upgraded the Silver Flame Amulet. Sadly, I ended the quest just shy [2 points] of being able to upgrade my Silver Flame Favor. Did the scarab dust turn in and picked the Bracers of Ritousness. The bonus health should come in handy and will allow me to replace my armor with something better.

After that I had to take a quick break to grab something quick to eat. This ended up turning into a 'Im more hungry than I thought' kind of thing so I took a bit longer to cook me up a grilled cheese. It was tastey. After eating it, I returned to the game, buffed up and readied myself for war!

When I returned I decided it was time for us to head to the Red Fens. This was exciting for me because Id never been there before. So when we got there I was really amazed at how the area looked. Its a really cool place. The most important part? Its full of fishey people! I love fighting Sauhagin. Its alot of fun because it reminds me of all the Selkath I slaughtered on Manaan. Good times. Anyways, we went and did the Last Stand quest and completed it with ease as well. When the quest finished we encountered a rare Ooze that Comic had never seen bofore so that was alot of fun. Afterwards, Comic seemed to want to take his time clearing the map of slayers, rares and explorers. We got a fair amount of slayers done a good number of rares and all of the explorers. When we got the last explorer and rare though, I was really tired and had to get off.

Before I got off though I had earned enough XP to take level 12 on my Artificer so I headed to Stormreach and went to the Auction House. Why? Well, after replacing my +5 Dexterity boots with a +25% speed boost boots I realized that I didnt have a high enough base Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot so I needed a +2 Dexterity Tome to up it to 18 so that my next attribute point would raise it to 19. Comic gave me 50k plat so I could get it, which was very kind, and I headed over to the trainer to level up. As mentioned slightly above, I raised my Dexterity to 19. For my Feats I took Precision and Eschew Materials[or whatever its called]. As it turned out, even though I had the proper amount of Dexterity to take Improved Precise Shot, I wasnt able to because I didnt have a high enough Base Attack Bonus. Comic helped me in picking my Feats so he gets thanks for that too. Then, of course, I had to train my dog, Clankers. I was going to give him Trip & Sunder IV but opted to increase his health and damage resistance. He wont need the Trip and Sunder improvments for a few levels anyway so I didnt quite see the point in taking them yet.

After that I logged off for the day. So, yesterday was a first for three things. 1: Its the first time Ive ever finished Necropolis 2. 2: Its the first time Ive ever been to the Red Fens. 3: Its the first time Ive ever naturally leveled a character to 12. Next time Im on with Comic, which will either be the 9th or after the 9th, Im thinking we're going to continue our adventures through the Red Fens killing fishey people. At least for the level 9 quests. Im also hoping that my dearest Princess, Evennote, gets back to writing her blog because I miss reading them. Shes one of the most entertaining reads, besides myself of course, that Ive ever encountered. Also, Im hoping that Comic and Shin get back into the blogging as I miss reading their, rare but well written, blogs.

Thats about all that happened. I know that I said Id take a screenshot of my Half Orc Clerics really cool looking Battle Plate but I forgot to take a pic. Sorry. Ill try to remember on Tuesday. No promises. My little retard brain forgets things easily. Anyways, hope everyone takes care and has a great weekend!



  1. I had the wiki open for the final Necro 2 quest. And I didn't get us spinned around - the fastest way is to use the D-Door back to the begining. I just didn't understand why the wiki had us go to a room we had already been to before using the D-Door.