Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Big day! Little day. Today was a bit of both so Ill just cover most of what I can. I have a headache though so if this blog sucks, thats why. Its one of those annoying ones where you get this constant throb in the back of your head. I hate those. With a passion. Anyways...

Springtime Festivities

As you all know, I was super super excited for the LotRO Spring Festival! Well, I did a chunk of it today and gave up. See, I have this weird thing with my brain. I can do puzzles really well. I mean really really well. Give me a 5k+ piece puzzle and I can put it together within an hour or two picture side down. I dont know why I can, but I can. However, put me in a maze and I become the most easily lost and confused person you could ever meet. Put simply, the LotRO Spring Festival features a maze. When I voiced my frustration in it to my Kinmates, I was essentially mocked for my inability to do it. Which did nothing but add to my frustration. I eventually cleared the quests within it but ultimatly I was way too angry to continue and logged off. I hate mazes.

Feeling A Little Clericy...

I logged onto DDO after having a poppyseed muffin and a bowl of Vanilla Bean icecream to calm myself down and hopped onto my Half Orc Cleric on Cannith. So far, shes doing really really well and I have no 'regrets' in putting her STR up to 18. She hits hard and heals good and thats what counts.

Did a few of the level 4 quests with her old level 3 Barbarian hireling Frenzy. He was really fun to run around with pretty much killing every enemy we encountered in one or two hits. Naturally the red named enemies were tougher but they still went down easily. Even though she has a low Charisma score shes way better at using her Turn Undead ability than my Paladin experiment was. My Paladin had a CHA of 18 and had trouble in the Turn Undead department. My Cleric on the other hand is outright destroying the vast majority of undead enemies on use which made doing the Dryden Family Crypt quest alot of fun and alot easier.

After that I was tired and headed to bed. Before I did I made sure to let Comic know that my Festival plans were cancelled on LotRO and Id be on on Saturday. Sadly, thatll be the only weekend day Im going to be online for for a while. I still have a vacation coming up in a couple weeks. Thatll be nice.

Then of course, theres the expansion. Its alot cheaper than MotU was, which is good. Its still out of my price range though. I do like what it comes with. The 2000 TP would help me finish up buying adventure packs. Well, maybe all but one. Or it could help me get the Favored Soul class which is a class in DDO I have alot of interest in playing.

Then theres the +3 charachter slots. Thatd be awesome for both Cannith, Orien and Sarlona. Mostly Cannith though. Having lost buddies worth playing with on Orien and finding it difficult to split my attention over to Sarlona I just dont have the energy anymore, really, to play on multiple servers. So my focus has recentered back on my main one, Cannith, and the most awesome guild ever created by my good buddy Shin, Destiny.

Lastly, is the Iconic heros. I gained a measure of intrest in them when Mr. Geoff Hanna wrote his blog about the Bladeforged. I thought it was really really cool. Of course, his bit about having blades sticking out of everywhere[or something like that] made me imagine creating a Bladeforged and having a blade stick out of his butt so I could name him Butt Unicorn. Yes, I know, immature. I dont care it still makes me laugh. Though, after reading the Developer Diary thing, I decided that the one I have the most interest in playing is the Shadar-kai. It just looks and sounds like the coolest one of the bunch.

So, to those of you who get all this cheese, enjoy. Ill be able to get it all eventually. If I believed in playing the lottery, Id be hoping for a big win. But, as it is, I view the lottery as a horrible way to invest what little money I have. Maybe someday when I have lots and lots of money to blow Ill play the lottery some. But only some.

One thing that caught my most attention was the change to cosmetic armors. If I understand properly, they now work like how the cosmetic outfits in LotRO work where it applies to the character instead of just the one piece of armor. Which would be about darned time they did that on DDO. Ive been skeptical about buying a cosmetic armor kit in the past due to the fact that if I applied one to a piece of armor, once I found a better one, Id lose the armor kit and essentially have wasted TP on buying it. But now, if I buy one, I can buy and sell all the armors I want and never lose a kit. Unless Im totally mistaken, in which case someone correct me please.

The End Of All Things To Come

I know its not my most exciting blog. Im sorry. Im trying to get into blogging more again, kinda like I used to. But Id rather put out good quality blogs that are fewer in number than poor quality ones simply to have a large number of them, you know? Then again, only, what? Five or six people even read my blog? Whatever the case, if my blog[s] suck, Im truely sorry. If you enjoyed todays blog, please be sure to leave a tip in the jar. Oh wait, theres no jar... damnit! Well, time for me to nurse my head. Hope youre all having good days/nights and continue to have many more!


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  1. One reason you may have had trouble with the Pally's turn undead is that they are basically 3 levels lower than a cleric. That is, a level 4 Pally's turn undead "has the same power" as a level 1 cleric.

    Just FYI...