Friday, February 8, 2013

The Empire Of Mizzaroo Rankings: February 2013

So, as everyone knows, in order to run a succesful Empire, you must have an amazing much beloved leader. Of course, this is me! I am the leader! I am your Emporess! Yup! But, of course, in order to be most successful, I must have good workers! good workers I have! ALL OF YOU! Well, all of you that either I can remember or all of you that matter. So, here is the list of people and what their official positions within the Empire Of Mizzaroo are:

Emporess: Mizzaroo
Princess: Evennote
Spy Master: Geoff Hanna
Diplomat: Shindurza
Chef: Raladnahs
Master of Lazers: Finch Bloomwhiffler
Court Jester: ComicRelief
Stableboy: Micki
Tour Guide: BlueSilence
Wise Woman: TorGrimorde
Mender of Streets: Krisson of Park
Jailor: Domfig
Information Desk: Cordovan
Master of Video: Tolero
We're not quite sure what he does, we're not quite sure we WANT to know: Samiusbot
Sheriff: Paul Harvey  [No known MyDDO page]

Wish to have an official position within the Empire of Mizzaroo? Apply today and Ill put you somewhere!


  1. Hmmm, well am not sure if i should be honored or not for making the list.

    I must not be funny or good at things....

    Oh well. Back to angry wanking.

  2. I accept your position at the Information Desk. Do I get a chair? Can I sit on it?