Monday, May 20, 2013

Human Commandos United

Good day my fellow humans!

I am here, proud among you all, to announce a joining of all Human Commando type units to hereby be called 'Human Commandos United'! Now, I know what you must be wondering. Just who and what are the 'Human Commandos'? Well, Ill tell you! We, the Human Commandos, are the defenders of the Human Race! What do we defend our fellow Humans from? From the disease of the small people of course! We defend you from those savage little mud hut dwellers day and night making sure they know we are twice what they will ever be in every way!

Interested in signing up? Good! A nice little bonus to the conqoring of these so called 'Halflings' is that they, when prepared properly, are quite tastey! Oh, I know some of you might find the concept of eating another humanoid as odd or wrong, but I can offer proof that what I claim is true! That tastey morsel of meat you had on your way in? It was Halfling! Now before we move on to more pressing matters, if you are interested in signing up, please sign this form and hand it to that nice lady over there. Thank you all and have a nice day!

Long live the Human Commandos!

A Comical Time

Well, this last weekend was great! Got to do a quest chain with Mr ComicRelief! Its true! I did I did!

Well, it started out something like this: I was on my Elven Artificer Mizzaroo. Running around causing all sorts of chos, when all of a sudden, this mean mean man came online and started being all sorts of mean to me! Oh wait... That never happened. Anyways, Comic came online and of course my first question was, 'What we doing?!?!?!!?' and then he says, 'GO AWAY YOU BIG FATTY!!!'. Well actually, what he said was more like, 'Whatever you want to do' but whos really truly keeping track of who says what, right?

First we did 'The Prisoner' quest from the Vault of Night quest. We dominated it. I even managed to not get blown off the walkway! Comic cant quite claim the same. When the quest ended and we went to open the chest I managed to pull both a Lesser Guild Renown Potion and an Astral Diamond. Both things of which Ive never gotten. The Diamond, Im still not quite sure what I should do with. All I know to do is 'Save it' because thats what grumpy pants told me to do.

After we did that, it was about time we hit Threnal. This was really exciting for me because I have never done any of the quests there. Comic hasnt been to keen sounding about doing those quests before but we did them finally! It took us 2 days to complete them but we did! It was alot of fun and Im looking forward to doing more quest chains Ive never run.

Overall, there were only a total of three deaths in the whole chain. First death was my hireling. He decided he didnt want to toss out anymore heals. At all. He took a bunch of hits then *DING* out he goes. Next two deaths were Comic and his hireling in the quest before last from an Elder Beholder. Personally, I think he died on PURPOSE! Thats right Commie! You heard me right! ADMIT IT! Quick! Someone get me a bench, a hood and a bucket of water!

When we finished the chain we got our rewards. I had managed to get a good amount of XP and Renown for Destiny. We each got this little cloak thing called something worldshaper[?] or whatever. Im still not 100% sure what exactly the True Seeing bonus it gives does but Im sure Ill find out in the nearish future.

We also did this really weird but cool and fun Arena quest there. It was a blast. Mizzaroo is also now just two dots away from being able to level up to 12. Shes the first character Ive ever had to naturally level up so high.

Rich People Suck

When I want to read news and such, I tend to just quickly head on over to Yahoo and browse through the stories to see if anything catches my eye. Sometimes its a really great story. Unfortunatly though, more ofton than not, its a story that gets under my skin. In this case, there were two stories recently that bugged me a little.

Firstly, there was that whole thing about what that guy thats in charge of A&F said. Personally, I dont see why anyone would pay too much attention to what he said. Sure, what he said and the way he said it makes him a jackass. It most certainly does. However, for a guy talking about how the stores are meant only for the good looking cool kids, he is one ugly son of a bitch. Seriously. So, in the future, should he open his big ugly mouth and spout some crap about 'good looking people', just laugh and move on people.

Nextly, there was one story that caught my eye very recently and ruffled my feathers more than just a little. It managed to piss me off so much to the point that the company its about is now officially the first company/corporation to ever be put on the Mizzablacklist. There are people on it, to be sure. But never have I ever been so angered by a company that Ive outright decided they will never recieve a dime from me. Ever.

Essentially, theres this home in Cincinnati that has been a home of sorts to women trying to escape from abusive homes, escape from drug addictions and escape from the life of prostitution. Its a place where they all work together to help each other clean up their lives and work on trying to make a better one for themselves and each other. The house sits on a beautiful piece of land with beautiful scenery around it which aids them in a theripudic manner.

In comes some jackass in charge of a 'Fortune 500 Company'. He wanted the property which the house is on so that he could build some hotel. When he sees the house and the women who live there, he doesnt see women trying to make their lives better. He sees filth who have no right living in such a nice place. Really, hes pretty much said exactly that. He sees nothing but what they were and what theyre trying to leave in their past. So when he comes in and gives some ridiculously low offer for the property, they say no. He responds by bring up some kind of lawsuit against them, which they tried to fight.

The sad thing is, unlike in all the movies, in reality the little person never wins. His company has more money and access to more powerful lawyers than the women of that house could ever afford. So in the end, theyre forced to sell the house and property. In return, as a sign of "good will", his company is giving them a new "home". This new place will be in a shitty part of town next to a freeway. Which is exactly where, Im sure he believes, 'women like them' belong.

So, as I said earlier, for the first time in my life, I refuse to stay in or spend any money in any place owned by Western & Southern Executives. Id rather stay in a flea infested hotel than one owned by them.

Movies [Continued]

In my last blog I mentioned the movies I had watched in the last couple weeks. However, I forgot about two movies! Plus I watched one last night so Ill give that one a mention as well.

Sherlock Holmes 1&2. Both movies were great fun. Sherlock is a hilarious character in them with Watson having his moments as well. Of course, I cant forget Watsons poor dog who Sherlock continuously "kills". SH1: 9/10. SH2: 7/10.
Madagascar. Yes yes. I know. Another animated movie. well, guess what? I have a thing for movies with talking animals! Anyways, its a pretty funny movie. Could have been alot better though. Personally, Chris Rock annoys the hell out of me in everything he does. The Penguins were the best part of the movie in my opinion. 5/10.

New Festival & Vacation

So, coming up on the 22nd, LotRO is going to be throwing their Spring Festival which means LotRO is where Ill be at. Im really looking foward to getting yet more Cosmetic Outfits and a new horse for my Guardian to ride around on like a boss. So, I wont be on DDO at all until the Festival is over. The unfortunate thing is, Im not quite sure how much of the festival Ill be able to do. I have a vacation coming up and where Im going, internet is spotty at best so gaming is out of the question. But Im sure Ill do fine. If I manage to not get everything, well, theres always next year!

Farewell My Friends! You Will Be Missed!

Well, as always, no matter what, Mizzablogs must end at some point. Unfortunatly, this is that point. Thank you for the read and I hope you all have great days and/or nights!


Mizzaroos Musical Spotlight
Great song with a really cool fan made video. If you ever have the time, check out the movie where the clips are from! Enjoy!


  1. I think we also had a death in the Arena - and wasn't it also from a beholder?

    1. Well, yes, we did. But I don't think that one counts since there's no XP penalty. I think.