Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revolving Libraries Spinning Polar Moonbase

Had myself a full day of DDO. I was so distracted by it that I actually forgot to hop over to LotRO to claim my daily Hobbit Present. Ah well. Lets get to what I did today, eh?

Orchishly Clerical In Nature

Well, today I finally got around to focusing on the level four quests while on my Half Orc Cleric, Meretelle. Started out with the last two Waterworks quests. When I finished them I did a happy dance because that meant better prices in the Harbor. Leaving only the Shan To Kor quests left to do so I can get better prices in the area I do most of my selling in: The Marketplace! But, anyways, for my reward from the guard inside the waterworks I picked a pair of gloves that would give me a +7 bonus to my Bluff skill. I picked that one for the party quest in House P where a good Intimidate or Bluff are nice things to have. Unfortunatly, I dont have a good intimidate item but Im sure Ill get one soon enough. From the Harbor Master I grabbed some greataxe or another that would allow me to rake in some plat.

Then, of course, at some point in the level four quests, one must do Proof Is In The Poison. I still think the quest should be changed from being marked as a level four to level five, but what do I know? Im just a Natalie. Went in with my level 4 Fighter hireling and went at the Quickfoots. The problem is, they hit really really hard. I take more damage from the Quickfoots in Proof than I do from any other enemies in any other level four quest. Unless, of course, Im just crazy and its all in my imagination. About 1/4 of the way in it became apparent to me that my Fighter hire had used up all his health potions and I was getting low on mana so I decided it was going to be a good idea to just get a hire from the DDOStore. So I got a Cleric hire who thankfully had Divine Vitality and I got my health and mana back up. finished the quest with a close call on almost every encounter but never died. I got incapacitated twice but thankfully the Cleric got me back up. My reward for the quest was a nice +3 Battle Halfplate.

After that I moved onto Irestone with my two hires in tow. Completed it without any issue. Was able to immediatly replace my halfplate with a +3 Battle plate. I was going to take a screenshot of it because it does look pretty cool but I forgot and ran out of time to do it so Ill make sure to do that tomorrow.

Of course, I also ran the Sharn Syndicate chain. Which is one of my most favorite quest chains in the game. Mostly because its fast. While doing the rescue quest I almost lost Grammy! Stupid old lady was being extra aggressive for some reason. Normally I can do the quest and rescue one family member at a time with no issues but this time I literally had to rescue them all at once so I was dealing with all of the syndicate thugs at the same time and hoping for the best when it came down to the family members health. In the end, grammy lived, the family was saved. I done good. Though, it now occurs to me that I forgot to talk to Mr Coin Lord guy to claim my end reward. When I finished the chain I also got to claim my first Coin Lords Favor reward. Having that extra inventory bag is really nice. In the final quest I also managed to pull a 500 Renown trophy from the bulls chest which made me happy. I got a total of three of those today.

I did the final quest for the Catacombs today and when I got to the end rewards list, I was no longer sure what I should take. Theres the Blade of Inquisition, of course. But then theres the Morningstar of the Heretic. On one hand the Longsword is really good against undead which will help during Deleras and whatever other quests I do where enemies are weak to Silver. But on the other hand the Morningstar gives a temporary 15 hitpoints on every critical hit I make. So it makes it a tough decision. So, readers, which one should I pick?

Finally, the day ended on part 2 of Shan To Kor. I was right at the end. Right at it. Then, my computer crashes. But, hey, no biggie. Ill just let it reboot and Ill start back where I was as usual. But nope! I log in and for some reason, Im dead. Normally, when this happens, I come back on and Im right where I was no harm done. But this time, I was dead. Yes. I cursed at my computer screen. Very loudly. I was angry. Considering I only had 10 min of playtime left I decided to call it a day and get off.

So, tomorrow when Im on, that quest will be where I start. From there Ill get to take level five on my Cleric and move onto the Carnival chain in House P. Now, that isnt my most favorite chain. But it certainly has my most favorite end boss in the history of ever. Also, Im hoping Ill be able to finish up Shan To Kor so that I can start getting that Marketplace discount. Since Im soloing, Im going to be skipping the Necropolis chain since it requires a partner. Sure, I could just get a couple gold seals but real people are always funner than wacky AI.

Lastly of note, I made lots and lots of plat today thanks to the +2 to loot days thats going on right now. I managed to get this sweet little +2 Longsword of something or another that Im sure will kick buttucks when I can use it. Sadly, that means waiting until level six. But, its better to wait for something good than to get nothing good at all, right? Was super excited to see what the sale would be for the week only to be disapointed by a Crafting sale. Hopefully next week therell be something I can use! Like, you know, Favored Soul or High Level Adventure Packs *wink wink* [hint hint]! 90% off should do finely! :D

Everybody Remain Comical

So, me and Comic are gonna do some quests this Saturday. Ive been thinking, but Im not too sure. Its fun going forward in quests and stuffs, but Im kinda wanting to go back and do some past quests for favor rewards. Theres nothing like more bank space or inventory space afterall. I shall see what Commie wants to do! Of course, hes likely to say 'Whatever you want to do you turd muffin!'. Thats what he always says. Its true. Yup.

Love Me Forever

There are things Id really like to see added to DDO. There are things, I think, everyone would like to see added to the game. These are the things Id like to see added to the game.

Permanent Hirelings: This has been brought up on the forums alot. Probably since before MOTU but quite a bit afterwards. Hirelings that have no timer and stay with the player forever. Obviously, the ability to implement such a thing is there, its just up to Turbine to allow it for regular hirelings.

However, Id like to see it taken a step futher. Id like to see them make a hireling that not only has no timer but one that can start at levels 1,4 or 7 and level up as the player levels up and have the ability to be equipped by the player. In the second parts case, this would mean giving them 1-2 inventory bags of their own so that the player doesnt get bogged down carrying their own equipment plus their hires. Also, it would be nice if, for mana using hires, we could choose which spells they will have equipped as well.

Naturally, Id expect such Hirelings to be in the DDOStore only and priced between 500-1kTP, but it would be worth it, in my opinion, to have an improvable ally around. Especially for people like me who pretty much solo everything. The only problem I see with it, right now, is that currently, hireling AI sucks. Bad. Its so bad sometimes that Im almost tempted at times to grab some random players for certain quests.

Tattoos: Itd add a creative layer to what we can do with our characters on creation. I dont expect it to happen very soon, if at all. The only real reason Id like to see it is because back on the MOTU load screen youd see that chick on the far left who obviously had some body art on her. Sure, theres a big difference between what gets put into game art and what gets put into the actual game, but itd still be really cool.

More Wooden Medium Armor: I tried asking about this once for the DDOMimic question thing and I think my question was misunderstood so Ill use this to clarify what I meant. One of the things with Druids is, if you want to use Druid abilities, you cant wear metal armors. Thats fine and easy enough. Theres plenty of light armors that arent made out of metal. However, Druids come with the ability, right off the boat, to wear medium armor too. the problem starts with the fact that, as far as I can tell, the only wood based medium armors in the game are high level named ones, which is just stupid. There should be wooden medium armors available all throughout the game for all levels so that people, like me, who want to wear it can.

Hair: Yup. Im brining this up again. I want more hairstyles in the game. Also, Id like to see Turbine take one of those unused housed in the Marketplace, or where ever, and turn it into a Salon of sorts. Kinda like what LotRO has but for DDO. There are a few hairstyles that could be added to the game. Like giving female characters actual mohawks or giving either male or female characters to have dredlocks. Something that would spruce up the hair department somewhat. One of my favorite things in DDO and LotRO is how much you CAN customize how the character looks. But Id like to see more to do than there currently is.

Baudrys: Come on!!! Fix it!!! PLEASE!!! You guys have absolutly no idea what not being able to run it is doing to me! I mean, everytime I scroll through my quest list and see those three grey spots on it I just endure what is quite possibly the most agonizing mental and emotional stress you could ever imagine feeling! It gives me the shakes! Ive been having nightmares at night since the closure. I keep dreaming about big boxes and all these boxes just taunting me about how I cant break them... Im sure that if that chain isnt fixed soon, Im bound for a padded cell and a straight jacket!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the person who did the thing! Yup! Me and Spazz are very happy! :)

Mizzaquestion Of The Day

If you were sitting around making green plums go round the squared turtle shells in the barn making peppered cow meat sting grass trees, what would you riddle the cobbled woman?

Monkly Mizzdom

If you find a wasp, swallow it whole.

Goodbye My Fellows

Well, thats it for another obnoctious Mizzablog. Sorry I made you all sit through it all. I had this thing about something, I forget what, that I had to do three days from yesterday that had to be eaten but you probably wouldnt know where its hidden. So, I hope you all have had a great day and hope you have many other ones that are similar in nature. Unless you had a bad day, in which case, its probably that guy over theres fault.


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